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  • HoLEPにおける抗血栓薬使用に関する検討

    松岡 崇志 , 鈴木 一生 , 鈴木 良輔 , 福永 有伸 , 土肥 洋一郎 , 杉野 善雄 , 井上 幸治 , 川喜田 睦司

    … No significant between-group difference was observed in age, prostate volume, transitional zone prostate volume, operation time, resection weight, resection weight per minute, urethral catheter duration, Hb decrease on day 1 post- HoLEP, hospital stay after HoLEP, bleeding intraoperative rate, bleeding rate after HoLEP and transfusion rate. … However, highvolume BPH patients without OA cessation required intraoperative transfusion. …

    泌尿器科紀要 = Acta urologica Japonica 63(8), 307-311, 2017-08

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  • Association between cardiopulmonary resuscitation duration and one-month neurological outcomes for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: a prospective cohort study

    Kashiura Masahiro , Hamabe Yuichi , Akashi Akiko , Sakurai Atsushi , Tahara Yoshio , Yonemoto Naohiro , Nagao Ken , Yaguchi Arino , Morimura Naoto

    … [Background]The duration of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an important factor associated with the outcomes for an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. … However, the appropriate CPR duration remains unclear considering pre- and in-hospital settings. … The present study aimed to evaluate the relationship between the CPR duration (including both the pre- and in-hospital duration) and neurologically favorable outcomes 1-month after cardiac arrest. …

    BMC Anesthesiology 17, 2017-04-21

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  • Scleraxis is required for maturation of tissue domains for proper integration of the musculoskeletal system

    Yoshimoto Yuki , Takimoto Aki , Watanabe Hitomi , Hiraki Yuji , Kondoh Gen , Shukunami Chisa

    … Reflecting the intensity and duration of endogenous expression, Cre-mediated excision occurs in tendinous and ligamentous tissues persistently expressing Scx. …

    Scientific Reports 7, 2017-03-22

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  • RAI治療抵抗性甲状腺分化癌に対するソラフェニブの使用経験

    末吉 慎太郎 , 小野 剛治 , 進 武一郎 , 千年 俊一 , 梅野 博仁

    … The duration of sorafenib treatment ranged from 10 to 410 days. … All patients required sorafenib dose reduction, and suspension of sorafenib administration was necessitated in two patients. …

    耳鼻咽喉科臨床 110(10), 671-679, 2017


  • D6-2 The Effect of Keyboard Typing on the Median Nerve at the Proximal Carpal Tunnel

    Loh Ping Yeap , Yeoh Wen Liang , Muraki Satoshi

    … The participants were required to rest for 30 minutes and then perform two 30-minute typing activities on a height-adjusted table and chair. … Biomechanical factors, such as wrist-finger movements during typing activity, and typing duration could contribute to the acute swelling of the median nerve at the proximal carpal tunnel level.</p> …

    人間工学 53(Supplement2), S576-S579, 2017


  • Commutation Phenomena and Brush Wear of DC Motor at High Speed Rotation

    ISATO Masayuki , SAWA Koichiro , UENO Takahiro

    … In recent years, as compact and high output DC motors have been developed due to advanced technology, the faster the rotational speed is required and the commutation arc causes a high rate of wear/erosion of brush and commutator. … Therefore, it is important how the motor speed influences commutation phenomena such as arc duration, residual current and erosion and wear of commutator and brush in order to achieve high reliability and extensive lifespan. …

    IEICE Transactions on Electronics E100.C(9), 716-722, 2017


  • A Method for Evaluating Degradation Phenomenon of Electrical Contacts Using a Micro-Sliding Mechanism — Minimal Sliding Amplitudes against Input Waveforms (2) —

    WADA Shin-ichi , SAWA Koichiro

    … Using the mechanism, experimental results were obtained on the minimal sliding amplitude (<i>MSA</i>) required to make the electrical resistance fluctuate under various conditions. … as the flat time, and τ/2 as the duration in a sliding period <i>T</i> …

