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  • Real-time monitoring of methanol concentration using a shear horizontal surface acoustic wave sensor for direct methanol fuel cell without reference liquid measurement

    Tada Kyosuke , Nozawa Takuya , Kondoh Jun

    … In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for sensors that continuously measure liquid concentrations and detect abnormalities in liquid environments. … However, if the sensor is installed in a liquid flow cell, it is difficult to measure a reference liquid. … When the fuel temperature is higher than 70 °C, it is necessary to consider the influence of liquid conductivity. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 56(7S1), 07JD15, 2017-06-29


  • Simultaneous measurement of gas concentration and temperature by the ball surface acoustic wave sensor

    Yamanaka Kazushi , Akao Shingo , Takeda Nobuo , Tsuji Toshihiro , Oizumi Toru , Tsukahara Yusuke

    … However, since the sensitivity of the sensor depends on the temperature, measurement results are disturbed when the temperature largely changes. … To overcome this problem, we developed a method to simultaneously measure temperature and gas concentration using a ball SAW sensor. … Temperature and concentration is derived by solving equations for the delay time change at two frequencies. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 56(7S1), 07JC04, 2017-06-09


  • 〔報告〕閉架書庫に発生したカビ対策事例

    橘川 英規 , 安永 拓世 , 皿井 舞 , 津田 徹英 , 佐野 千絵

    … By examining the structural characteristics of the library,such as air conditioning and its constraints from the measurement of temperature and humidity data,it was found that the cause of mold growth,temperature and humidity,could not be controlled from June to September every year. … As a countermeasure, thorough cleaning was first carried out to remove molds.Next,as a measure against the inflow of outside air,the doors of each room were closed, and air circulation was improved by installing blowers. …

    保存科学 = Science for conservation (56), 99-112, 2017-03-23


  • <論文・報告>凝固度合いの異なる豆腐の光散乱測定

    鈴木 優作

    … The two objectives of this study were to develop a method to measure the angle and intensity of scattered light, and to test whether this system can distinguish tofu made under different coagulation conditions. … The relationship between scattering intensity and coagulation temperature was inconsistent, likely because of errors in inconsistent sample placement or structural non-uniformity in the samples. …

    ELCAS Journal 2, 80-82, 2017-03


  • Conformational Fluctuations of Polymers in a Melt Associated with Glass Transition

    Iwaoka Nobuyuki , Takano Hiroshi

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 86(3), 2017-02-14


  • Development and Validation of a Clinical Prediction Rule for Bacteremia among Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients in Outpatient Settings.

    Sasaki Sho , Hasegawa Takeshi , Kawarazaki Hiroo , Nomura Atsushi , Uchida Daisuke , Imaizumi Takahiro , Furusho Masahide , Nishiwaki Hiroki , Fukuma Shingo , Shibagaki Yugo , Fukuhara Shunichi

    … The outcome measure was bacteremia diagnosed based on the results of blood cultures. … At the conclusion of the deviation process, body temperature ≥ 38.3°C, heart rate ≥ 125 /min, C-reactive protein ≥ 10 mg/dL, alkaline phosphatase >360 IU/L, and no prior antibiotics use within the past week were retained and scored. …

    PLOS ONE 12(1), 2017-01-12

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  • 波長シフト干渉計を用いた昇温下での段差を持つ粗面の3次元形状計測

    安達 正明

    … This 3D-shape measurement technique is now applied to an iron head of electric-solder whose temperature is rising from room temperature, RT, to 392 degree C. … Finally, effective data processing are found which can measure the 3D shape of the head at from RT to 392 degree C. …

    精密工学会誌 83(10), 949-955, 2017


  • 外気との熱交換を考慮した水温測定型簡易日射計の測定精度

    竹下 伸一 , 大山 春香 , 愛宕 夏帆

    本研究では,容器内の水の温度から日射量を推定する理科教材用の水温測定型簡易日射計に着目し,外気との熱交換を考慮することによる簡易日射計の汎用的な利用可能性を観測値を用いて検討した.観測は,宮崎大学農学部附属圃場内で2015年5月から9月まで実施した.観測結果から,時間積算日射量と受光部内水温の相関を確認し,近似式によって検討したところ,日出前の水温で基準化し,水温を上昇過程と下降過程に分け,受光面 …

    農業農村工学会論文集 85(2), II_91-II_96, 2017


  • 足爪振動刺激を用いた足指腹錯触覚提示に関する研究:母指への錯触覚生起における荷重条件の検証

    酒井 健輔 , 蜂須 拓 , 橋本 悠希

    … <p>We present two psychophysical experiments to quantitatively measure toe force required for inducing a tactile illusion, in which a human feels tactile sensations in the toe pad when a vibration is presented to the toenail while the toe pad is in contact with a surface. … The results revealed that the average threshold was 330 gf positively correlated with the temperature of the toe pad.</p> …

    日本バーチャルリアリティ学会論文誌 22(3), 349-357, 2017


  • Development of a Novel Scanning Thermal Microscopy (SThM) Method to Measure the Thermal Conductivity of Biological Cells


    … To examine the differences in the thermal tolerance of individual cells that are genetically identical, a method is needed to measure the thermal energy required to kill single cells. …

    Biocontrol Science 22(3), 175-180, 2017


  • 蛍光偏光測定によるマイクロ流路内液体温度計測

    鈴木 淳史 , 巽 和也 , 堀井 悟史 , 栗山 怜子 , 中部 主敬

    … <p>A fluid temperature measurement technique based on fluorescence polarization is developed and applied to measure the two-dimensional temperature distributions in microchannel. … In this measurement method, the fluorescence depolarization due to rotational Brownian motion of the fluorescent molecules in the solution is measured and converted to fluid temperature. …

