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  • フローサイトメトリーを用いたシグナル伝達因子の解析は収束性シグナルと分散性シグナルの検出に有用である

    武田 裕司 , 奈良 英利 , 浅尾 裕信

    … Furthermore, peripheral blood was stimulated, and then various signal transducers of the lymphocytes and neutrophils were analyzed with MFI and CV. … Finally, we classified the signaling characters into five types using a combination of MFI and CV. …

    山形大学紀要. 医学 : 山形医学 = Bulletin of the Yamagata University. Medical science : Yamagata medical journal 35(2), 21-32, 2017-08-10

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  • The Road Map for Megakaryopoietic Lineage from Hematopoietic Stem/Progenitor Cells

    Nishikii Hidekazu , Kurita Naoki , Chiba Shigeru

    … Megakaryocytes (Mgks) are terminally differentiated blood cells specified to produce platelets, whereas hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) are the most undifferentiated blood cells that retain multipotency to produce all kinds of blood cells. … As such, these two cell types reside at the bottom and the top of the hematopoietic hierarchy, respectively. …

    Stem cells translational medicine 6(8), 1661-1665, 2017-08

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  • Efficient increase of ɣ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) content in tomato fruits by targeted mutagenesis

    Nonaka Satoko , Arai Chikako , Takayama Mariko , Matsukura Chiaki , Ezura Hiroshi

    … Increasing these levels can further enhance the blood pressure-lowering function of tomato fruit. … Our findings provide a basis for the improvement of other types of crop by CRISPR/Cas9-based genetic modification. …

    Scientific Reports 7, 7057, 2017-08

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  • Blood soluble Fas levels and mortality from cardiovascular disease in middle-aged Japanese: The JACC study.

    Iso Hiroyasu , Maruyama Koutatsu , Eshak Ehab S , Ikehara Satoyo , Yamagishi Kazumasa , Tamakoshi Akiko

    … We examined whether blood soluble Fas (sFas) are associated with mortality from cardiovascular diseases.In a nested case-control study under a large prospective cohort, the Japan Collaborative Cohort (JACC) Study, where a total of 39,242 subjects, 40-79 years of age, provided serum samples and were followed up for 9 years, we measured sFas levels among cases and controls, matched for sex, age, area of residence and year of serum storage. …

    Atherosclerosis 260, 97-101, 2017-05

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  • 箸動作利き手交換における効果的練習方法の検討 : 脳血流動態,難易度及びパフォーマンスの観点から

    佐野 哲也 , 宮前 珠子 , 中島 ともみ

    … Practices are performed conventionally in a phased manner using easyto-manipulate chopsticks first and those of ordinary types later and easy-to-pickup objects first and hard-to-pickup ones later. … [Method] Collect data of nine types of tasks making 11 healthy right-handed males manipulate objects (2cm3 of sponge and wood chip soybeans) using three types of chopsticks (Hashizo, throwaway chopsticks, lacquered chopsticks) by non-dominant hand. …

    リハビリテーション科学ジャーナル = Journal of Rehabilitation Sciences Seirei Christopher University 12, 41-52, 2017-03-31


  • 日本近代公教育の成立過程における教育理念の変遷 : 教育観の質的変容の整理を中心に

    鶴田 真紀 , Maki TSURUTA

    … Therefore, these children of farmers, merchants, craftsmen, and samurais had different types of and purposes for learning, depending on their position in society. … However, there had been an educational ideal that all children share, namely, children were regarded as a "child of a family." However, "family," in this context, does not mean a private group of individuals connected by blood relationships or marriages, but rather a social organization transcending individuals related to a community. …

    教育学論集 (68), 169-180, 2017-03-31


  • 最終講義 新たな外科手術手技の導入と検証 腹腔鏡下肝切除術

    金子 弘真

    … Recent systematic reviews, meta-analyses of observational data, and large-scale multicenter Japanese studies using propensity score matching have confirmed the minimal invasiveness of LLR for early liver disease and that LLR results in less estimated blood loss, lower risks of complications, and no oncologic disadvantage. … On April 1, 2016, all types of liver resection, except LLR with bile duct resection, were made eligible for reimbursement by the Japanese national health insurance system. …

