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    Advantage in solar cell efficiency of high-quality seed cast mono Si ingot

    Miyamura Yoshiji , Harada Hirofumi , Jiptner Karolin , Nakano Satoshi , Gao Bing , Kakimoto Koichi , Nakamura Kyotaro , Ohshita Yoshio , Ogura Atsushi , Sugawara Shin , Sekiguchi Takashi

    … The carbon and oxygen concentrations of the ingots have been significantly reduced by improving the gas flow condition and coating. …

    Appl. Phys. Express 8(6), 062301, 2015-05-22


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    Development of a polymer-based easy-to-fabricate micro-free-flow electrophoresis device

    Akagi Takanori , Kubota Ryosuke , Kobayashi Masashi , Ichiki Takanori

    … Since 1990s, micro-free-flow electrophoresis (µFFE) devices have been developed to allow for smaller sample volume and reagent consumption. … To solve several technical problems involving the generation of electrolysis gas on the electrodes, most of the µFFE devices reported in the past were fabricated using elaborate micromachining process on silicon or glass substrates. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(6S1), 06FN05, 2015-05-18


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    Attachment of solid elongated particles on the surface of a stationary gas bubble

    Lecrivain Gregory , Petrucci Giacomo , Rudolph Martin , Hampel Uwe , Yamamoto Ryoichi

    … The flotation process essentially relies on the attachment of solid particles on the surface of gas bubbles immersed in water. … Upon collision near the upstream pole of the gas bubble the major axis of the fibre aligns with the local bubble surface (tangential fibre alignment). … If collision occurs at least 30° further downstream only head of the fibre is in contact with the gas–liquid interface (radial fibre alignment). …

    International Journal of Multiphase Flow 71, 83-93, 2015-05

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    Pore size evaluation of mesoporous organosilicate films by non-destructive X-ray reflectivity methods

    Chien Yun-San , Yeh Yu-Shan , Chen Yen-Song , Leu Jih-Perng , Fu Wei-En

    … Under the toluene ambient, the pores would adsorb the gas hence elevating the whole film density. … The X-ray reflectivity (XRR) equipped with mass flow control was utilized to detect the film density increasing. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(6S1), 06FK03, 2015-04-20


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    Proposal and examination of method of water removal from gas diffusion layer by applying slanted microgrooves inside gas channel in separator to improve polymer electrolyte fuel cell performance

    Utaka Yoshio , Okabe Akira , Omori Yasuyuki

    … The objective of this study was to improve the management of moisture from the gas diffusion layer (GDL) in the gas channel of a separator for PEFC. … At the cathode-side, oxygen is transported as reactant gas from gas channel through GDL. … Narrow microgrooves with axes at tilt angle to the air flow were arranged inside channel walls. …

    Journal of Power Sources 279, 533-539, 2015-04-01


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    A Modified Risk Evaluation Method of Slope Failure in a Heavy Rain : For Application to Slopes in Widespread Area  [in Japanese]

    末永 弘 , 田中 姿郎 , 小早川 博亮

    電力中央研究所報告. 研究報告. 電力中央研究所地球工学研究所 編 (14016), 巻頭1-3,1-16, 2015-04

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    Study on Hydraulic Performance and Excitation Force of Vertical Shaft Volute Pump in Gas-Liquid Two Phase Flow Operation  [in Japanese]

    山田 雅之 , 大豆生田 祐介 , 渡邉 聡

    ターボ機械 43(4), 195-204, 2015-04

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    Measurements of liquid film and droplets of annular two-phase flow on a rod-bundle geometry with spacer

    Pham Son H. , Kawara Zensaku , Yokomine Takehiko , Kunugi Tomoaki

    … Measurements have been conducted to simultaneously consider both liquid films and droplets of the annular flow on a 3 × 3 simulating BWR fuel rod-bundle test-section with spacers. … The data obtained from the liquid film showed that the mean film thickness, wave height, power spectral density, and wave velocity at the corner rod are larger than those at the side rod, and that the influences of the spacer are different in the cases of low and high gas superficial velocities. …

    International Journal of Multiphase Flow 70, 35-57, 2015-04

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    Visualization and Numerical Analysis of Exchange Flow in Density Different Gases  [in Japanese]

    Motoo FUMIZAWA , Yoshiharu SAITO

    … The exchange flow may occur following the opening of a window for ventilation, as well as when a piperuptures in a high temperature gas-cooled nuclear reactor, i.e., HTGR. … The experiments were carried out in a test chamber filled with helium and the flow behavior was visualized using the smoke methods and recorded by the high-speed camera. …

    Memoirs of Shonan Institute of Technology 49(1), 1-8, 2015-03-31

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    野﨑 皓太 , NOZAKI Kota

    … Emissions characteristic of Reverse Flow Flame Stabilized Combustion was investigated with the aim of applying it to the first stage of a multi stage lean combustor for attaining single digit NOx emissions while maintaining complete combustion over a wide range of gas turbine power. … Tests were conducted for different injection points, and for different gas sampling positions above injection points at equivalence ratios from 0.7 to a value very close to the blow-off limits. …

    法政大学大学院紀要(理工学・工学研究科編) (56), 2015-03-24


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    岸本 和輝 , KISHIMOTO Kazuki

