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  • An Empirical Study on Environmental Efficiency Assessment in Urban Industrial Concentration Areas

    Maocheng Zhen , Xiaolu Gao , Haihong Yuan

    … In this paper, a tool is proposed to evaluate the environmental efficiency (EE) of the industrial concentration areas in order to coordinate the functioning of economic activities and environmental protection. …

    International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development 5(2), 17-34, 2017-04-15

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  • 道徳性の芽生えを育むための環境・援助のあり方を探る : 同年齢・異年齢とかかわる4歳児の姿を通して

    中山 芙充子

    … The purpose of this study is to clarify environmental components and assistance in order to develop four-year-old children's "germs of morality" through their interaction with others in the same or different ages. … As research methods, the researcher recorded episodes of situations where four-year-old children interact with children in the same or different ages from two aspects: 1. … to relate interaction with environmental components where interactions with others in different ages naturally occur. …

    広島大学附属三原学校園研究紀要 7, 19-26, 2017-03-28

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  • 光害を多面的に学ぶ小学校環境教育プログラムの実践(その3)エネルギーの観点とプログラムの総括

    越智 信彰

    東洋大学紀要. 自然科学篇 = Journal of Toyo University. 東洋大学自然科学研究室 編 (61), 1-15, 2017-03


  • Understanding Water Scarcity in the Socio-Cultural Context in Thar Desert of Pakistan

    CHAUDHRY Tehreem

    … Climate changes, environmental changes and human way of living are the few factors disrupting the natural balance and causing shortage of resources, most importantly water. … This paper seeks to develop an understanding of the relationship that people of Thar desert have with their environment and resources, specifically water, and the way in which anomalies like resource scarcity affect the social and cultural aspects of people's lives. …

    国際協力研究誌 = Journal of international development and cooperation 23(1・2), 15-25, 2017-03

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  • 生活保護定時制高校生の修学継続要因に関する研究 : 当事者インタビューの分析より

    内田 充範

    … As a result of the analysis, five factors that help students who are successfully attending school at present were identified : the existence of a person who cares about the student, environmental change, understanding of the content of school lessons, eagerness to find employment, and acquisition of self-management skills. …

    山口県立大学学術情報 10, 1-10, 2017-02-28


  • B2-2 Creating an Ergonomic Workplace by Design

    Chim Justine M.Y.

    … This paper aims to summarize the research findings of six aspects of applying ergonomics principles in workplace design. … The environmental comfort model by Visher (2008) illustrated that there are three levels of comfort, (1) physical comfort; … In addition, a good quality of environmental quality will create a higher quality of employees' …

    人間工学 53(Supplement2), S376-S379, 2017


  • 気温計測に基づく移動計測手法の適用可能性に関する検討

    横山 広樹 , 大岡 龍三 , 菊本 英紀

    …  Urban environmental issues related to heat and aerial pollutants have become increasingly more serious. … After investigating the range of GPS errors, we consider the following three aspects: (1) spatial distribution of air temperature at a high spatial resolution of 10 m; … Therefore, we found mobile measurement is an effective method for investigating environmental conditions in high-density urban areas for high spatial resolution. …

    日本建築学会環境系論文集 82(738), 767-777, 2017


  • 商業店舗の外観評価と外観構成要素に関する研究

    小﨑 美希

     Store fronts of the shop not only are the face of the shop, but it also composes commercial avenues and even a city image. In order to figure out the relationship between impression of the exter …

    日本建築学会環境系論文集 82(738), 695-704, 2017


  • Preface to the Special Issue on Automotive Tribology

    … Tribology is very important, and the automobile is one of the most visible applications that show the great impact of tribology on energy and environmental issues facing the globe. … In the issue, the technologies for improving fuel efficiency of cars are shown in the light of various aspects of tribology.<br>The editorial board of JAST has decided to publish English translated versions of these review papers on automotive tribology in this special issue of Tribology Online. …

    Tribology Online 12(3), i-i, 2017


  • 線引き制度運用からみた都市施設立地と環境性能評価に関する一考察

    小林 剛士 , 鵤 心治 , 宋 俊 煥 , 坪井 志朗

    … making of these should be initiated with an appropriate evaluation of present aspects of city.<br> From these backgrounds, in this paper, we aimed to clarify a relationship between the applying effects of the Area Division System and an urban compactness from the viewpoint of environmental burdens, and to obtain the knowledge for the realization of concentration urban structure and low carbon society.<br> In this paper, at first, we organized a situation of applying the Area Division System and …

    日本建築学会計画系論文集 82(737), 1765-1774, 2017


  • 建築物の言語描写の擬態語表現における建築の即物の様相

    篠原 寛之 , 北川 啓介 , 田原 聖

    … The objective of this paper is to identify material aspects of architecture rhetorically characterized by mimetic word expressions used in the explanation of works of architecture through the text description of buildings in a monthly Japanese architecture magazine, Shinkenchiku.<br> The flow of this research is as below:<br> 1. …

