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  • Predicting Growth of City's Built-up Land Based on Scenario Planning

    Haoying Han , Liyun Lin

    … In this paper, method of scenario planning is applied to the study of land use planning, putting forward a new approach to analyze future growth of city's built-up land in the context of future uncertainty. … By introducing economic and policy factors into land use system, a calculation model of urban built-up land is built based on the correlation between industries and land use. …

    International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development 5(2), 80-92, 2017-04-15

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  • Urban Growth Boundaries of the Hangzhou Metropolitan Area Based on Ecosystem Service

    Haoying Han , Qiwei Ma , Yonghua Li

    … The identification of urban growth boundaries (UGBs) as components of an ecologically liveable city is rather significant in urban space management. … However, the evaluation of ecosystem service in establishing UGBs as reactions to protect open spaces and ecological sensitive area are largely ignored. … Furthermore, the lack of scenario analysis for urban growth patterns has made it difficult to adjust planning existed. …

    International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development 5(2), 4-16, 2017-04-15

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  • Podoplanin promotes progression of malignant pleural mesothelioma by regulating motility and focus formation

    Takeuchi Shinji , Fukuda Koji , Yamada Tadaaki , Arai Sachiko , Takagi Satoshi , Ishii Genichiro , Ochiai Atsushi , Iwakiri Shotaro , Itoi Kazumi , Uehara Hisanori , Nishihara Hiroshi , Fujita Naoya , Yano Seiji

    … Malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) is characterized by dissemination and aggressive growth in the thoracic cavity. … Forty-seven of 52 tumors (90%) from Japanese patients with MPM and 3/6 (50%) MPM cell lines tested positive for PDPN. … Moreover, knocking down PDPN with short hairpin (sh) RNA in PDPN-high expressing MPM cells resulted in decreased development of a thoracic tumor in mice with severe combined immune deficiency (SCID). …

    Cancer Science 108(4), 696-703, 2017-04

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  • Fluorescence and Bioluminescence Imaging of Angiogenesis in Flk1-Nano-lantern Transgenic Mice

    Matsushita Jun , Inagaki Shigenori , Nishie Tomomi , Sakasai Tomoki , Tanaka Junko , Watanabe Chisato , Mizutani Ken-ichi , Miwa Yoshihiro , Matsumoto Ken , Takara Kazuhiro , Naito Hisamichi , Kidoya Hiroyasu , Takakura Nobuyuki , Nagai Takeharu , Takahashi Satoru , Ema Masatsugu

    … Angiogenesis is important for normal development as well as for tumour growth. … However, the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying angiogenesis are not fully understood, partly because of the lack of a good animal model for imaging. …

    Scientific reports 7, 46597, 2017-04

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  • Social Reflections on the Ecocertification process and Protected Areas of Australia

    Sonya Underdahl

    …  Ecocertification in Australia began with the implementation of the world's first National Ecotourism Accreditation Program(NEAP) in 1996 as a result of stakeholders and social pressures. … It was a joint product of government, Protected Area Managers, tourism stakeholders, academics, and Australian society. …

    江戸川大学紀要 = Bulletin of Edogawa University 27, 2017-03-31


  • 学習支援センターにおける支援事例から自主学習支援のあり方を考える

    寺田 未来 , 池村 優一 , 柏原 康人 , 福嶋 ゆい , 中川 和亮 , 中島 梓 , Miki TERADA , Yuichi IKEMURA , Yasuto KASHIHARA , Yui FUKUSHIMA , Kazuaki NAKAGAWA , Azusa NAKAJIMA

    … In this paper, we discuss the development of self-regulated learners based on cases reported by tutors. … In one-to-one interaction between students and tutors, five tutors reported experiences about what kind of change happened and what kind of growth could be seen. … In addition, we examine what kind of difficulties were present, and why the difficulty was caused. …

    大手前大学CELL教育論集 = Otemae University CELL journal of educational studies 7, 037-046, 2017-03-31


  • 韓国革新政権十年における福祉政治の変容

    池 直美

    … Newly industrialized economies (NIEs) such as South Korea experienced rapid economic growth in the 1970s and 80s through strong state controlled economic policies. … This was coined as the East Asian model of economic development, however, many began to question this model after the Asian financial crisis in 1997. …

    年報 公共政策学 11, 55-76, 2017-03-31


  • 教師教育者をテーマとしたRIDLS 国際会議の成果と意義

    草原 和博

    … This paper is a report on the outcome and significance of the international conference host by the Research Initiative for Developing Learning Systems (RIDLS) held on February 8th and 11th, 2016. … Crowe and Dr. Mieke Lunenberg delivered keynote addresses on trends in the professional development of teacher educator and self-study methodologies. …

    学習システム研究 (5), 103-112, 2017-03-31

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  • 日本史教師のカリキュラムデザインを支援するメンタリング・プログラムの開発

    石川 照子

    … The objective of this paper is the development and proposal of a mentoring program to help novice high school teachers of Japanese history build expertise for designing overall history curriculum. … Learning history, and Japanese History B in particular, presuppose a chronological curriculum; …

    学習システム研究 (5), 15-27, 2017-03-31

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  • 能登町の小学校授業におけるウニの発生実験の活用

    浦田 慎 , 松本 京子 , 清本 正人 , 松原 道男 , 鈴木 信雄

    … In this activity, the eggs and sperm of sea urchins were used for the study of fertilization and embryogenesis. … These sea urchin gametes are a favorite material for the observation of the processes of fertilization, cleavage, embryogenesis and larval development in senior high school and university biology courses. …

