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    Landslides and Alpine-subalpine Vegetation in the Northern Japanese Alps  [in Japanese]

    KARIYA Yoshihiko , TAKAOKA Sadao , SATO Go

    … To achieve this, we conducted field investigation and laboratory work including airphoto interpretation and radiometric dating of soils and fossil logs. … The specific patterns of vegetation cover seen on landslide blocks probably formed under the influence of different slope environments, with variations of parameters such as inclination, soil properties, thermal-water regimes, and microclimate occurring as a result of landslide activities. …

    J. Geogr. 122(4), 768-790, 2013


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    21-8 High Precision Radiometric Compensation at Discontinuity Boundary of Reflectance Property on Projection Surface using High Resolution Camera  [in Japanese]

    MIHARA Shoichiro , IWAI Daisuke , SATO Kosuke

    … Although radiometric compensation realizes displaying a desired color on a surface inadequate for projection, bright artifacts occur in a projected pixel where the reflectance property is precipitously changed. … We propose a solution to minimize the artifacts by using the dense reflectance properties measured by a high-resolution camera. …

    Proceedings of the ... ITE annual convention (2012), 21-8-1-"21-8-2", 2012-08-29

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    The matrix effect on 238U and 232Th measurements using pressed powder pellets by LA-ICP-MS


    … Radioisotope concentrations, such as 238U and 232Th, of bulk sediments are good environmental indicators and useful for radiometric age determinations. … However, the matrix effects caused by the different properties between the external standard and measured sample may yield unreliable results. …

    Geochem. J. 45(5), 375-385, 2011


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    Evaluation of Moderate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) Deep Blue Aerosol Products Using Ground-Based Measurements over Beijing

    Yang Su , Shi Guang Yu , Chen Lin , Wang Biao , Yang Hong Long

    … Deep Blue (DB) is a new MODIS retrieval algorithm to retrieve aerosol properties over bright surfaces such as arid, semiarid and urban areas. …

    SOLA 7, 133-136, 2011


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    Report on Field Experiment for Vicarious Calibration of ASTER  [in Japanese]

    KAMEI Akihide , NAKAMURA Kazuki

    … The vicarious calibration is a radiometric calibration method for satellite sensors by the radiative transfer model simulation based on the ground-based measurements of the surface and atmosphere on the target. … In the field experiment, the surface reflectance is measured by the spectroradiometer, and the atmospheric properties, such as ozone, water vapor, and aerosol, are measured by the ozonometer and skyradiometer. …

    Journal of The Remote Sensing Society of Japan 30(5), 337-342, 2010-11-20

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    Stability and Reproducibility of Radiometric Properties of Light Curing Units (LCUs) : Part II: LED LCUs

    PEREZ Maria del Mar , PEREZ-OCON Francisco , LUCENA-MARTIN Cristina , PULGAR Rosa

    The present work is the second part of a study on the stability and reproducibility of the energy and spectral emission of some light curing units (LCUs). In this part, Part II, LED LCUs were investig …

    Dental materials journal 27(2), 292-299, 2008-03

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    Stability and Reproducibility of Radiometric Properties of Light Curing Units (LCUs) : Part I: QTH LCUs

    PEREZ Maria del Mar , PEREZ-OCON Francisco , LUCENA-MARTIN Cristina , PULGAR Rosa

    The present study, divided into two parts, analyses the stability and reproducibility of the spectral and energy emission of the present light-curing units (LCUs), quartz tungsten halogen (QTH) and li …

    Dental materials journal 27(2), 284-291, 2008-03

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    Hourly Sampling of PM_<2.5> at an AERONET site in Higashi-Osaka, Japan : Dust Events During Spring 2006

    Mukai Sonoyo , Nishina Mitsuru , Sano Itaru , Yasumoto Masayoshi , Nakaguchi Yuzuru , Iguchi Nobukazu , Mizobuchi Shoji

    … concentrations and aerosol properties obtained from radiometry using a multi-spectral photometer located at a NASA/AERONET station. … Combining radiometric aerosol information with surface-level particulate mass measurements is useful in studying air quality and aerosol properties. …

    Science and technology 19, 15-22, 2007-02-28

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    A 2.0 Ma Widespread Tephra Associated with a Large-Scale Pyroclastic Flow from the Sengan Geothermal Area, Northeast Japan Arc  [in Japanese]

    SUZUKI Takehiko , NAKAYAMA Toshio

    … On the basis of these properties, Tmg-R4 was identified in Boso and Oga peninsulas, Choshi area, and in the core drilled on Musashino upland around 500 km south of the source. … Calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphic (Calcareous nannofossil datum 13) and magneto-stratigraphic positions in Boso peninsula and Choshi, and paleomagnetic direction and many radiometric ages determined in the proximal area by previous studies indicate that the age of Tmg-R4 is ca. …

