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    Characteristics of a liquid microlayer formed by a confined vapor bubble in micro gap boiling between two parallel plates

    Zhang Yaohua , Utaka Yoshio

    … The effects of gap sizes, the velocity of the bubble forefront, and the distance from the bubble inception site were investigated. … Furthermore, the progress of bubble growth in two dimensions with acceleration was simulated by the volume of fluid (VOF) method using the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) package of FLUENT12.1. … The microlayer thickness calculated from the simulation results shows relatively good agreement with the experimental results. …

    International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 84, 475-485, 2015-05


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    Homoepitaxial growth of a-plane GaN layers by reaction between Ga

    Sumi Tomoaki , Taniyama Yuuki , Takatsu Hiroaki , Juta Masami , Kitamoto Akira , Imade Mamoru , Yoshimura Masashi , Isemura Masashi , Mori Yusuke

    Growth of high-quality a-plane GaN layers was performed by reaction between Ga<inf>2</inf>O vapor and NH<inf>3</inf>gas at a high temperature. … Smooth a-plane GaN epitaxial layers were obtained on a-plane GaN seed substrates sliced from thick c-plane GaN crystals. … Growth rate increased with increasing Ga<inf>2</inf>O partial pressure. … An a-plane GaN layer with a growth rate of 48 µm/h was obtained. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(6), 065501, 2015-04-30


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    Growth of GaN layers using Ga

    Sumi Tomoaki , Taniyama Yuuki , Takatsu Hiroaki , Juta Masami , Kitamoto Akira , Imade Mamoru , Yoshimura Masashi , Isemura Masashi , Mori Yusuke

    … In this study, we performed growth of GaN layers using Ga<inf>2</inf>O vapor synthesized from Ga and H<inf>2</inf>O vapor. … In this process, we employed H<inf>2</inf>O vapor instead of HCl gas in hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) to synthesize Ga source gas. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(5), 051001, 2015-04-07


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    Room-temperature electroluminescence from radial p–i–n InP/InAsP/InP nanowire heterostructures in the 1.5-µm-wavelength region

    Kawaguchi Kenichi , Sudo Hisao , Matsuda Manabu , Ekawa Mitsuru , Yamamoto Tsuyoshi , Arakawa Yasuhiko

    … Crystal growth of radial p–i–n InP nanowires (NWs) with InAsP quantum well (QW) layers by metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxy was studied, and vertical NW light-emitting devices were fabricated. … The fabricated devices showed current rectification originating from the p–i–n diode structures. … Electroluminescence from the radial QWs was clearly observed in the 1.5-µm-wavelength region at room temperature for the first time. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(4S), 04DN02, 2015-02-16


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    Growth of wurtzite GaP in InP/GaP core-shell nanowires by selective-area MOVPE

    Ishizaka Fumiya , Hiraya Yoshihiro , Tomioka Katsuhiro , Fukui Takashi

    … A GaP nanowire is promising from the viewpoint of device applications because when its crystal phase is changed from zinc blende (ZB) to wurtzite (WZ), its band gap changes from indirect to direct. … Here we report on the growth of WZ GaP in InP/GaP core-shell nanowires by selective-area metal-organic vapor-phase epitaxy (SA-MOVPE). …

    Journal of crystal growth 411, 71-75, 2015-02-01

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    On heat transfer and evaporation characteristics in the growth process of a bubble with microlayer structure during nucleate boiling

    Chen Zhihao , Utaka Yoshio

    … The initial microlayer thickness was of micrometer order and increased linearly with distance from the bubble inception site. … The quantitative degree of contribution of the microlayer evaporation to bubble growth was still not elucidated, although a large number of experimental studies have been conducted on the distribution and evaporation characteristics of the microlayer. …

    International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 81, 750-759, 2015-02


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    Homoepitaxial growth and investigation of stacking faults of 4H-SiC C-face epitaxial layers with a 1° off-angle

    Masumoto Keiko , Asamizu Hirokuni , Tamura Kentaro , Kudou Chiaki , Nishio Johji , Kojima Kazutoshi , Ohno Toshiyuki , Okumura Hajime

