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  • Denitrifying bacterial community in manure compost pellets applied to an Andosol upland field(Soil biology)

    YAMANE Tsuyoshi

    A large amount of nitrous oxide (N_2O), one of the most important greenhouse gases, was emitted after the application of manure compost pellets (MCPs) compared to treatments with ordinary manure composts or chemical fertilizers. Emission of N_2O was found to be due to denitrification in the pellets. To study the relationship between N_2O emission and denitrifiers, the denitrifying bacterial communities in the MCPs were investigated by comparing clone libraries of nitrite reductase genes (nirK and nirS) fragments. Pellet samples were obtained three days (P3) and 26 days (P26) after pellet application to the field. The P3 samples were emitting high levels of N_2O, and the P26 samples had ceased NiO emission. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplicons of both nirK and nirS were obtained from pellet samples. The diversity index (Shannon-Weiner index) of clone libraries was higher for the nirS genes than for the nirK genes for the same pellet samples and higher in P3 than in P26 for both nir genes. The clone libraries showed that the compositions of nirK denitrifiers in the pellets were relatively stable, but those of the nirS denitrifiers were variable within a month after pellet application; nirS clones that showed a lower similarity with nirS of known denitrifiers were dominant in P3 and those related to nirS of Cupriavidus spp. and Herbaspirillum spp. were dominant in P26. Most of the nirK clones in this study were related to the nirK genes of Rhizobiales denitrifying bacterial isolates. The nirS clones were divided into three groups; (1) those related to nirS of Bradyrhizobium spp., and Rhodanobacter sp. D206a, (2) those related to nirS of Cupriavidus spp., Herbaspirillum spp., and (3) those that had a lower similarity with nirS of known denitrifiers. This study showed a different response of nirK and nirS denitrifiers in the applied MCPs. In order to understand the relation between the denitrifying diversity and the N_2O emissions, transcriptional and metabolic analysis will be also needed.

    Soil science and plant nutrition 59(4), 572-579, 2013-08

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  • 26pHB-2 Development of a particle identification counter for a charmed baryon spectroscopy experiment at J-PARC  [in Japanese]

    Yamaga T. , Ishikawa T. , Ozawa K. , Shirotori K. , Sugata Y. , Nakano T. , Noumi H. , Miyachi Y.

    Meeting abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan 68(1-1), 78, 2013-03-26

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  • 26pHB-4 Development of low-density GEM tracker and their frame for the J-PARC E16 electron pair spectrometer  [in Japanese]

    Shibukawa Takuya

    Meeting abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan 68(1-1), 78, 2013-03-26

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  • 26pHB-3 Development of fiber detector for high intensity beam tracking at J-PARC  [in Japanese]

    Matsumoto Y. , Miwa K. , Honda R. , Imai K. , Hasegawa S. , J-PARC K1.8ビームライン実験グループ

    Meeting abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan 68(1-1), 78, 2013-03-26

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  • 26pHB-1 Design of a spectrometer for the charmed baryon spectroscopy experiment at J-PARC  [in Japanese]

    Shirotori K. , Ishikawa T. , Ozawa K. , Sugaya Y. , Nakano T. , Noumi H. , Miyachi Y. , Yamaga T.

    Meeting abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan 68(1-1), 78, 2013-03-26

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  • Recording and Reconstruction of 38-Level Spatial Quadrature-Amplitude Modulation Signal in Double-Referential Holographic Memory  [in Japanese]

    ZUKERAN Keisuke , OKAMOTO Atsushi , TAKABAYASHI Masanori , SHIBUKAWA Atsushi , TOMITA Akihisa


    ITE Technical Report 37(10), 1-7, 2013-02-15

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  • Type-A Esophageal Atresia Associated With An Atretic Band and Specific Findings of the Upper Esophageal Pouch  [in Japanese]

    Nishi Akira , Kuroiwa Minoru , Yamamoto Hideki , Toki Fumiaki , Suzuki Norio , Hirato Junko

    特異な形態を示すA型食道閉鎖症を経験したので報告する.症例は胎児超音波検査にて食道閉鎖症が疑われ,在胎35週5日,2,520gにて出生した男児.出生後の胸腹部単純レントゲン写真で胃泡は存在せず,経鼻胃管のcoil-up所見よりA型食道閉鎖症を強く疑い,日齢1に胃瘻造設,生後2か月に全身麻酔下に食道精査を施行した.透視下に測定した盲端距離は約1cmであり,内視鏡検査で上部盲端に窪みが4か所存在した.窪みの1つは内視鏡で盲端の確認ができず造影を行ったが気管や下部食道との交通は認めなかった.生後3か月で根治手術を施行した.上下の食道盲端は索状物で連続しており,索状物切除後に上下食道端々吻合術を施行した.術後経過は良好で術後1か月から食道ブジーを3回追加した後に退院した.病理組織検査で索状物は平滑筋束からなり内腔は認められなかった.本例はKluth分類上type II_3にあたる極めて珍しい症例と思われた.

