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    Consolidation of Non-Colloidal Spherical Particles at Low Particle Reynolds Numbers

    Galvin Kevin P. , Forghani Marveh , Doroodchi Elham , Iveson Simon M.

    … We have described this complex process using a simple constitutive model expressed as an elementary scaling law in time, t, applied at the local particle level. … A comprehensive system of analytical equations was derived using this one idea, and associated boundary conditions, to describe all aspects of the batch settling process. … An experimental system exhibiting negligible surface and inertial forces was used to validate the model and hence assess the merits of the scaling law. …

    KONA advpub(0), 2016

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    Radhapuram Saichandrateja , Bae Jungnam , Jo Ikkyun , Wang Weimin , Matsuoka Toshimasa

    … Time-domain response of the behavioral-level simulation of the proposed structure on 130-nm CMOS technology with 0.7V supply voltage reveals the presented analytical model. …

    Far East Journal of Electronics and Communications 15(1), 57-73, 2015-09


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    Analytical drain current formulation for gate dielectric engineered dual material gate-gate all around-tunneling field effect transistor

    Madan Jaya , Gupta R. , Chaujar Rishu

    … In this work, an analytical drain current model for gate dielectric engineered (hetero dielectric)-dual material gate-gate all around tunnel field effect transistor (HD-DMG-GAA-TFET) has been developed. … Parabolic approximation has been used to solve the two-dimensional (2D) Poisson equation with appropriate boundary conditions and continuity equations to evaluate analytical expressions for surface potential, electric field, tunneling barrier width and drain current. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(9), 094202, 2015-08-10


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    Analytical boron diffusivity model in silicon for thermal diffusion from boron silicate glass film

    Kurachi Ikuo , Yoshioka Kentaro

    … An analytical boron diffusivity model in silicon for thermal diffusion from a boron silicate glass (BSG) film has been proposed in terms of enhanced diffusion due to boron–silicon interstitial pair formation. … The calculated boron profiles based on the diffusivity model are confirmed to agree with the actual diffusion profiles measured by secondary ion mass spectroscopy (SIMS) for a wide range of the BSG boron concentration. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(9), 096502, 2015-08-10


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    Interaction between Rossby and Gravity Waves in a Simple Analytical Model

    ODA Mayuko , KANEHISA Hirotada

    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan 93(4), 425-442, 2015-08

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    Cracking Behavior of CFRP Laminate-Strengthened RC Beams with Premechanical and Postmechanical Environmental Damage

    Zhang Dawei , Shen Shijun , Zhao Yuxi , Jin Weiliang , Ueda Tamon

    … Subsequently, a model capable of evaluating the crack behaviors of CFRP-strengthened beams with or without damage was developed. … The analytical approach is based on equilibrium and compatibility equations to elucidate the average stresses of concrete and the CFRP laminate of a CFRP-strengthened beam element. …

    Journal of composites for construction 19(4), 4014066, 2015-08

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    Spin-torque-induced oscillation at zero bias field in a magnetoresistive nanopillar with a free layer with first- and second-order uniaxial anisotropy

    Arai Hiroko , Matsumoto Rie , Yuasa Shinji , Imamura Hiroshi

    … Spin-torque-induced magnetization dynamics in a nanopillar having a perpendicularly magnetized free layer with first- and second-order uniaxial anisotropy and an in-plane magnetized reference layer is studied theoretically on the basis of the macrospin model. … Analytical expressions for the threshold current, condition of the second-order anisotropy constant required for oscillation, and current dependence of the oscillation frequency are obtained. …

    Appl. Phys. Express 8(8), 083005, 2015-07-30


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    Analytical model of dynamic secondary electron emission of insulators under electron irradiation

    Cao Meng , Hu Tian-Cun , Weng Ming , Cui Wan-Zhao

    … We developed an analytical model of dynamic secondary electron (SE) emission of an insulator under electron irradiation. … In this model, the interaction between surface charge accumulation and SE emission is considered. … The surface potential is then calculated using a capacitance model. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(9), 095701, 2015-07-29


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    Virtual-state character of the Be-9 1/2(+) state in the Be-9(γ,n)Be-8 reaction

    Odsuren Myagmarjav , Kikuchi Yuma , Myo Takayuki , Aikawa Masayuki , Kato Kiyoshi

    … Using the alpha + alpha + n three-body model, we describe the ground and excited unbound states of Be-9 above the alpha + alpha + n threshold. … Applying the complex scaling method to the three-body model, we find no 1/2(+) resonant solutions with the scaling angle of theta <= 15 degrees, while the low-lying peak in the photodisintegration cross section is reproduced in the present calculation. …

    Physical review C 92(1), 14322, 2015-07-27

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    Micro Drilling Simulation of Ultra-Short Pulsed Laser Ablation of Glass

    Motomura Fumitaka

    … In this analytical model, the plasma model, in which the free electron density and the complex dielectric function of the Lorentz model are evaluated, is applied to estimate the ablated regions and the regions damaged by laser ablation when glass is considered to be a dielectric material. …

    International Journal of Automation Technology 9(4), 418-424, 2015-07


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    Modelling the temperature dependence of the threshold voltage of bis(1,4-dithiolbenzene) molecular assembly system