    Bulletin of the Volcanological Society of Japan 52(1), 23-38, 2007-02-28

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    Measurements and retrieval of atmopsheric particles

    Mukai Sonoyo , Kishimoto Masaki , Sano Itaru , Yasumoto Masayoshi

    NASA/AERONETの日本サイトとして,2000年から東大阪,和歌山県白浜にて大気エアロゾルの放射観測を実施している.また,2004年3月から,(東大阪サイトにおいて)浮遊微粒子(SPM)のサンプリング計測も行っている.これら同期観測結果の比較から,両者の線形関係式を導出し,相互変換の可能性を確認した.更に両地上計測データと衛星データの統合解析により,大気粒子の発生から成長,拡散消滅までの一連 …

    Abstracts for fall meeting of the Japanese Society for Planetary Science 2006f(0), 117-117, 2006


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    Lunar Imaging Camera (LIC) -Pre-flight tests and operation plan

    NAKAMURA Akiko M. , SHIRAISHI Hiroaki , HONDA Rie , IIJIMA Yu-ichi , HASHIMOTO Tatsuaki , NINOMIYA Keiken , YOKOTA Yasuhiro , SHIRAO Motomaro , TAKATA Toshiko , YAMAJI Atsushi , SASAKI Sho , OKADA Tatsuaki , MATSUNAGA Tsuneo , DEMURA Hirohide , HIRATA Naru , HONDA Chikatoshi , HARUYAMA Jun'ichi , OHTAKE Makiko , NODA Hirotomo , MIYAMOTO Hideaki , YOSHIKAWA Makoto , TSUCHIDA Satoshi , OHTAKI Toshiki , MURAKAMI Hideki , KOMORI Chosei , MASSON Phillippe , PINET Patrick , CHEVREL Serge D. , DAYDOU Yves , HIRAMATSU Masaru

    … The scientific objectives of the camera address impact cratering, tectonic processes, volcanic features, and optical properties of the regolith surface.The image sensor is a linear CCD and is aligned with the spin axis of the spacecraft, which orbits the Moon at altitudes of 200-300 km. … In those tests, the hardware performance and the functions of LIC were verified and the data for radiometric and geometric corrections were obtained. …

    JAXA research and development report JAXA-RR-04-046E, 1-63, 2005-03

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    The role of geophysics in understanding salinisation in Southwestern Queensland

    Wilkinson Kate , Chamberlain Tessa , Grundy Mike

    本研究では物理探査法と環境科学的手法を組み合わせてクィーンズランド州南西部の、Goondoola盆地の二次塩化の原因を調査した。地表および地下の物質と地下水についての情報に加えて、一連のエアボーン電磁・放射線探査および地表での電磁探査データを取得した。放射線探査と標高のデータとサンプルで測定された物性の間から導かれた関係から、地表の物質分布と塩分涵養の可能性の予測地図が作成された。地下水中への塩分 …

    BUTSURI-TANSA(Geophysical Exploration) 58(1), 78-85, 2005


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    GRAF Tobias , KOIKE Toshio , FUJII Hideyuki , ARMSTRONG Richard , BRODZIK Mary J. , TEDESCO Marco , KIM Edward J.

    … This paper introduces microwave radiometric data, snow pack properties and meteorological forcing data observation collected during the winter season '02/'03 in Fraser, Colorado, USA. … Furthermore regular observations of snow pit properties have been conducted, including the snow density and snow grain size profiles. …

    Doboku Gakkai Ronbunshuu B 49, 325-330, 2005


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    Sedimentary facies, physical properties, and radiocarbon dates of the GS-KM-1 cores from Komatsugawa district, Tokyo Lowland, central Japan.  [in Japanese]

    Miyachi Yoshinori , Kimura Katsumi , Ishihara Yoshiro , Tanabe Susumu , Nakashima Rei , Hori Kazuaki , Nakayama Toshio , Saito Yoshiki

    東京低地に位置する東京都江戸川区小松川地区で掘削した沖積層ボーリングコア(GS-KM-1)について,堆積相,AMS 放射性炭素年代,堆積物物性を解析し,堆積環境,堆積相と堆積物物性との関係,層序について検討を行った.本コアは,Unit 1 からUnit 9 の9 つの層相ユニットに区分され,そのうち,深度67.3 ~65.0 mのUnit 1 は下総層群相当で,その上位に沖積層にあたるUnit 2 …