    東邦医学会雑誌 = Journal of Medical Society of Toho University 64(1), 16-20, 2017-03

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  • チベット・アムド地域における婚姻・家族と親族名称に関する研究 : 中国青海省貴徳県S村の事例から


    … The paper begins by analyzing previous studies about marriage and the family system in Tibet, and then describes the types of marriage and "bone and blood," a traditional concept among Tibetans. …

    人間社会環境研究 (33), 1-14, 2017-03


  • Design of a sedimentation hole in a microfluidic channel to remove blood cells from diluted whole blood

    Kuroda Chiaki , Ohki Yoshimichi , Ashiba Hiroki , Fujimaki Makoto , Awazu Koichi , Makishima Makoto

    … With the aim of developing a sensor for rapidly detecting viruses in a drop of blood, in this study, we analyze the shape of a hole in a microfluidic channel in relation to the efficiency of sedimentation of blood cells. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 56(3), 037201, 2017-02-13


  • Time-dependent structural alteration of rituximab analyzed by LC/TOF-MS after a systemic administration to rats

    Otani Yuki , Yonezawa Atushi , Tsuda Masahiro , Imai Satoshi , Ikemi Yasuaki , Nakagawa Shunsaku , Omura Tomohiro , Nakagawa Takayuki , Yano Ikuko , Matsubara Kazuo

    … Taking into the account that the structural modification of mAbs would affect the efficacy, it is worth investigating the structural alteration of therapeutic mAbs in the blood and the relationship between their structures and pharmacological effects. … Eight types of carbohydrate chains in rituximab were detected by this method. …

    PLOS ONE 12(1), 2017-01-04

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  • 先天性心疾患治療における血流解析手法の役割

    板谷 慶一 , 山岸 正明 , 夜久 均

    <p>近年のコンピュータ技術の進歩に伴い循環器画像診断は変容を遂げつつある.カラー3次元動画を自在に使えるよう今日,心臓血管の形態のみならず血流をわかりやすく可視化する技法である『血流解析』が台頭しつつある.血流解析では異常血流を可視化し,乱流がもたらす心筋や血管内皮への力学的なストレスを可視化し,心臓弁膜症,心筋症,冠動脈疾患,大動脈疾患など幅広い循環器疾患において病態生理の詳細に迫 …

    日本小児循環器学会雑誌 33(5), 371-384, 2017


  • Gastroduodenal Ulcers and ABO Blood Group: the Japan Nurses' Health Study (JNHS)

    Alkebsi Lobna , Ideno Yuki , Lee Jung-Su , Suzuki Shosuke , Nakajima-Shimada Junko , Ohnishi Hiroshi , Sato Yasunori , Hayashi Kunihiko

    … Although several studies have shown that blood type O is associated with increased risk of peptic ulcer, few studies have investigated these associations in Japan. … We sought to investigate the association between the ABO blood group and risk of gastroduodenal ulcers (GDU) using combined analysis of both retrospective and prospective data from a large cohort study of Japanese women, the Japan Nurses' Health Study (JNHS; …

    Journal of Epidemiology, 2017


  • がん血管を標的としたがん免疫療法の開発

    野村 鉄也 , 宇都口 直樹

    がん免疫療法は、生体が有する免疫機能を利用することでがん組織特異的な免疫を誘導し、がん治療へと応用する手法であり、臨床への展開が日々進んでいる。本研究において筆者らは、がん組織で構築されるがん血管に着目し、ワクチン抗原として利用した免疫療法の開発を試みた。がん血管を標的としたワクチンは、がん細胞自身を標的とした場合に比べて、効果的にがん増殖を抑制できることが示された。また、創傷治癒などの生理的な血 …

    Drug Delivery System 32(3), 192-198, 2017

    J-STAGE 医中誌Web

  • Phenotypic analysis of asthma in Japanese athletes

    Tsukioka Keisuke , Koya Toshiyuki , Ueno Hiroshi , Hayashi Masachika , Sakagami Takuro , Hasegawa Takashi , Arakawa Masaaki , Suzuki Eiichi , Kikuchi Toshiaki

