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  • Design, Synthesis, and Antifouling Activity of Glucosamine-Based Isocyanides

    Umezawa Taiki , Hasegawa Yuki , Novita Ira S. , Suzuki Junya , Morozumi Tatsuya , Nogata Yasuyuki , Yoshimura Erina , Matsuda Fuyuhiko

    … Organotin compounds were utilized since the 1960s as an antifouling material; … On the basis of our previous total synthesis of natural isocyanoterpenoids, we envisaged the installation of an isocyano functional group onto glucosamine to produce an environmentally friendly antifouling material. …

    Marine drugs 15(7), 203, 2017-07

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  • Local structures around the substituted elements in mixed layered oxides

    Akama Shota , Kobayashi Wataru , Amaha Kaoru , Niwa Hideharu , Nitani Hiroaki , Moritomo Yutaka

    … The chemical substitution of a transition metal (M) is an effective method to improve the functionality of a material, such as its electrochemical, magnetic, and dielectric properties. …

    Scientific reports 7, 43791, 2017-03

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  • 指向性エネルギー堆積法による異種金属接合における界面の評価

    山崎 慶一 , 小池 綾 , 柿沼 康弘 , 青山 藤詞郎 , 小田 陽平

    製品を高性能化・低コスト化する手法として異種金属材料接合技術が近年注目を集めている。これに対し指向性エネルギー堆積法による金属積層造形を適用することで、形状自由度の向上や工程集約が期待される。本研究では、Inconel 625とSUS 316Lを指向性エネルギー堆積法によって接合し、界面近傍の機械特性と金属組織形成の相関を評価した。その結果、入熱量が少ないほど金属組織が緻密になり、接合強度が向上す …

    精密工学会学術講演会講演論文集 2017S(0), 1029-1030, 2017


  • Silicon Infiltration into Functional Polymer for Nano-scale Pattern Development

    Yamada Kazuki , Yamato Masatoshi , Oyama Kenichi , Yaegashi Hidetami , Seshimo Takehiro , Ohmori Katsumi , Tanaka Daisuke , Koshiyama Jun

    We report on the utility of self-aligned quadruple patterning (SAQP) using dual carbon layers as mandrels and silicon oxide films as spacers to improve pattern comprehensive pattern fidelity, such as …

    Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 30(3), 361-365, 2017


  • Luminescent Properties of Novel Bis-cyclometalated Iridium(III) Complex Bearing a Phosphine Oxide-appended Diketonate Ligand for Solution-processed Multilayer OLEDs

    Okamura Naoki , Ishiguro Kazuya , Maeda Takeshi , Yagi Shigeyuki

    … <p>A novel 2-phenylpyridinate-based bis-cyclometalated iridium(III) complex bearing a phosphine oxide-appended diketonate ancillary ligand was synthesized, aimed at the development of a phosphorescent material with electron-transporting functionality for OLED applications. …

    Chemistry Letters 46(8), 1086-1089, 2017


  • Length-scale Specific Crystalline Structural Changes Induced by Molecular Randomization of Pequi Oil

    Guedes Andrea Madalena Maciel , Antoniassi Rosemar , Galdeano Melicia Cintia , Grimaldi Renato , de Carvalho Mario Geraldo , Wilhelm Allan Eduardo , Marangoni Alejandro Gregorio

    … Polarized light microscopy demonstrated that interesterification dramatically decreased crystal size, consistent with a higher rate of nucleation in the material. … Moreover, the dramatic improvement in physical stability and functionality was not accompanied by a significant decrease in total carotenoid content (~390 mg/kg).</p> …

    Journal of Oleo Science 66(5), 469-478, 2017


  • <b>Recent Trend of Research and Development on Materials for Railway</b>

    SONE Yasutomo

    … <p>Various innovations have been made possible thanks to progress in material technology, such as realization of higher performance and/or enhanced functions. … Many material technologies have also contributed the railway system, improving the performance or functions of various types of rolling stock, equipment and facilities, and to more environmentally acceptable performance of various components of the railway system. …

    Quarterly Report of RTRI 58(1), 6-9, 2017


  • A transparent electrochromic metal-insulator switching device with three-terminal transistor geometry

    Katase Takayoshi , Onozato Takaki , Hirono Misako , Mizuno Taku , Ohta Hiromichi

    … Proton and hydroxyl ion play an essential role for tuning functionality of oxides because their electronic state can be controlled by modifying oxygen off-stoichiometry and/or protonation. … Tungsten trioxide (WO3), a well-known electrochromic (EC) material for smart window, is a wide bandgap insulator, whereas it becomes a metallic conductor HxWO3 by protonation. …