    Bull. Geol. Surv. Japan 55(7-8), 201-219, 2004


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    Sedimentary facies, physical properties, and radiocarbon dates of the GS-SK-1 core obtained from Kakinoki district, Nakagawa lowland, central Japan.  [in Japanese]

    Ishihara Yoshiro , Kimura Katsumi , Tanabe Susumu , Nakashima Rei , Miyachi Yoshinori , Hori Kazuaki , Inazaki Tomio , Hachinohe Shoichi

    埼玉県の中川低地地下には,最終氷期に形成された開析谷を埋積する沖積層が分布する.本報告では,中川低地中央部に掘削されたGS-SK-1 コア (GS-SK-1A,GS-SK-1N,GS-SK-1T)から得られた堆積相,放射性炭素年代,堆積物物性をもとに,中川低地における沖積層の層序,堆積環境を明らかにした.GS-SK-1Aに認められる沖積層は次のような河川‐浅海性堆積物であることがわかった.すなわち …

    Bull. Geol. Surv. Japan 55(7-8), 183-200, 2004


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    Paleomagnetic Properties of the Yatsugatake Volcanic Chain, Central Japan  [in Japanese]

    AKIMOTO Takatoshi , FURUTA Toshio , KAWACHI Shinpei

    … Paleomagnetic polarities thus obtained are correlated to the standard magnetic chrons and subchrons with the aid of K-Ar radiometric ages of rocks. …

    Bulletin of the Volcanological Society of Japan 47(5), 435-448, 2002-11-29

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    Iizuna-Kamitaru Tephra Group Erupted from the Iizuna Volcano or Myoko Volcano Group in the Transition from Marine Isotope Stage 6 to 5, and Its Significance for the Chronological Study of Central Japan  [in Japanese]

    SUZUKI Takehiko

    妙高火山群の一つである飯縄火山を給源とする飯縄上樽テフラ群の記載を行い,分布・層位を示した.また,その年代と編年学的意義について論じた.同テフラ群は3枚の降下テフラ層からなり,そのうち最上位のIz-KT aが最も広く分布し,信越国境,群馬県北部,栃木県北部で見出された.Iz-KT aの認定には,斑晶鉱物組合せ,斜方輝石の形状,斜方輝石・ホルンブレンドの屈折率,チタン磁鉄鉱の主成分化学組成が指標とな …

    The Quat. Res. 40(1), 29-41, 2001-02-01

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    Mineral assemblage of the Tama-I Loam Formation in Kanto Plain, central Japan and correlation of some tephra layers intercalated in the Formation  [in Japanese]

    Kanto Ash Layers Research Group , 会田 信行 , 五十 嵐聡 , 石綿 しげ子 , 大沢 匡 , 大村 昭三 , 小川 政之 , 奥田 述夫 , 加藤 定男 , 加藤 禎夫 , 上加 世田聡 , 日下部 寧 , 小林 忠夫 , 小林 雅弘 , 駒井 潔 , 小森 郁美 , 斉藤 尚人 , 清水 康守 , 末永 和幸 , 竹内 健 , 中井 均 , 中田 貴文 , 長谷川 寛 , 松本 昭二 , 松本 俊幸 , 宮川 武史 , 満岡 孝 , 矢口 裕之

    関東平野の西縁丘陵に分布する中期更新世の多摩Iローム層と挟在するテフラの分析をおこなった.Tama 101から128のテフラを識別し,その砂粒組成の特徴などから周辺地域との対比を試みた.Tama 101, Tama 116, Tama 119/122 tephrasはbiotiteを多く含み結晶に富み,それぞれC_1, B_0とApmテフラ群と対比される.Tama 128は玄武岩質のテフラで,八ヶ …

    地球科學 55(1), 23-36, 2001-01-25

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    Kaisho-Kamitakara Tephra Erupted from the Hida Mountains in the Early Half of the Middle Pleistocene and Its Significance for the Geomorphic Chronology of Central Japan

    SUZUKI Takehiko

    飛騨山脈南西部の貝塩給源火道から噴出した貝塩上宝テフラ (KMT) は,大規模火砕流堆積物と中部~東北南部を覆った降下テフラからなる大規模テフラである.本稿ではその特性・分布・年代を示し,噴出前後に形成された地形面の編年・古地理について論じた.KMTの認定においては,黒雲母・石英・高ウラン濃度ジルコンの存在,火山ガラス・チタン磁鉄鉱の化学組成を指標とした.従来の放射年代値と房総半島上総層群中での層 …

    Geographical review of Japan, Series B. 73(1), 1-25, 2000

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