    IEICE Transactions on Electronics E100.C(9), 723-731, 2017


  • 腰椎手術後疼痛症候群に対する後仙腸靱帯ブロックの効果に関する後方視的検討

    松本 園子 , 光畑 裕正

    <p>腰椎手術後に再度腰痛・下肢痛が出現する腰椎手術後疼痛症候群(failed back surgery syndrome:FBSS)の治療には苦慮することが多い.今回当院外来でFBSS患者での難治性腰下肢痛に対する後仙腸靱帯ブロックの有効性を検討した.2010年4月~2016年3月の6年間に当科に初回受診したFBSS患者64症例のうち,仙腸関節関連痛と認められた55症例について後仙腸 …

    日本ペインクリニック学会誌, 2017


  • 札幌市円山動物園でのチンパンジーの樹上行動における空間利用の特性

    堀田 里佳 , 羽深 久夫

    …  Nowadays, zoos are expected to make an important contribution to the conservation of biodiversity through species preservation involving the breeding of rare animals, and facilities capable of raising animals are required to take their living environment into account. … We recorded arboreal behavior dividing it into locations on trees of mainly static behavior of relatively long duration and instantaneous and dynamic behavior of relatively short duration. …

    日本建築学会計画系論文集 82(737), 1661-1671, 2017


  • 巨大海台をつくる基盤溶岩の掘削成果

    佐野 貴司

    <p>21世紀に入ってから,2つの海洋LIPs(オントンジャワとシャツキー海台)で基盤溶岩を採取する掘削が行われた.基盤溶岩は大陸洪水玄武岩の塊状層状溶岩流と類似していた.元来,両LIPsはプルーム頭部がプレート境界に衝突して生産されたと考えていたが,<sup>40</sup>Ar-<sup>39</sup>Ar年代は熱プルームモデルから …

    地質学雑誌 123(4), 207-223, 2017


  • Recent Surgical Results for Active Endocarditis Complicated With Perivalvular Abscess

    Yoshioka Daisuke , Toda Koichi , Yokoyama Jun-ya , Matsuura Ryohei , Miyagawa Shigeru , Shirakawa Yukitoshi , Takahashi Toshiki , Sakaguchi Taichi , Fukuda Hirotsugu , Sawa Yoshiki

    … We compared the clinical results of 162 patients without a perivalvular abscess, 37 patients who required patch reconstruction of the aortic annulus (PR group) and 27 who underwent aortic root replacement (ARR group). … Nevertheless, the duration between diagnosis and surgery was similar, because of a high prevalence of intracranial hemorrhage in the ARR group. …

    Circulation Journal, 2017


  • 途中折り返し運転を考慮した混合整数計画法による運転整理アルゴリズム

    今田 京介 , 富井 規雄

    … Thus, in order to avoid further inconvenience of passengers, it is required to continue operating trains in other areas of the railway. … Our algorithm assumes a basic timetable while the duration of the accident is given, and it outputs a rescheduling plan in which the sum of the total delays and the penalties for cancellation is minimized based on mixed integer liner programming formulation.</p> …

    電気学会論文誌. D, 産業応用部門誌 137(6), 484-491, 2017


  • 身体活動量増加の動機づけに効果的なインセンティブプログラム:コンジョイント分析

    松下 宗洋 , 原田 和弘 , 荒尾 孝

    <p><b>目的</b> 身体活動の促進は,公衆衛生上の重要課題の1つである。身体活動を促進する方策の1つとして,インセンティブを活用することに注目が集まっている。インセンティブをより有効に活用するためには,身体活動の促進に最も効果的なインセンティブの付与条件を明らかにする必要がある。そこで本研究は,身体活動量増加の動機づけに効果的なインセンティブ付与条件をコン …

    日本公衆衛生雑誌 64(4), 197-206, 2017

    J-STAGE 医中誌Web

  • The Safety Profile of Telaprevir-Based Triple Therapy in Clinical Practice: A Retrospective Cohort Study

