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  • Prevention of New Cork Spot-like Physiological Disorder in 'Kurenainoyume' Apples by Pre-harvest Fruit Bagging

    Matsumoto Kazuhiro , Kobayashi Toru , Kougo Tomoaki , Fujita Tomomichi , Sato Saki , Moriguchi Takaya

    … Ca or B solutions or both did not decrease CSPD incidence. …

    The Horticulture Journal, 2018




    … It is proved that the 3D primitive equations on cylindrical domains admit a unique, global strong solution for initial data lying in the critical solonoidal Besov space B2/p pq for p,q ∈ (1,∞) with 1/p + 1/q ≤ 1. …

    Hokkaido University Preprint Series in Mathematics 1106, 1-19, 2017-11-01

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  • Numerical Simulation of an Oscillatory-Type Tidal Current Powered Generator Based on Robotic Fish Technology

    Yamamoto Ikuo , Rong Guiming , Shimomoto Yoichi , Lawn Murray

    … The generation of clean renewable energy is becoming increasingly critical, as pollution and global warming threaten the environment in which we live. … Current mechanisms used to harness tidal flows center around propeller-based solutions but are particularly prone to failure due to marine fouling from such as encrustations and seaweed entanglement and the corrosion that naturally occurs in sea water. …

    Applied Sciences 7(10), 1070, 2017-10-16

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    … We study the asymptotic behavior of global solutions to the initial value problem for the generalized KdV-Burgers equation. …

    Hokkaido University Preprint Series in Mathematics 1105, 1-20, 2017-10-13

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  • 〈論文〉トラックドライバー不足問題へのモーダルシフトからのアプローチ

    翟 碩

    … The improvement of driverʼs license system and the employment of female drivers are considered to be solutions for the problem. … Although the modal shift policy has been considered to be a solution for global warming caused by freight transport, it recently attracts attention as a solution for the labor shortage problem in the logistics industry, as freight trains, ships and ferries are not only energy-saving but also labor-saving. …

    近畿大学商学論究 = KINKI-DAIGAKU SHOGAKU-RONKYU : The Journal of Business Administration 16(1), 91-104, 2017-07-31


  • Support Systems for Instructors and Teaching Assistants in the ALESS Program

    Saneyoshi Chie , Mishina Yukiko , Nozawa Emiko

    … Teaching English communication to students of science is an essential aspect of scientific education, if students are to develop and become competitive in a global setting. … Based on the close examination of the current situation, this paper proposes some possible solutions to problems observed in this study. …

    Eruditi : The CGCS Journal of Language Research and Education 1, 36-47, 2017-06


  • A Method of Verified Computations for Solutions to Semilinear Parabolic Equations Using Semigroup Theory

    Mizuguchi Makoto , Takayasu Akitoshi , Kubo Takayuki , Oishi Shin'ichi

    … As an application of this method, the existence of a global-in-time solution is demonstrated for a certain semilinear parabolic equation. …

    SIAM journal on numerical analysis 55(2), 980-1001, 2017-04

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  • 解探索の広域化を図る改良粒子群最適化アルゴリズムの提案及び性能評価

    松村 修平

    … However, as with other methods, depending on the problems, it may be difficult to obtain a global optimum solution by fitting to local solutions.In this paper, we propose improved PSO using exchange of particles' position vector, re-initialization and movement constraints in order to widen its search range and show the effectiveness through experiments.Key Words : Particle Swarm Optimization, PSO, Optimization problems …

    法政大学大学院紀要理工学・工学研究科編 58, 2017-03-31


  • Global Education at Australian Universities

    Higashino Mitsunari , Ota Masahiko

    … In this paper, we examine several practices of global education at Australian universities and, thereby, identify their characteristics and challenges in order to derive implications for higher education in Japan. … We visited four universities in Australia, i.e. the University of Wollongong, the University of Melbourne, Monash University, and La Trobe University, and conducted interviews with academic as well as administrative staff in charge of global education or studies abroad. …

    九州工業大学教養教育院紀要 = Bulletin of Kyushu Institute of Technology (Institute of Liberal Arts) (1), 1-14, 2017-03-31


  • 平面波を初期値とするゲージ不変な非線型発展方程式の特殊解とその時間大域的挙動について

    土井 一幸

    富山県立大学紀要 = Bulletin of Toyama Prefectural University 27, 21-26, 2017-03

  • GNSS 搬送波位相測位における観測データのみを用いた信頼性判別

    渡邉 涼 , 坪内 孝司 , 原 祥尭

    … <p>This paper describes a method to evaluate the quality of position solutions of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) without using other external sensors. … We propose a method to evaluate the quality of position solutions in Carrier-Phase Differential Measurement for GNSS, where the "integer biases" will be intentionally modified. …

