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  • Long-term hydraulic conductivity of compacted clay permeated with landfill leachates

    Tang Q. , Wang H.Y. , Chen H. , Li P. , Tang X.W. , Katsumi T.

    … The long term hydraulic conductivity of compacted clays was measured with distilled water, landfill leachate and one type of nutrient solution. … The laboratory test results show that the hydraulic conductivity of compacted clays permeated with distilled water stabilized at approximately 3.77 × 10-8 cm/s, and the hydraulic conductivity of compacted clays permeated with landfill leachate or nutrient solution ranged between 1.1 × 10-8 cm/s and 5.22 × 10-9 cm/s. …

    Japanese Geotechnical Society Special Publication 2(53), 1845-1848, 2016

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  • Challenges in recent underground construction in Taiwan

    Moh Za-Chieh , Hwang Richard N.

    … Taoyuan International Airport Access MRT System is an airport link transit system connecting the Taoyuan International Airport with surrounding transportation hubs. … To avoid the high risk of constructing crosspassages under water, a Double-O-Tube (DOT) shield machine was successfully adopted for the very first time in Taiwan for tunneling the section of the route under the Tamsui River. …

    Japanese Geotechnical Society Special Publication 2(2), 76-88, 2016

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  • Geotechnical properties of a type of iron ore fines

    Wang Hailong , Koseki Junichi , Sato Takeshi , Miyashita Yukika

    … Accidents and life loss caused serious concern on the liquefaction problem of some solid bulk cargoes such as iron ore fines during transportation at sea. … SEM observation unveils that the tested iron ore fines has a multi-layer, micro-porous structure which may affect its water retention ability under unsaturated states. …

    Japanese Geotechnical Society Special Publication 2(14), 541-546, 2016

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  • Why is Trichodesmium abundant in the Kuroshio?

    Shiozaki Takuhei , Takeda Shigenobu , Itoh Sachihiko , Kodama Taketoshi , Liu Xin , Hashihama Fuminori , Furuya Ken

    … Numerical particle-tracking experiments simulated the transportation of water around the RyGBRyu Islands to the Kuroshio. …

    Biogeosciences 12(23), 6931-6943, 2015-12-04

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  • 40330 Water vapor transportation estimated by GNSS precipitable water in urban area on summer calm day  [in Japanese]

    YAMANAKA Toru , OOKA Ryozo

    Summaries of technical papers of annual meeting 2015(環境工学I), 693-694, 2015-09-04

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  • Strategy to Hydrogen Society of foreign countries and Japan  [in Japanese]

    AIKA Ken-ichi

    Water electolysis produces hydrogen and the reverse reaction (through hydrogen fuel cell) produces electric power. … During the intermedient period every countries are wondering how to reform their infrastracture of energy transportation. …

    日本エネルギー学会大会講演要旨集 (24), xviii, 2015-07-27

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  • Transportation and Spatial Distribution of Saccharina japonica var. religiosa Zoospores in Surface Waters off the Coast of Tomari, Hokkaido, Sea of Japan  [in Japanese]

    AKINO Hideki , KAWAI Tadashi , YOTSUKURA Norishige , KONO Tokihiro

    … We investigated the spatial distribution of kelp zoospores, water currents, and the distribution of kelp beds at Tomari on the coast. … Zoospore motility was evaluated in the laboratory at water temperature 7.5, 10.0, 12.5, 15.0, and 17.5℃. … At the sea surface, water current direction ranged mainly from northward to westward with velocities of 3.2-6.2 km・day^<-1> … Zoospore motility at water temperature in November at Tomari was estimated at 12 hr. …

    水産工学 52(1), 1-9, 2015-07-15

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  • 漢代における龍の属性の多様化について  [in Japanese]

    周 正律 , ZHOU Zhenglv

    … It was believe to have a ability of making rain or control water, and because of that power, a soil image of Long(土龍)was used as a sacrifice to pray for rain when it was in a drought. … And Long was also believed to have a function as to be a transportation between the human world and the immortal world. …




    島村 紘大 , SHIMAMURA Kodai

    … However, it is not well known about environmental fate of PFASs, especially for global transportation. … They have high water solubilities despite the low reactivity of C-F bond, which also imparts high stability in the environment. …

    法政大学大学院紀要(理工学・工学研究科編) (56), 2015-03-24


  • 21015 Visualization and Measurement of a Wing-Tip Vortex Pair Interaction with a Flat Plate  [in Japanese]

    MATSUMOTO Kohei , SUZUKI Shota , MIKAMI Fumihiko

    … In this study, we focus on substance transportation of counter-rotating vortex-pair in the uniform flow, and its interaction with a flat plate is visualized. … A water tunnel and aluminum wings (NACA0012) are used to generate a wing-tip vortex pair. …