    … The 3C inclusions were caused by 3C-SiC particles, which were present on the substrates before epitaxial growth, or which had fallen onto the substrates during epitaxial growth from the inside walls of a chemical vapor deposition reactor. … The 3C-inclusion density decreased when the in-situ H<inf>2</inf>etching depth exceeded 0.4 µm because the 3C-SiC particles, which were present on substrates before epitaxial growth, were removed. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(4S), 04DP04, 2015-01-28


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    Unintentional tungsten incorporation in diamond during hot-filament chemical vapor deposition  [in Japanese]

    Ohmagari Shinya , Srimongkon Kridsanapan , Amornkitbamrung Vittaya , Yamada Hideaki , Chayahara Akiyoshi , Shikata Shin-ichi

    … Hot-filament chemical vapor deposition exhibits high potential for scaled-up diamond growth. … However, contamination from filament materials may adversely affect diamond quality. … Tungsten atoms at concentration levels of 1018 cm-3 were unintentionally incorporated as impurities from filament wires used; … The incorporated amount did not depend on the off-axis angle of substrate, which ranged from 0 to 5°. …

    Trans. Mat. Res. Soc. Japan 40(1), 47-50, 2015


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    Analysis of dynamic plasma behaviors in gas metal arc welding by imaging spectroscopy  [in Japanese]

    SHIGETA Masaya , NAKANISHI Shota , TANAKA Manabu , MURPHY Anthony B.

    … For gas metal arc welding, the effect of CO2 mixture in a shielding gas on a metal transfer process was investigated through the observation of the plasma characteristics and dynamic behavior at the droplet's growth-separation-transfer by the temperature measurement methods which were suitable respectively to the argon plasma region and the metal plasma region. …



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    Room Temperature Atomic Layer Deposition of Gallium Oxide Investigated by IR Absorption Spectroscopy

    PANSILA P. Pungboon , KANOMATA Kensaku , AHMMAD Bashir , KUBOTA Shigeru , HIROSE Fumihiko

    … In the conventional technologies, gallium oxide has been tried to be fabricated by atomic layer deposition (ALD) at high temperatures from 100–450°C, although the room-temperature (RT) growth has not been developed. …

    IEICE Trans. Electron. E98.C(5), 382-389, 2015


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    Growth mechanism of a fatigue crack of extruded high strength Al alloy 7075-T6 in high humidity  [in Japanese]

    KAWAGOISHI Norio , KARIYA Kohji , CHEN Qiang , NAKAMURA Yuzo , NAGANO Takanori , WANG Qingyuan

    … Effect of humidity on the growth mechanism of a fatigue crack in an age-hardened Al alloy was investigated in relative humidity environments of 25% and 85% at loading frequencies of 50Hz and 6Hz. … Macroscopic growth mode of a crack in low humidity was a tensile one irrespective of loading frequency. …



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    Observation of Adsorbed Water on Ultrathin GeO2/Ge(100) by Ambient-Pressure X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (AP-XPS)  [in Japanese]

    ARIMA Kenta

    … This implies that GeO2 films will react with water vapor in air. … In this review, water growth on ultrathin GeO2 films on a Ge(100) substrate as well as the effect of water layers on the electronic properties of GeO2 films are investigated by ambient-pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (AP-XPS) at relative humidities (RHs) from 0% to approximately 45%. …

    Shinku 58(1), 20-26, 2015


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    Self-assembled Nanowire Arrays as Three-dimensional Nanopores for Filtration of DNA Molecules

    RAHONG Sakon , YASUI Takao , YANAGIDA Takeshi , NAGASHIMA Kazuki , KANAI Masaki , MENG Gang , HE Yong , ZHUGE Fuwei , KAJI Noritada , KAWAI Tomoji , BABA Yoshinobu

    … The 3D nanopore structure was formed by a vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) nanowire growth technique, which allowed us to control pore size of the filtration material by varying the number of growth cycles. … λ DNA molecules (48.5 kbp) were filtrated from a mixture of T4 DNA (166 kbp) at the entrance of the 3D nanopore structure within 1 s under an applied electric field. …

    Analytical Sciences 31(3), 153-157, 2015


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    P-type conductivity control of Si-doped GaAsSb layers grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition

