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    Religion and Mediatization : Globalatinization in Derrida's Philosophy  [in Japanese]

    田島 樹里奈

    … The concept of mediatization is used by a variety of thinkers to refer to the process of structural changes in modern society that have spread through media technologies. …

    異文化[論文編] (16), 93-118, 2015-04-01


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    The Effects of Focused and Unfocused Written Corrective Feedback on the Acquisition of EFL Grammar Knowledge and Writing Skills

    Ogawa Yoshimasa

    … The analyses of discrete-point grammar tests and essay writings showed that focused WCF contributed to the participants' acquisition of correct grammatical forms to a statistically significant degree and that the unfocused WCF on a variety of spontaneous errors did not undermine the effectiveness of focused WCF. …

    學苑 894, 17-42, 2015-04-01

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    Stories Told by English Speakers and Their Application to English Education in Japan: (2)Little Red Riding Hood  [in Japanese]

    Kaneko Tomoko

    … Based on former findings by the author that Japanese university learners of English use only a limited variety of vocabulary and phrases and that they often solely try to follow "grammatical" rules, this study proposes the effectiveness in using stories in the classroom, as they can provide rich opportunities for learners to overcome such weak points. …

    學苑 894, 2-16, 2015-04-01

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    Performance Analysis of Clinical Specimen Transportation System--Relationship with Sample Path Deviation  [in Japanese]

    兒玉 隆一郎 , 田野 俊一

    本論文は,医用検査で利用される分析装置を搬送路で結合したシステムの処理時間性能を解析して定量的な評価を行う.搬送路沿いに並んだ分析装置が搬送路上に並んだ検体を吸い取る方式(PLS: Pipe Line System)は,検査項目のばらつきが少ない検体を処理する方式として1990年代まで活躍した.その後,検査項目数が増え,その依頼にばらつきが出てくると,バッファおよび追い越し機能を付加した方式(ST …

    情報処理学会論文誌. 数理モデル化と応用 8(1), 96-109, 2015-03-30


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    Adaptive Monte Carlo Tree Search for Incomplete Information Games  [in Japanese]

    大佐賀 猛 , 野中 秀俊 , 吉川 毅 , 杉本 雅則

    モンテカルロ木探索は完全情報ゲームを対象として提案された手法であるが,不完全情報ゲームに対しても有効であることが知られている.これに対し,モンテカルロ木探索を再帰的に繰り返し行う手法や情報集合を用いて木を探索する手法などが提案されている.しかし,ゲームの状態によってはこのような工夫を行うよりも通常のモンテカルロ木探索を行う方が性能が良い場合がある.本報告では,探索の回数や深さを適応的に変化させる適 …

    情報処理学会論文誌. 数理モデル化と応用 8(1), 38-44, 2015-03-30


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    First Person and Inclusive Person in the Tokachi Dialect of Ainu  [in Japanese]

    高橋 靖以

    … In the dialect, "inclusive person" has a variety of usage. … I suggest that the development of the Ainu personal pronouns, there is an incentive to distinguish a variety of usage of inclusiveperson. …

    北方言語研究 5, 205-213, 2015-03-20


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    Te, Bi and As minerals from Teine Mine, Hokkaido, Japan  [in Japanese]

    島倉 広至 , 三浦 貴生 , 浜根 大輔 , 松枝 大治 , 三浦 裕行

    … However, mineralogical study is not enough to describe the wide variety of mineral occurrence in this mine. …

    北海道大学地球物理学研究報告 78, 19-35, 2015-03-19

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    Vitrification and crystallization of poly(butylene-2,6-naphthalate)

    Nishida Koji , Zhuravlev Evgeny , Yang Bin , Schick Christoph , Shiraishi Yasuhiro , Kanaya Toshiji

    … In the less severe cooling and heating rates than 30,000 K/s and 7000 K/s, respectively, a variety of structure formations, such as the nucleation, the mesophase formation, the crystallization and their multiple melting behaviors, have been observed. …