    日本機械学会関東支部総会講演会講演論文集 2015(21), "21015-1"-"21015-2", 2015-03-20

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  • Current and Future Status of Solar Chemical Fuel Conversion Using High-Temperature Solar Heat and Carbonaceous Resources(<Special Article>Leading-edge Technology for Energy Conversion of Solar Thermal Energy into Chemical Fuels)  [in Japanese]

    GOKON Nobuyuki , KODAMA Tatsuya

    … These energy conversion technologies enable productions of long term storable clean energy carrier from solar energy and solar energy transportation from sunbelt to remote countries, such as Japan. … Thus, some solarspecific reactors/reformers have been developed to convert the high temperature solar heat into hydrogen and synthetic gas of carbon monoxide and hydrogen via solar thermochemical processes of water-splitting, natural gas reforming and coal gasification. …

    Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy 94(3), 212-217, 2015-03-20

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  • Managements and Markets of the Rice Mills in Pathein, Myanmar

    髙橋 昭雄

    … As road connections in the Delta were improved by the junta, some rice mills began to take out rice on the road in 1990s and some were set up in the inland area, where only land transportation is available, in 2000s. …

    東洋文化研究所紀要 167, 巻末11-13, 2015-03


  • Koshin faith of Shibamata Taishakuten : Study on distribution of Shibamata type Koshinto  [in Japanese]

    Watatani Shota

    … And, as the reason why the faith of Shibamata Taishakuten remained in the far away land, and take up the Edogawa of water transportation that utilizes the coast of Shibamata region, we consider the process of faith of propagation.Koshin is a folk belief, it was born by Sanshi-setsu (thought to be that there are insects that governs the life in the body) was brought over from China during the Heian period in Japan. …

    Jomin bunka (38), 55-74, 2015-03


  • Effect of fasting and re-feeding on aquaporin gene expression in liver and kidney of the chicken  [in Japanese]

    齋藤 昇

    …  Aquaporin (AQP) which is a water channel, is also including the group (aquaglyceroporin) letting glycerol or urea go through as well as a water molecule. … In mammals, AQP7 and AQP9 which are aquaglyceroporin have a role in the transportation of glycerol related to the gluconeogenesis in the liver. … One-day old chicks were kept with free access to water and food until 7-daysold. …

    岡山大学農学部学術報告 104, 55-59, 2015-02-01


  • Cognitive State of University Students Regarding Sedimentation and the Transportation of Sediments by Running Water  [in Japanese]

    山崎 博史 , 齋藤 紘輝

    地学教育 67(4), 181-187, 2015-02

  • P-33 Factors for Promoting Methane Fermentation System in Rural Area  [in Japanese]

    YUYAMA Yoshito , YAMAOKA Masaru , ORITATE Fumiko , NAKAMURA Masato

    … They have been treated or used by such technologies as waste water treatment, composting, methane fermentation. … To use the methane fermented digested slurry stably and efficiently including transportation and application is essential. …

    バイオマス科学会議発表論文集 (10), 113-114, 2015-01-08

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  • Numerical Modeling on Transportation process of Water Hyacinth using Distinct Element Method  [in Japanese]

    Park Young , Nishida Wataru , Higuchi Yukiko , Suzuki Seiji , Nanaishi Yuki

    … Overgrowth of water hyacinth can cause several kinds of problems to water management. … And numerical model was developed to predict transportation processes of water hyacinth. … In modeling on water hyacinth, each plant was treated as columnar floating element, and interacting forces cased by collision of each other were calculated using the distinct element method. …

    Reports of Graduate School of Engineering, Nagasaki University 45(84), 63-69, 2015-01

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  • Estimations of phosphorus flux from a watershed, using hydrological models : overviews  [in Japanese]

    清水 裕太 , 小野寺 真一

    地球環境 20(1), 111-116, 2015


    YOKOKAWA Miwa , KYOGOKU Akitoshi , IZUMI Norihiro

    … We demonstrated a series of flume experiments of the formation of cyclic steps on bedrock by abrasion due to bedload transportation using weak mortar as the model bedrock. … The shapes of cyclic steps are dependent on the sand feed rate under the water discharge of this experiment, i.e., a short upstream-facing slope and a long downstream facing slope for the lower sand feed rates, whereas long upstream-facing slope and a short and steep downstream facing slope for the higher sand feed rates. …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. B1 (Hydraulic Engineering) 71(4), I_997-I_1002, 2015

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    KATO Yohei , HINOKIDANI Osamu , KAJIKAWA Yuki , NAGATANI Naomasa

    … Recent years, slit Sabo dams have been selected for their function to prevent debris flow disaster and conserve continuity of water and sediment flow simultaneously. … In order to clarify the effect of a slit Sabo dam on sediment transportation, the authors have researched the characteristics of rainfall-runoff and sedimentation around a slit Sabo dam in a channel in the Tenjin river basin since 2010. …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. B1 (Hydraulic Engineering) 71(4), I_985-I_990, 2015

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