    日本建築学会計画系論文集 82(737), 1829-1837, 2017


  • Meteorological Notes for Understanding the Transport of Beryllium-7 in the Troposphere

    ITOH Hisanori , NARAZAKI Yukinori

    … This review is an attempt to overcome this difficulty, describing meteorological aspects in the <sup>7</sup>Be transport process toward health physicists. …

    保健物理 52(2), 122-133, 2017


  • Association between the risk of falls and osteoporotic fractures in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

    Yokomoto-Umakoshi Maki , Kanazawa Ippei , Kondo Shiori , Sugimoto Toshitsugu

    … We enrolled 194 Japanese patients with T2DM and assessed their fall risk using a brief interview form that included five items covering physical and social aspects of functioning and environmental factors. …

    Endocrine Journal 64(7), 727-734, 2017


  • 住宅侵入盗の犯行地選択における方向の一貫性

    蒲生 晋介 , 萩野谷 俊平 , 花山 愛子 , 細谷 隆太 , 菅 美知子 , 石内 彩美 , 真栄平 亮太

    … In particular, three distinguishable aspects of geographic offending behavior may be characterized by consistency: destination, distance, and direction. … Furthermore, these findings do not take into account preferences in crime patterns or the environmental characteristics. …

    日本法科学技術学会誌 22(2), 153-160, 2017


  • バイオマス地域循環事業活動の戦略的視点からの経緯分析

    稲葉 陸太 , 田崎 智宏 , 小島 英子 , 河井 紘輔 , 高木 重定 , 櫛田 和秀

    バイオマス地域循環に関する既存の指針等では検討が不十分であった重要な活動や戦略を提示するため,地域循環事業を 「導入」,「実施」 および 「展開」 の3段階に区分し,事業の活動について経営学分野の研究を参考にして 「構想・計画」,「実践・認識」,「人材・組織」 および 「交渉・調整」 の4つの戦略的分類を設定した。これらをふまえ,生ごみ資源化の3事例について関係主体へのヒアリング調査を行い,事業の …

    廃棄物資源循環学会論文誌 28(0), 87-100, 2017


  • 高齢者の冷房を使用する理由と設定室温

    糸井川 高穂

    … Air-conditioner users decided to use it at the room temperature of 29.6°C.<br> <b>Conclusion</b>: The results of the survey on the nature of air-conditioner use were analyzed with in accordance with the following four aspects:<br> 1. …

    日本建築学会環境系論文集 82(734), 377-383, 2017


  • Japanese guidelines for occupational allergic diseases 2017

    Dobashi Kunio , Akiyama Kazuo , Usami Atsushi , Yokozeki Hiroo , Ikezawa Zenro , Tsurikisawa Naomi , Nakamura Yoichi , Sato Kazuhiro , Okumura Jiro , Takayama Kaoru

    … This guideline consists of six chapters about occupational asthma, occupational allergic rhinitis, occupational skin diseases, hypersensitivity pneumonitis and occupational anaphylaxis shock, and legal aspects of these diseases. …

    Allergology International 66(2), 265-280, 2017


  • 局所リスクと環境影響を考慮した大学内の研究活動における化学物質リスク分析

    菊池 康紀 , 辻 佳子

    <p>化学物質は多かれ少なかれ潜在的危険性としてのハザードを有しており、その使用においては常にリスクが存在している。産業プロセスにおいては徹底した安全管理が必要とされる中、大学における化学物質管理は、雇用関係のない学生が使用しており、一定周期でメンバーが入れ替わり、さらに研究室ごとに多様な目的に合わせて化学物質を選択、使用しているなどの理由により、リスクに基づく組織的な管理が困難になっ …

    環境と安全 8(1), 1-14, 2017


  • 単結晶シリコン太陽光発電システムの経済性・環境性評価

    井上 智弘 , 三森 輝夫 , 山田 興一

    <p>太陽光発電システムの普及拡大に向けて,従来の発電システムと経済的に競合可能となるためには更なるコスト低減が不可欠である。そのためには,科学的根拠に基づいた経済性・環境性の観点から,技術開発項目とその方向性の優先順位を明確にする必要がある。本稿では,主流である単結晶シリコン太陽光発電システムを対象とし,推定した技術水準から3つの技術シナリオを設定し,そのコスト構造を明らかにした。分 …

    日本エネルギー学会誌 96(3), 58-67, 2017


  • 住宅侵入盗の犯行地選択における方向の一貫性

    蒲生 晋介 , 萩野谷 俊平 , 花山 愛子 , 細谷 隆太 , 菅 美知子 , 石内 彩美 , 真栄平 亮太

    … In particular, three distinguishable aspects of geographic offending behavior may be characterized by consistency: destination, distance, and direction. … Furthermore, these findings do not take into account preferences in crime patterns or the environmental characteristics. …

    日本法科学技術学会誌, 2017