    Boudjella Aissa

    … We present a new analytical model for the threshold voltage V<inf>th</inf>of the molecular assembly system (MAS) made of bis(1,4-dithiolbenzene) in a parallel arrangement. … This approach of modeling the temperature effects in a linear form significantly simplifies the model parameter extraction of MAS devices, which is an important and useful guideline for the design of future nanoscale devices. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(6S1), 06FG11, 2015-05-29


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    Rejuvenation Strategies in Time Warp-Based Distributed Systems (Reliability)

    FUKUMOTO Satoshi , OHARA Mamoru

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 115(47), 45-48, 2015-05-22

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    Use of the Subgradient Method to minimize Half Perimeter Wirelength with Consideration of Cell Overlap in Analytical Placement  [in Japanese]

    岩崎 寛之 , 宮下 弘

    継続する微細加工技術の進展により集積回路の設計規模は増大し EDA における配置は依然重要な技術である.配置手法の中でも解析的配置がもっとも期待され研究されて来た.これまでに提案されてきた解析的配置は大きく分けてネットをクリークとみなしバネモデルに基づき 2 次関数を目的関数とする手法と半周近似配線長 (HPWL) を微分可能な log-sum-exp 関数で近似して最適化する手法の 2 つである …

    情報処理学会研究報告. SLDM, [システムLSI設計技術] 2015-SLDM-171(2), 1-6, 2015-05-07


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    Two-dimensional semi-analytical model of subthreshold surface potential and drain current for double-doping polysilicon gate MOSFET

    Xu Hui-Fang , Dai Yue-Hua , Xu Jian-Bin , Li Ning , Yang Jin , Zheng Chang-Yong

    … A semi-analytical subthreshold surface potential model for double-doping polysilicon gate (DDPG) MOSFETs is presented. … By introducing two rectangular sources located in the gate insulator and the channel-depleted region, the two-dimensional (2D) Poisson equations are solved using a semi-analytical method combined with an eigenfunction expansion method. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(5), 054202, 2015-04-22


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    Study of valveless electromagnetic micropump by volume-of-fluid and OpenFOAM

    Dich Nguyen , Dinh Thien , Pham Phuc , Dau Van

    … The discrepancy was probably due to the difference in the wall surface quality of the fluidic microchannel between the simulation model and experimental device. … These results are useful for analytical and numerical research on these types of micropumps and can easily be applied in an open-source code simulator with almost zero cost. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(5), 057201, 2015-04-02


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    Analytical Perspectives on the Internet and Political Change : Implications from the Arab Spring  [in Japanese]

    山本 達也 , ヤマモト タツヤ , Tatsuya YAMAMOTO

    … And third, upon constructing an analyzing model, a more effective analysis can be done by approaching it from a complex system outlook, rather than by basing it on an outlook of reductionism. …

    清泉女子大学人文科学研究所紀要 36, 129-146, 2015-03-31


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    An Empirical Analysis of Consumer Behaviors in Chinese Urban Areas

    Lu Wenliang , Lau Sim Yee , Wenliang Lu , Sim Yee Lau

    … the model specification of Deaton-Muelbauer (1980), this empirical study analyzes two data sets, viz., a time series aggregated data on Chinese urban household disposable income and consumption expenditure on eight major items from 1992 to 2012 and a cross-sectional data collected from a questionnaire survey conducted in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Qingdao (BSTQ) with regard to isposable income and consumption expenditure in eight major items.The analytical results of marginal propensity to consume suggest that in order …

    麗澤学際ジャーナル = Reitaku Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies 23, 61-93, 2015-03-20


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    Comprehensive studies on the accuracy of trap characterization by using advanced random telegraph noise simulator

    Higashi Yusuke , Matsuzawa Kazuya , Ishihara Takamitsu

    … Simulations reveal that the conventional analytical model using the ratio between the capture and emission time constants yields large errors in the estimates of trap site positions due to interactions with the Si substrate and poly-Si gate especially in thin gate insulator MOSFETs. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(4S), 04DC14, 2015-03-19


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    A Study of Quality Evaluation Method Using Division Determination by Simulink Model Metrics  [in Japanese]

    峯岸 賢吾 , 上田 賀一 , 深津 隆志 , 久保 孝行

    … 高品質で効率的なモデル作成が求められている.これまでの研究でモデルメトリクスを用いた品質分析は分析精度が低く,充分な評価結果が得られていない.本研究では,精度向上のためモデルの各レイヤをデータフローと構造の 2 種類に分類し,判別結果を利用したモデル評価手法を検討し,その結果について考察を述べる.Currently, the model-based development using MATLAB/Simulink at development site of many embedded systems have been …

    研究報告ソフトウェア工学(SE) 2015-SE-187(31), 1-8, 2015-03-05


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    A Study of Quality Evaluation Method Using Division Determination by Simulink Model Metrics  [in Japanese]

    峯岸 賢吾 , 上田 賀一 , 深津 隆志 , 久保 孝行

    現在,多くの組込みシステム開発の現場で,MATLAB/Simulink を用いたモデルベース開発が行われている.近年のシステム大規模化・複雑化により,Simulink を用いた開発において高品質で効率的なモデル作成が求められている.これまでの研究でモデルメトリクスを用いた品質分析は分析精度が低く,充分な評価結果が得られていない.本研究では,精度向上のためモデルの各レイヤをデータフローと構造の 2 …

    IPSJ SIG Notes 2015-SE-187(31), 1-8, 2015-03-05