    … Regulations of environmental pollutants contained in the gas discharged from internal combustion engines has become stricter, so combustion improvement is required. … In this study, focusing on the swirl flow that is considered effective as a countermeasure, experiments have been carried out to examine the influence of combination flow on flame behavior and flame propagation speed for lean premixed propane-air mixtures in combustion tube. …

    法政大学大学院紀要(理工学・工学研究科編) (56), 2015-03-24


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    Effects of source gas molecules on N–H- and N–D-related defect formations in GaAsN grown by chemical beam epitaxy

    Ikeda Kazuma , Ohshita Yoshio , Tanaka Tomohiro , Honda Takahiko , Inagaki Makoto , Demizu Koshiro , Kojima Nobuaki , Suzuki Hidetoshi , Machida Hideaki , Sudoh Hiroshi , Yamaguchi Masafumi

    … The peak intensity at 2952 cm<sup>−1</sup>increases with increasing tris(dimethylamino)arsenic (TDMAAs) flow rate, and that at 3098 cm<sup>−1</sup>is almost constant regardless of the flow rate. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(4), 041001, 2015-03-13


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    Silicon nitride etching performance of CH

    Kondo Yusuke , Ishikawa Kenji , Hayashi Toshio , Miyawaki Yudai , Takeda Keigo , Kondo Hiroki , Sekine Makoto , Hori Masaru

    … Etching rates of silicon nitrides (SiN), SiO<inf>2</inf>, and poly-Si films for CH<inf>2</inf>F<inf>2</inf>plasmas diluted with rare gases are presented by comparing the effects of flow rates of CH<inf>2</inf>F<inf>2</inf>and dilution gases (Ar and Kr). … Interestingly, the SiN etching rate was considerably affected by the dilution gas used. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(4), 040303, 2015-03-12


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    Dry etching of Al-rich AlGaAs with silicon nitride masks for photonic crystal fabrication

    Zhang Xiuyu , Togano Yuji , Hashimura Kentaro , Morifuji Masato , Kondow Masahiko

    … We investigate inductively coupled plasma (ICP) deep dry etching of Al<inf>0.8</inf>Ga<inf>0.2</inf>As for photonic crystal (PC) fabrication using a Cl<inf>2</inf>/BCl<inf>3</inf>/CH<inf>4</inf>gas mixture. … 52, 04CG07 (2013)], we obtained a PC structure having air holes deeper than 1.5 µm and a diameter of 120 nm by adjusting the gas flow rate and increasing the process pressure. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(4), 042003, 2015-03-06


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    Thermal stability of β-Ga

    Togashi Rie , Nomura Kazushiro , Eguchi Chihiro , Fukizawa Takahiro , Goto Ken , Thieu Quang , Murakami Hisashi , Kumagai Yoshinao , Kuramata Akito , Yamakoshi Shigenobu , Monemar Bo , Koukitu Akinori

    … The thermal stability of β-Ga<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>(010) substrates was investigated at atmospheric pressure between 250 and 1450 °C in a flow of either N<inf>2</inf>or a mixture of H<inf>2</inf>and N<inf>2</inf>using a radio-frequency induction furnace. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(4), 041102, 2015-03-02


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    Modeling of High Temperature Gas Flow 3D Distribution in BF Throat Based on the Computational Fluid Dynamics

    An Jian Qi , Peng Kai , Cao Wei Hua [他]

    Journal of advanced computational intelligence and intelligent informatics 19(2), 269-276, 2015-03

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    Liquid Film Flow Generated by High-speed Droplet Impact in Low-pressure Environment  [in Japanese]

    加藤 昌也 , 渡部 正夫 , 小林 一道 [他]

    混相流 28・29(5・1), 531-537, 2015-03

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    Large-Area Deposition Technology of High Purity Organic Thin Film by Gas Flow Deposition  [in Japanese]

    江面 知彦 , 継田 浩平 , 安達 千波矢

    Journal of the Vacuum Society of Japan = 真空 58(3), 79-85, 2015-03

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    Performance Study of Adsorption Cooling Cycle for Automotive Air-conditioning

    Ali Syed Muztuza , Chakraborty Anutosh

    … Exhaust gas from automobile can be used to drive adsorption cooling based air conditioning system for the vehicle cabin. … The performances of the chiller are calculated in terms of COP (Coefficient of Performance) and SCP (Specific Cooling Power) for different operating parameters such as cycle time, switching time, exhaust gas temperatures and flow rates. …

    Evergreen : joint journal of Novel Carbon Resource Sciences & Green Asia Strategy 2(1), 12-22, 2015-03


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    Data Processing of the Alpha-Ray Detector onboard SELENE and Improvement of the Resolution of Radon α-Particle Intensity Map  [in Japanese]

    Kinoshita Katsuyuki , Noguchi Toma , Itoh Masayuki , Takashima Takeshi , Mitani Takefumi , Kashiwagi Toshisuke , Okuno Shoji , Nishimura Jun

    月周回探査衛星SELENE に搭載されたα線検出器(ARD : Alpha-Ray Detector)は月面から放出されるRn-222 およびその崩壊過程で生じるPo-210 から放射されるα線を観測し,月表層下のウラニウムの分布および断層などの地殻構造,月の希薄大気の動態等に関する情報を得ることを目的とする.本論文では,ARD のデータ処理の流れと,角度応答関数を考慮した月面のα線強度分布の導出 …

    JAXA research and development report JAXA-RR-14-009, 151-160, 2015-03

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