    日本海域研究 48, 1-8, 2017-03-28


  • Fgf21 regulates T-cell development in the neonatal and juvenile thymus

    Nakayama Yoshiaki , Masuda Yuki , Ohta Hiroya , Tanaka Tomohiro , Washida Miwa , Nabeshima Yo-ichi , Miyake Ayumi , Itoh Nobuyuki , Konishi Morichika

    … We have previously shown that Fibroblast growth factor 21 (Fgf21) is expressed in the thymus as well as in the liver. … We investigated the physiological roles of Fgf21 in the juvenile thymus and found that young Fgf21 knockout mice, but not β-Klotho knockout mice nor adult Fgf21 knockout mice, showed a significant reduction in the percentage of single-positive CD4[+] and CD8[+] thymocytes without obvious alteration in TECs. …

    Scientific Reports 7, 2017-03-23

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  • 日本における父親教育に関する研究の動向

    趙 碩

    … (2) A father who influences the child's development. … (3) Ego development of a father. … According to the results, it can be stated that the concern to program about a father's own growth and training is gradually becoming an issue. … It is concluded that further studies, focusing on program for a father and on clarifying the truth of the program are required. …

    学習開発学研究 (10), 133-141, 2017-03-16

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  • マクロファージの一酸化窒素産生に対するエミューオイルの効果

    伊藤 実 , 渡部 俊弘 , 丹羽 光一 , Minoru Ito , Toshihiro Watanabe , Koichi Niwa , 株式会社ノエビアグループ総合研究開発部 , 東京農業大学生物産業学部食品香粧学科 , 東京農業大学生物産業学部食品香粧学科 , Groupwide Research and Development Noevir Co. Ltd. , Department of Food and Cosmetic Science Faculty of Bioindustry Tokyo University of Agriculture , Department of Food and Cosmetic Science Faculty of Bioindustry Tokyo University of Agriculture

    … Macrophage, which is the cells activated by bacterial infection and growth of cancer cells, produces inflammatory mediators such as nitric oxide (NO) and plays a role in protecting the body. … Therefore, the compounds suppressing the overproduction of inflammatory mediators are widely applied to functional foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. …

    61(4), 142-146, 2017-03-15


  • オレゴン州ポートランドにおけるエコリバブルシティの形成 : 都市計画と参加民主主義の視点から

    岩淵 泰 , イーサン セルツァ , 氏原 岳人

    … One such city, the city of Portland, Oregon, has become well-known for its policies which promote a movement away from an automobile society and toward a more walkable, bicycle-friendly city. … This article examines how Portland developed into a sustainable city through urban planning and participatory democracy. … The article will analyze first the historical development of Portland's urban planning; …

    岡山大学経済学会雑誌 48(3), 35-57, 2017-03-06

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  • Hepatocyte growth factor/MET in cancer progression and biomarker discovery

    Matsumoto Kunio , Umitsu Masataka , Silva Dinuka M. De , Roy Arpita , Bottaro Donald P.

    … Signaling driven by hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) and MET receptor facilitates conspicuous biological responses such as epithelial cell migration, 3-D morphogenesis, and survival. … The dynamic migration and promotion of cell survival induced by MET activation are bases for invasion–metastasis and resistance, respectively, against targeted drugs in cancers. …

    Cancer Science 108(3), 296-307, 2017-03-01

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  • 産業界の情報処理技術者育成ニーズと大学教育の役割;Information Technology Engineer Training Needs in Industry and Role of Education at University

    黒瀨 浩;Hiroshi KUROSE

    … Companies and universities have the training responsibility of IT engineers. … In this paper, a self-growth model for IT human resources is presented. … It has consider from case of statistics and human resource development related to IT engineers. …

    工学教育研究;KIT progress (25), 135-144, 2017-03-01


  • Growth of the Medaka (V) – Formation and Development of Otoliths in the Inner Ear During Metamorphosis

    Iwamatsu Takashi

    … The purpose of the present study is to provide information on formation and development of otoliths in the inner ear during the period of growth of the medaka from larva to juvenile. … Before hatching, there are already two kinds of otoliths i.e. utricular and saccular otoliths in the optic capsules. …

    66, 51-55, 2017-03-01


  • 教師の成長とは何か -社会科教師のライフコース分析を通して-

    並木 潤子

    早稲田大学大学院教職研究科紀要 9, 13-30, 2017-03-01


  • 携帯端末を用いた語学教育発展の経緯と今後の展望

    Selwood Jaime

    … This paper will first provide an introduction and insight into the development of mobile learning. … Emphasis will be placed on how the rapid expansion in ownership of mobile devices and the growth in the Mobile Internet have created an ideal opportunity for language learners, instructors, and institutions to embrace mobile technology. …

    Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education (20), 65-78, 2017-03-01

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  • 中国におけるサービス貿易の展開と台湾経済への影響 : 「台湾・中国間のサービス貿易協定」考察

    江 秀華

    … It influences the sustainable growth, job creation, and the development of business of the area. … This paper discusses the development of the service trade of China, which has thrived as the forcing drive in East Asia, the biggest merchandise-trading country in the world, and the central model of industrial clusters,and its impact on the economy of Taiwan. …

    城西現代政策研究 10(1), 15-30, 2017-03