    … We also compared backgrounds, sports types, and treatments between clusters.</p><p><i>Results</i>: Three clusters were identified. … Cluster 3 (24%) comprised athletes with a strong atopic phenotype such as high eosinophil count in the blood and total serum immunoglobulin E level. …

    Allergology International 66(4), 550-556, 2017


  • 磁気浮上型人工心臓

    増澤 徹

    … The magnetic bearing and self-bearing motor are promising technologies to achieve long device durability and good blood compatibility of the blood pumps. … Active position control of the levitated impeller provides safer operation of the blood pumps in the whole driving range of the pumps. … Several types of the magnetically suspended blood pumps have been developed at Ibaraki University. …

    日本AEM学会誌 25(3), 325-331, 2017


  • Influence of Spatial Resolution in Three-dimensional Cine Phase Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging on the Accuracy of Hemodynamic Analysis

    Fukuyama Atsushi , Isoda Haruo , Morita Kento , Mori Marika , Watanabe Tomoya , Ishiguro Kenta , Komori Yoshiaki , Kosugi Takafumi

    … <p>Introduction: We aim to elucidate the effect of spatial resolution of three-dimensional cine phase contrast magnetic resonance (3D cine PC MR) imaging on the accuracy of the blood flow analysis, and examine the optimal setting for spatial resolution using flow phantoms.</p><p>Materials and Methods: The flow phantom has five types of acrylic pipes that represent human blood vessels (inner diameters: 15, 12, 9, 6, and 3 mm). …

    Magnetic Resonance in Medical Sciences 16(4), 311-316, 2017


  • MRI heavy T2強調画像を用いた片側顔面痙攣の病因血管についての検討

    小林 俊策 , 原 雄時 , 五十嵐 正史 , 鈴木 利根 , 町田 繁樹

    片側顔面痙攣は血管圧迫による原発性と続発性に分けられる.原発性の圧迫血管には前下小脳動脈(AICA)や後下小脳動脈(PICA)などが知られている.今回,片側顔面痙攣患者21例の横断像および冠状断像のMRI heavy T2強調画像を撮影し,圧迫の原因血管の種類および圧迫方向を三次元的に解析し,圧迫所見と臨床症状の関係を検討した.その結果,患側の91%で顔面神経が小脳橋角槽で圧迫されていた.原因血管 …

    神経眼科 34(3), 300, 2017


  • Cancer Vaccine Therapy Using Tumor Endothelial Cells as Antigens Suppresses Solid Tumor Growth and Metastasis

    Nomura Tetsuya , Hirata Keiichi , Shimaoka Takuto , Yamakawa Makie , Koizumi Naoya , Suzuki Ryo , Maruyama Kazuo , Utoguchi Naoki

    blood flow for their proliferation. … These results thus show that cancer vaccine therapy targeting TECs is an effective therapy against angiogenesis in several types of cancer, but does not affect normal blood vessel growth.</p> …

    Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 40(10), 1661-1668, 2017


  • Comparison of the Effect of <i>trans</i> Fatty Acid Isomers on Apolipoprotein A1 and B Secretion in HepG2 Cells

    Nagao Koji , Yoshinaga Kazuaki , Nagai Toshiharu , Mizobe Hoyo , Yoshida Akihiko , Beppu Fumiaki , Gotoh Naohiro

    … fatty acid (TFA) is believed to change the ratio of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) to high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol in blood, which leads to cardiovascular disease. …

    Journal of Oleo Science 66(10), 1175-1181, 2017


  • 高速凝固採血管による副甲状腺ホルモン測定値の減少

    三宅 雅之 , 糸島 浩一 , 岡田 健 , 荒尾 雄二郎 , 大塚 文男

    <p>副甲状腺ホルモン(parathyroid hormone; PTH)測定では,血清および血漿を検体として用いる。血清を検体とした場合,EDTA-2Na血漿と比べて,測定値が低下する事例を経験したため,その原因を検索した。10名の健常成人から採血した検体を使用し,(1)採血管の種類,(2)採血管に添加された薬剤,(3)サンプルカップへの移し替え,(4)検体とサンプルチューブの接触面 …

    医学検査 66(5), 508-515, 2017