    Journal of the Japanese Society of Pediatric Surgeons 48(7), 1042-1046, 2012-12-20

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  • Quantification and Analysis of the Efficiency of Iterative Learning by Using Event Related Potentials

    FUNADA Mariko , FUNADA Tadashi , SHIBUKAWA Miki , AKAHORI Kanji

    In order to discuss quantitatively the effect and progress of learning, we introduce a definition of learning effect. We intend to estimate quantitatively the proficiency of learning tasks by suitable measurement. The learning effect has been usually evaluated by the percentage of correct answers in a test/examination at the end of a learning course. However, human intellectual actions are also controlled by their cerebral nervous systems, and the learning effect can be evaluated by the measured data from their brain activities. In this paper, we adopt a change of the correct answer ratios as the definition of the learning effect. We estimate the change of the ratios by observing the changes of the electrical signals from brains. The learning effect reflects the proficiency of the learner during the process of a learning task. We first propose a model for estimating the learning effect from the brain activities. Next we analyze the experimental data of the tasks selecting one from three choices. From the data analysis we determine parameters that are used in the model. EEGs (ElectroEncephaloGrams) are electrical signals from brains that are activated by stimuli. They have a fine time resolution. An ERP (Event-Related Potential) is the average of EEGs. We use ERPs to measure brain activities caused by the tasks. Then we evaluate the usefulness of the parameters adopted in the model. This approach is an attempt to quantify the learning effect by physiological parameters.

    Educational technology research 35(1・2), 103-113, 2012-11

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  • Effects of Cooking with Ginger Juice or Kiwifruit Juice on Collagen and Lipid Contents of "Kakuni Pork"

    Sugiyama Sumi , Mizuo Kazumasa , Nomura Satomi , Harada Ryoko


    Journal of cookery science of Japan 44(6), 411-416, 2011-12-05

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  • Effects of Placement Conditions on the Internal Temperature Change after Oven Heating of Meat and Poultry  [in Japanese]

    Research committee on heating for cookery Remaining heat research team , Takasaki Sadako , Abe Yoshiko , Ishiwata Kimiko , Nakamura Keiko , Hara Tomoko , Matsuda Yasuko , Yamagata Junko , Iyota Hiroyuki , Sugiyama Kuniko , Shibukawa Shoko


    Journal of cookery science of Japan 44(4), 277-285, 2011-08-05

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  • Crystal Thin Film Growth Technique for Reducing the Effects of the Base Substrate  [in Japanese]

    NOGE Satoru , UMEHARA Takeshi , UNO Takehiko

    現在対象としている磁気光学特性に優れたセリウム置換YIG{(Ce_xY_<3-x>)Fe_5O_<12>, Ce : YIG}のみならず,多くの薄膜材料においては,SiO_2薄膜上への結晶薄膜形成が期待されている.例えば,非晶質膜上への単結晶薄膜形成法には,グラフォエピタキシャル成長法なども研究されているが課題の解決には至っていない.本報告は,SiO_2のような非晶質基板上への薄膜単結晶形成方法を提案するものである.提案手法は,酸化物結晶薄膜形成時における下地基板への依存性という課題を解決する一つの方法として有効であると考えられる.

    IEICE technical report. Component parts and materials 111(176), 73-78, 2011-08-03

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  • G223 Numerical Analysis of Exhaust Diffuser Performance of Steam Turbines  [in Japanese]

    Tanuma Tadashi , Sasao Yasuhiro , Yamamoto Satoru , Takada Shinji , Shibukawa Naoki , Saeki Hiroshi

    This paper presents the result of exhaust hood analyses using last stage exit velocity distributions measured in the real scale development steam turbine as the inlet boundary condition to improve the accuracy. Using this numerical methodology, three types of diffusers with the base, a short and a long axial length of diffuser were analyzed and calculated static pressure recovery coefficients, diffuser efficiencies and pressure distributions are compared. The axial length of diffuser plays an important role in the static pressure near the hub of last stage exit.

    National Symposium on Power and Energy Systems 2011(16), 467-468, 2011-06-22

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  • G221 Development of Exhaust Hood for Low Pressure Steam Turbine  [in Japanese]

    SAEKI Hiroshi , IWAI Yasunori , SHIBUKAWA Naoki , KAWASAKI Sakae

    The paper presents the optimization study of the curved diffuser shape in the exhaust hood for low pressure steam turbine. The diffuser consists of a bearing cone and a steam guide, so the simultaneous optimization of both shapes is required to improve the turbine performance. The optimization of diffuser shape was executed with DOE by using numerical analysis. After optimization, the exhaust hood performance with the diffuser was confirmed by the model test, and the result of the reduction in the hood pressure loss was obtained.