    Thermochimica Acta 603, 110-115, 2015-03-10

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    SyncThink:A System for Supporting Group Visiter's Collaborative Learning in Art Museums  [in Japanese]

    三浦 慎平 , 星野 准一

    近年,美術館での教育活動において,協調学習が盛んに実施されている.しかし,協調学習において初学者は,自身の価値規準が先行する主観的な判断での理解に留まり,学習支援無しには,独りよがりな見方から逸脱できず,作品理解の深化には至らないことが問題となる.そのため,作品理解の深化につながる学習支援環境の構築が求められている.本稿では,作品鑑賞の初学者を支援対象とした協調学習支援環境の構築と,作品理解の深化 …

    IPSJ SIG technical reports 2015-HCI-162(18), 1-8, 2015-03-06


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    Study on dyeing with the plants in Kobe and Rokko Mountains (Part 2) : High-pressure dye extraction  [in Japanese]

    花田 美和子 , 金井 千絵

    … This study aimed to observe the variety of colors in fabrics treated with dyes made from plants growing on Mt. Rokko, and to test the colorfastness to rubbing of the dyed fabrics. …

    Journal of the Faculty of Human Sciences, Kobe Shoin Women's University : JOHS 4, 33-41, 2015-03-05

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    A Common Architecture for Interactive Software  [in Japanese]

    江坂 篤侍 , 野呂 昌満 , 沢田 篤史

    スマートデバイスや Web ブラウザの多様化は,そのソフトウェアの実行時環境や開発環境の多様化を引き起こし,一人の技術者がこれら環境すべてを把握することは難しく,これが生産性向上の妨げとなっている.我々は,参照アーキテクチャは開発環境を規定し,アプリケーションアーキテクチャは実行時環境を定義するとの認識のもと,共通参照アーキテクチャを設計し,それを詳細化して共通アプリケーションアーキテクチャを定義 …

    IPSJ SIG Notes 2015-SE-187(32), 1-8, 2015-03-05


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    A Variety of 'Sleeping Beauty' Fairy Tales : "Sun, Moon, and Talia" to Maleficent  [in Japanese]

    長尾 知子

    英語と文化 : 大阪樟蔭女子大学樟蔭英語学会誌 (5), 1-16, 2015-03

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    New active learning of mathematics in national colleges of technology  [in Japanese]

    渡利 正弘

    独立行政法人国立高等専門学校機構沖縄工業高等専門学校紀要 (9), 73-80, 2015-03

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    Plants of Okinoerabujima  [in Japanese]

    木戸 伸栄

    福祉社会学部論集 = Quarterly journal of welfare society 33(4), 77-97, 2015-03

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    Plants of Yoronjima  [in Japanese]

    木戸 伸栄

    福祉社会学部論集 = Quarterly journal of welfare society 33(4), 59-75, 2015-03

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    A Planting Machine for Globular Cormlet of New Konjak Variety "Miyamasari"  [in Japanese]

    原 昌夫

    機械化農業 (3166), 18-21, 2015-03

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    Oral History presented by a Television Professional  [in Japanese]

    梅崎 修

    … Mr. Tsuchiya has been a pioneer in the new field of "documentary variety" and is currently working on an oral history of ordinary people. …

    キャリアデザイン学部紀要 (12), 225-253, 2015-03


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    New active learning of mathematics in national colleges of technology  [in Japanese]

    Watari Masahiro


    Bulletin of Okinawa National College of Technology 9, 73-80, 2015-03

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    The classification and division of Japanese dialects  [in Japanese]

    Abe Seiya

    … The geographical classification of Japanese dialect has been proposed in a variety of dialect theories.Misao Tojo's "Dialectal region theory", which was the first theory in the history of dialect studies, had the strongest impact on subsequent studies. …

    Jinbun 13, 21-55, 2015-03