    日本機械学会論文集 83(853), 17-00200-17-00200, 2017


  • Effect of Hydrogen Partial Pressure on Fatigue Crack Growth Rate of Type304 Stainless Steel in H<sub>2</sub>/Ar Mixed Gas with Wide Range of Pressures

    Koide Kenichi , Anraku Toshirou , Iwase Akihiro , Inoue Hiroyuki

    … <p>Fatigue crack growth testing was carried out on Type304 stainless steel (Type304SS) at room temperature (RT) in mixed gasses controlled to various pressure levels of up to 70 MPa in order to measure changes in embrittlement sensitivity due to hydrogen partial pressure. …

    ISIJ International 57(9), 1652-1656, 2017


  • 測温機能の向上を目指した熱電対内蔵型凍結プローブの開発

    常盤 達司 , ジミン レフ , 石黒 博 , 山川 烈

    <p>我々は,低侵襲外科治療を実現する凍結プローブの開発を行っている.凍結による外科治療では,確実に細胞を凍結壊死させるために,凍結速度・温度などが重要なパラメータとなっており,術中のプローブ先端温度の高精度な計測が必要不可欠である.従来様々な凍結プローブが開発されており,先端温度計測のために熱電対が使用されている.しかし,熱電対をプローブ先端に接着させるために必要な接着剤が,先端外壁 …

    生体医工学 55Annual(4AM-Abstract), 276-276, 2017


  • 蛍光偏光測定によるマイクロ流路内液体温度計測

    鈴木 淳史 , 巽 和也 , 堀井 悟史 , 栗山 怜子 , 中部 主敬

    … <p>A fluid temperature measurement technique based on fluorescence polarization is developed and applied to measure the two-dimensional temperature distributions in microchannel. … In this measurement method, the fluorescence depolarization due to rotational Brownian motion of the fluorescent molecules in the solution is measured and converted to fluid temperature. …

    日本機械学会論文集, 2017


  • Profiling measurement of internal tides in Bali Strait by reciprocal sound transmission

    Syamsudin Fadli , Chen Minmo , Kaneko Arata , Adityawarman Yudi , Zheng Hong , Mutsuda Hidemi , Hanifa Aruni D. , Zhang Chuanzheng , Auger Guillaume , Wells John C. , Zhu Xiaohua

    … A reciprocal sound transmission experiment was carried out during June 10–13, 2015 along a cross-strait line in the Bali Strait with strong tidal currents to measure the vertical section structures of the range-averaged current and temperature at a 3 min interval. … The five-layer structures of the range-averaged current and temperature in the vertical section were reconstructed by regularized inversion of the travel time data for two rays. …

    Acoustical Science and Technology 38(5), 246-253, 2017


  • 環状振動子を用いたガイド波流量計測における内部流体の温度が測定に与える影響

    松田 正誉 , 西川 美沙都 , 村田 頼信

    … Straight type ultrasonic flowmeter can measure the liquid flow by using guided waves. … In addition, the time difference between two receiving waves across two transducers differs depending on the temperature of the liquid, which can cause errors in flow rate measurements. … In this paper, the theoretical analysis method for guided wave flowmeter is introduced to investigate the influence of water temperature on flow rate measurement. …

    電気学会論文誌. C 137(9), 1159-1164, 2017


  • 気温計測に基づく移動計測手法の適用可能性に関する検討

    横山 広樹 , 大岡 龍三 , 菊本 英紀

    … Atmospheric properties, such as air temperature, wind velocity, and pollutant concentrations, are typically measured at meteorological observation stations. … After investigating the range of GPS errors, we consider the following three aspects: (1) spatial distribution of air temperature at a high spatial resolution of 10 m; …

    日本建築学会環境系論文集 82(738), 767-777, 2017


  • 回転曲げ疲労試験における繰返し速度の拡張について

    山本 泰三 , 廉 本寧 , 後藤 浩二

    … Although it prefers to perform the fatigue tests as fast as possible, but the maximum frequency of a rotating bending fatigue test are limited because of the possibility of temperature rise in specimen caused by the cyclic plastic work and the heat transfer from fatigue testing machine. … Such local temperature rise might affect the fatigue property. …

    日本機械学会論文集 83(852), 16-00535-16-00535, 2017


  • A Molecular Dynamics Study of Partitionless Solidification and Melting of Al–Cu Alloys

    Deb Nath Sankar Kumar , Shibuta Yasushi , Ohno Munekazu , Takaki Tomohiro , Mohri Tetsuo

    … The solid-liquid interfacial velocity for solid-liquid biphasic systems of Al-rich alloys is examined with respect to temperature and Cu composition. … The kinetic coefficient is then derived from the slope of the interfacial velocity with respect to temperature. … There is almost no partition at the solid-liquid interface within the time scale of the simulation since the solid-liquid interfacial velocity is very fast at temperatures away from the equilibrium temperature. …

    ISIJ International, 2017


  • Development of a Hard X-Ray Profile Measurement System in the TST-2 Spherical Tokamak

    TOGASHI Hiro , YAMAZAKI Hibiki , EJIRI Akira , TAKASE Yuichi , TSUJII Naoto , YAJIMA Satoru , YOSHIDA Yusuke , TST-2 team

    … <p>A compact hard X-ray measurement system was developed to measure bremsstrahlung of fast electrons generated by lower hybrid wave (LHW) in the TST-2 spherical tokamak. … The system, which consists of an NaI scintillator, a photomultiplier tube, a curved acrylic lightguide, a lead collimator, and linear and rotational stages,enables us to measure the energy flux profile on the midplane with the energy resolution of 10 - 15 eV at 122 keV and with the energy range from a few tens to several hundreds of keV. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 12(0), 1402030-1402030, 2017