    Scientific reports 6, 25819, 2016-05-13

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  • Theoretical study of SET operation in carbon nanotube memory cell

    Stopa Michael , Rueckes Thomas

    … operation of the cell (changing it from a high resistivity to low resistivity) results from the nature of a voltage drop in a compensated semiconducting material and depends sensitively on the background charge as well as on the position of the layer where the conducting gaps occur. … The calculations provide insight into the behavior of the material and suggest possible fabrication strategies to modify the functionality. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 55(4S), 04EE03, 2016-03-04


  • 2G35 ソフトマテリアル相手材に対する表面テクスチャの影響

    中西 義孝 , 政岡 晴行 , 中島 雄太 , 日垣 秀彦

    … Micro slurry-jet erosion has been proposed as a precision machining technique for the bearing surfaces against a soft or hydrated material. … The boost of efficiency comes from an anti-reflective technology that resembles MOTH-EYES in functionality and structure. …

    バイオエンジニアリング講演会講演論文集 2016(28), "2G35-1"-"2G35-3", 2016-01-09

  • 1G24 繊維強化PVAハイドロゲルの機能向上に関する研究

    坂井 伸朗 , 内村 智章 , 橋本 知依 , 鎗光 清道 , 澤江 義則 , 小森 望充 , 村上 輝夫

    … The PVA hydrogel is expected as an artificial cartilage material, which can contain plenty of water to activate the biphasic lubrication mode. … In articular cartilage, the soft gel matrix is reinforced by collagen network structure to resist tensile deformation, in which the tensile stiffness of the biphasic material generates the interstitial fluid pressurization. … The potential of the biomimetic artificial cartilage was expected as a load bearing material. …

    バイオエンジニアリング講演会講演論文集 2016(28), "1G24-1"-"1G24-5", 2016-01-09

  • 未利用原料を用いた新規不焼成建築材料の開発と機能性の発現

    永縄 勇人

    あいち産業科学技術総合センター研究報告 (5), 70-73, 2016

  • 触媒インフォマティクス-固体触媒研究者の望み

    上田 渉


    ケモインフォマティクス討論会予稿集 2016(0), PL, 2016


  • No.2-25 高機能性タールの高収率化

    奥村 幸彦

    … (2) The yield of indene, which can be used as a functional raw material, increased proportionally with increasing H/C ratio. … The yield of fluorene, which can be used to enhance resin functionality, increased only for coals with a high H/C ratio. …

    石炭科学会議発表論文集 53(0), 110-111, 2016


  • Total Material Requirement of Scrap Steel from End-of-Life Vehicles

    Yamasue Eiji , Matsubae Kazuyo , Nakajima Kenichi , Daigo Ichiro , Nishihara Keiichi

    … <p>The concept of total material requirement (TMR) is introduced in this study in order to quantify the recyclability of scrap steel from an end-of-life (EoL) vehicle. … The trade-off between the increase in functionality of recycled steel (<i>i.e.</i>, decrease in influence of copper as a contaminant) and the additional inputs, such as pig iron or nickel required for the functional improvement, were also evaluated. …

    ISIJ International 56(8), 1487-1496, 2016


  • Effect of Eggshell Membrane on Limiting Food Discoloration

    Maeta Chizumi , TABARA Saori , TANIFUJI Naoki

    … Focusing this functionality, we tried the application to maintain quality of the other food. …

    廃棄物資源循環学会研究発表会講演集 27(0), 522, 2016


  • 吸着材処理およびUF膜処理によるそば蜂蜜の風味改良の検討

    加島 優里 , 南谷 臣昭 , 川島 拓司 , 中村 正

    <p>蜜源植物の異なる多くの蜂蜜の中でそば蜂蜜は高い抗酸化活性を有しアンチエイジング効果が期待できる食品として消費されている.しかし,そば蜂蜜にはmalty flavorと呼ばれる特有臭が有り,市場において敬遠されている.そこで,malty flavorの主因とみられる成分が3-methylbutanalであるとした報告を参考に,我々はそば蜂蜜から吸着材(シリカゲル,活性炭)あるいはU …

    日本食品科学工学会誌 63(10), 455-463, 2016


  • Deep Thiol-Ene Photopolymerization using Upconversion Nanoparticles-Assisted Photochemistry

    Liu Ren , Zou Xiucheng , Xu Yangyang , Liu Xiaoya , Li Zhiquan

    … More than 8 cm of photopolymerization depth combined with high functionality conversion was obtained in 40 s. …

    Chemistry Letters advpub(0), 2016