    National Symposium on Power and Energy Systems 2011(16), 461-464, 2011-06-22

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  • Effective Use of Remaining Heat Generated While Heating Meat  [in Japanese]

    Research committee on heating for cookery. Remaining heat research team , Matsuda Yasuko , Abe Yoshiko , Ishiwata Kimiko , Ohishi Kyoko , Takasaki Sadako , Nakamura Keiko , Hara Tomoko , Sugiyama Kuniko , Shibukawa Shoko

    「大量調理衛生管理マニュアル」には, 肉類を加熱する場合, 75℃に達してから1分以上の加熱することとなっている。しかし, 焼き物などの場合, 過加熱で調理成績が低下することがあることから, 余熱を利用することの可能性について検討した。オーブン加熱について直径50mm, 厚さ15mmの円筒形の豚肉試料を用いて実験を行った。庫内温度を270℃以上に設定した場合には, 70℃に達してから1分間加熱すると, 余熱により75℃以上を1分以上保持できることが明らかとなった。これらの肉は, 75℃に達してから1分間加熱した試料より, 重量減少は有意に小さく, 破断応力も小さく, 軟らかいことが明らかとなった。肉類をオーブンで加熱する場合75℃1分を保持するには, 設定温度と肉の大きさによっては, 余熱を利用することが有効であることが明らかとなった。

    Journal of cookery science of Japan 44(1), 72-78, 2011-02-05

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  • 1P3-9 Fabrication of Magneto-optic Thin Films on LiTaO_3 and/or LiNbO_3 Substrates by Contact Epitaxy(Poster Session)

    Tashiro Hiroyuki , Noge Satoru , Uno Takehiko

    Proceedings of Symposium on Ultrasonic Electronics 29, 93-94, 2008-11-11

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  • 0902 Development of Velocity Measurement Method for Gas-liquid Two-phase Flows in a Steam  [in Japanese]

    UHCIDA Tatsuro , NOGUCHI Taro , IWAI Yasunori , NIIZEKI Yoshiki , OKUNO Kenichi

    A Probe type PIV was developed in order to investigate behavior of liquid droplet in a steam turbine. Basically, this probe is composed from both a light sheet optics system and a bore-scope with purge function. The outer diameter of this probe is 〓48mm and length is 925mm. This probe can estimate particle size from relation between the gaseous phase velocity, the liquid phase velocity, and the liquid droplet size. This relation was derived by the wind-tunnel test. Furthermore, it was shown that the liquid phase velocity is measured with appling of the PIV probe to steam turbine, the gaseous phase velocity is measured using a pitot tube, and liquid droplet diameter can be derived. As a result, that the droplet size in main stream is larger than the droplet size atomized from trailing edge.

    Fluids engineering conference ... 2010, 237-238, 2010-10-29

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  • 0604 CFD Analyses of Turbine Exhaust Hood Performances with Nonuniform Inlet Flows  [in Japanese]

    Tanuma Tadashi , Niizeki Yoshiki , Sasao Yasuhiro , Shibukawa Naoki , Yamamoto Satoru

    Low pressure exhaust hood is one of the important parts in steam turbines, since the aerodynamic loss of exhaust hoods is nearly the same level of the loss of stator and rotor blading in low pressure steam turbines and there seems to be not little room remained for the enhancement of steam turbine efficiency. This paper presents the result of exhaust hood CFD analyses using last stage exit velocity distributions measured in the real scale development steam turbine as the inlet boundary condition to improve the accuracy of the CFD analysis.

    Fluids engineering conference ... 2010, 187-188, 2010-10-29

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  • A-15 Flow feature in turbine blade rows with hub section profiling  [in Japanese]

    ONODA Akihiro , NOMURA Daisuke , TEJIMA Tomohiro , SHIBUKAWA Naoki

    It is ordinary thought that secondary flows in turbine blade rows are affected by blade profile around hub region. This paper is focusing on the region and presents a study of flow feature of different filet profiles; one case is ideal continuous filet shape and another is cut filet profile considering actual interface between adjacent blades. Secondary flow pattern changes at the end position of cut filet surface compared with that of continuous filet at hub region.

    ガスタービン定期講演会講演論文集 (38), 123-125, 2010-10-20

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  • 1. 高性能蒸気タービンの開発状況(蒸気タービンの最新技術動向,オーガナイズドセッション)  [in Japanese]

    川崎 榮 , 奥野 研一 , 新関 良樹 , 渋川 直紀

    ガスタービン定期講演会講演論文集 (38), 15-16, 2010-10-20

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