    Iketani Ryo , Ide Kazuki , Yamada Hiroshi , Kawasaki Yohei , Masaki Naohiko

    … The primary endpoint was dropout from treatment due to adverse events during the relevant standard treatment duration based on guidelines from the Japan Society of Hepatology. … Therefore, additional research will be required to confirm this.</p> …

    Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 40(5), 687-692, 2017


  • 運動負荷期間・時間帯がマウス高脂肪食誘発性脂肪肝発症に及ぼす影響

    伊香賀 玲奈 , 山崎 聖美

    <p>我が国の非アルコール性脂肪肝有病率は年々増加し, 2型糖尿病の危険因子でもあるため有効な予防・治療法の提示が急がれる。本研究では, マウスを用いて高脂肪食誘発性脂肪肝発症予防に効果的な運動時間帯 (食前または食後) および期間 (6週間または9週間) について検討した。その結果, 肝臓トリアシルグリセロール量は運動負荷期間が長いほど増加抑制され, 運動時間帯による顕著な違いは見ら …

    日本栄養・食糧学会誌 70(2), 69-75, 2017

    J-STAGE 医中誌Web

  • Improved Outcomes for Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms Using Integrated Management Involving Endovascular Clamping, Endovascular Replacement, and Open Abdominal Decompression

    Aoki Chikashi , Kondo Norihiro , Saito Yoshiaki , Taniguchi Satoshi , Fukuda Wakako , Daitoku Kazuyuki , Fukuda Ikuo

    … Group B patients required more frequent use of vasopressors (P=0.035). … The duration of surgery was significantly shorter in group B than in group A (P=0.001). … Morbidity was significantly better in group B with respect to the duration of surgery and number of wound infections than in group A.</p> …

    Annals of Vascular Diseases 10(1), 22-28, 2017


  • 心内腔血流の速度ベクトルイメージングのための二次元相関関数の時間平均化

    高橋 広樹 , 長谷川 英之 , 金井 浩

    <B>目的</B>:心内腔血流の超音波イメージングはヒトの心臓のポンプ機能を評価するのに非常に有用なツールである.スペックルトラッキング法は血流速度ベクトルの推定を可能にする.しかし,微小な血球からのエコーの信号対雑音比が低いため,血流速度ベクトルを安定的に推定することは難しい.本研究では,血流速度ベクトルの推定精度向上のために,2次元相関関数の時間平均化を行うスペックルト …

    超音波医学, 2017


  • 成人の歯科予防処置に必要な歯科衛生士数の評価 -山梨県の歯科医療機関における質問紙調査から-

    田口 可奈子

    <p> 本研究の目的は,成人に対して歯科予防処置を行う場合の必要歯科衛生士数(「必要DH数」)を推計し,就業歯科衛生士数(就業DH数)と比較してその充足状況を評価することである.そのために今回は,一つの地域の歯科医療機関を対象にした質問紙調査を行った.それによって得られた値を「必要DH数」を算定する推計式に当てはめた.</p><p> 山梨県の歯科医療機関を対象に …

    口腔衛生学会雑誌 67(1), 18-22, 2017


  • Occurrence of equine coital exanthema (ECE) in stallions in Japan and effectiveness of treatment with valacyclovir for ECE

    TOISHI Yuko , TSUNODA Nobuo , KIRISAWA Rikio

    … Though valacyclovir treatment did not shorten the duration of healing, the affected area did not expand after administration of valacyclovir. … Further investigation about the administration protocol might be required.</p> …

    The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 79(3), 632-635, 2017


  • 伸張-短縮サイクル運動の遂行能力からみたトップレベル男子バレーボール選手の跳躍パフォーマンスの特性

    岡野 憲一 , 山中 浩敬 , 九鬼 靖太 , 谷川 聡

    … The results indicated that, on the one hand, ability in both the counter movement jump (CMJ) and rebound jump (RJ) is required for the SPJ, RJ showing more prominence among elite players. … On the other hand, for SSC ability, exercise requiring a longer duration, such as the CMJ, was found to be more critical for the SPJ with a one-step run-up. …

    体育学研究, 105-114, 2017