    Yokoyama Haruki , Hoshi Takuya

    … The electrical characteristics of Si-doped GaAsSb layers grown at various growth temperatures from 530 to 630 °C by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD), are investigated. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(1), 015506, 2014-12-22


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    Bubble evolution and properties in homogeneous nucleation simulations

    Angelil Raymond , Diemand Juerg , Tanaka Kyoko K. , Tanaka Hidekazu

    … We analyze the properties of naturally formed nanobubbles in Lennard-Jones molecular dynamics simulations of liquid-to-vapor nucleation in the boiling and the cavitation regimes. … The large computational volumes provide a realistic environment at unchanging average temperature and liquid pressure, which allows us to accurately measure properties of bubbles from their inception as stable, critically sized bubbles, to their continued growth into the constant speed regime. …

    Physical review E 90(6), 63301, 2014-12-01

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    Direct simulations of homogeneous bubble nucleation: Agreement with classical nucleation theory and no local hot spots

    Diemand Juerg , Angelil Raymond , Tanaka Kyoko K. , Tanaka Hidekazu

    … We present results from direct, large-scale molecular dynamics simulations of homogeneous bubble (liquid-to-vapor) nucleation. … The unprecedented size of the simulated volumes allows us to resolve the nucleation and growth of many bubbles per run in simple direct micro-canonical simulations while the ambient pressure and temperature remain almost perfectly constant. …

    Physical review E 90(5), 52407, 2014-11-21

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    Antifungal activity of 1-phenyl-3-pentanone produced by Mycoleptodonoides aitchisonii against plant-pathogenic fungi

    OKA Kumiko , SHIMOMURA Norihiro , MAEKAWA Nitaro , NAKAGIRI Akira , OTANI Hiroshi

    食用きのこのブナハリタケは植物病原糸状菌に抗菌活性を示す揮発性物質の1-phenyl-3-pentanone(PP)を生産する.PPの抗菌スペクトラムおよび有効濃度を明らかにするため,植物病原糸状菌のAlternaria alternata Japanese pear pathotype,A. brassicicola, Bipolaris sorokiniana,Botrytis cinerea …

    日本きのこ学会誌 : mushroom science and biotechnology 22(3), 95-100, 2014-10-31

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    First-principles simulation of the chemical reactions in GaN growth from Ga

    Yamamoto Masahiro , Hamada Noriaki

    … The intrinsic reaction coordinates (IRC) have been searched for and the reaction path from Ga<inf>2</inf>O, which is a raw material of GaN, has been clarified. … There is no residual solid product in the vapor process apart from GaN and the deposition on the chamber wall can be reduced. … Thus, long-time continuous crystal growth can be executed. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 53(11), 115601, 2014-10-08


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    Growth of non-polar ZnO thin films with different working pressures by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition

    Chao Chung-Hua , Wei Da-Hua

    … Non-polar coexisting m-plane ([Formula: see text]) and a-plane ([Formula: see text]) zinc oxide (ZnO) thin films have been synthesized onto commercial silicon (100) substrates by using plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) system at different working pressures. … From the X-ray diffraction patterns, the non-polar ZnO thin films were successfully synthesized at the working pressures of 6 and 9 Torr, respectively. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 53(11S), 11RA05, 2014-10-01


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    Homo-Epitaxy on Physical Vapor Transport Grown AlN Wafers by Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy and Its Application to Fabrication of Deep-UV LEDs(<Special Issue>Innovation of Crystal Growth Technology of III-Nitride Semiconductors for Deep Ultraviolet LED)  [in Japanese]

    Kumagai Yoshinao , Nagashima Toru , Kinoshita Toru , Koukitu Akinori

    … Homo-epitaxial growth of thick AlN layers by hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) was investigated on low dislocation density (< … 10^3 cm^<-2>) AlN wafers prepared by physical vapor transport (PVT). … AlN wafers prepared from HVPE layers had high structural qualityidentical to that of the PVT-AlN wafers and deep-UV transparency with an optical cutoff at 206.5 nm and below. …

    Journal of the Japanese Association of Crystal Growth 41(3), 131-137, 2014-10

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