    ロボティクス・メカトロニクス講演会講演概要集 2017(0), 2P2-D04, 2017


  • A GPU-based tabu search for very large hardware/software partitioning with limited resource usage

    HOU Neng , HE Fazhi , ZHOU Yi , AI Haojun

    … Second, since the GPU is constrained by memory limitations and the costs of candidates cannot be directly stored in the GPU's global memory, we present a time-space tradeoff strategy to break memory limitations for very large HW/SW partitioning. … Third, an in-place removal of infeasible solutions is proposed to reduce the overhead of global memory by half when the neighborhood is compacted. …

    Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems, and Manufacturing 11(5), JAMDSM0060-JAMDSM0060, 2017


  • IEEE 802.15.4/4e準拠無線スマートユーティリティネットワーク用低消費電力MACプロトコルF-RITの実装・評価

    藤原 純 , 奥村 亮太 , 水谷 圭一 , 原田 博司

    … One of the solutions is development of Media Access Control (MAC) protocol for low-power operation. … The Feathery Receiver Initiated Transmission (F-RIT) protocol is one of the implementable low-power consumption MAC protocol complied with IEEE 802.15.4g global standard for the MAC layer of the Wi-SUN systems. …

    電気学会論文誌. C 137(11), 1461-1471, 2017


  • 「短期集中型ワークショップ」と「長期滞在型実践」を組み合わせた建築デザイン実践の報告

    雨宮 知彦 , 岡部 明子

    … In order to resolve both the problem of poverty and global environment, we should take informal settlements in developing countries as the front-line of learning and find solutions for such global issues. …

    日本建築学会技術報告集 23(55), 1057-1062, 2017


  • Expansion of Optical Access Network to Rural Area

    IWATA Hideyuki , INOUE Yuji

    … The current state of global deployment of ICT indicates that it is difficult to sell network systems as stand-alone products due to prohibitive costs, and the demand is for total services that include construction, maintenance, and operation. … Moreover, there is a need to offer proposals that include various solutions utilizing broadband networks, as well as for a business model that takes the sustainability of those solutions into consideration. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications, 2017


  • SP: Current global standards for chemical protective clothing: how to choose the right protection for the right job?

    VAN WELY Eric

    <p>The first standards for chemical protective clothing (CPC) emerged mid to late 1980's and have evolved since as most standards are revisited every 5 years. Over the past years, we have a …

    Industrial health, 2017



    VIJAYAKAR Sandeep , MARAMBEDU Karthikeyan

    … Three translational deflections E, P, G, and one angular deflection α are traditionally used to uniquely specify the relative orientation of a single spiral-bevel or hypoid pair.<br>The movement of the contact pattern correlates strongly with these deflections, but only if the deflections E, P, G, α represent local deformations in the vicinity of the contacting teeth, rather than global deflections.<br>It is possible to compute E, P, G, α that better represent the local deformations. …

    The Proceedings of the JSME international conference on motion and power transmissions 2017(0), 01-04, 2017


  • Fast and Continuous Analysis Method for Steel Pickling Solution Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

    Inose Masao , Matsushima Tomohiro , Kinoshiro Satoshi , Tahara Kazunori , Aizawa Shigeyuki , Tanaka Hideko , Ohara Toshiki

    … Therefore, the authors examined the performance of NIR for monitoring the concentration species in acid pickling solutions of the pickling process. … The peak shape of the OH bond in aqueous solutions is altered by the interaction of water molecules with dissolved species. … The concentrations of total acid and iron in the solutions were estimated by multivariate analysis using the NIR spectra of the solutions. …

    ISIJ International 57(8), 1420-1424, 2017


  • 自律型電力ネットワークの数理計画による全体構成最適化

    榊原 一紀 , 松本 卓也 , 谷口 一徹 , 玉置 久

    … <p>The renewal of conventional energy systems is important countermeasures against global warming effects and natural hazards. … A self-sustainable decentralized energy system is one of the promising solutions for future sustainable and resilient societies. …

    電気学会論文誌. C 137(8), 1009-1014, 2017


  • An Overview of Security and Privacy Issues for Internet of Things

    YOUM Heung Youl

    … <p>The Internet of Things (IoT) is defined as a global infrastructure for the Information Society, enabling advanced services by interconnecting (physical and virtual) things based on, existing and evolving, interoperable information and communication technologies by ITU-T. … This paper describes security threats and privacy concerns of IoT, surveys current studies related to IoT and identifies the various requirements and solutions to address these security threats and privacy concerns. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E100.D(8), 1649-1662, 2017