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    Observation of water transport in the micro-porous layer of a polymer electrolyte fuel cell with a freezing method and cryo-scanning electron microscope

    Aoyama Yusuke , Suzuki Kengo , Tabe Yutaka , Chikahisa Takemi

    … the freezing method enables immobilization of the liquid water in the cell as ice forms by the freezing, and the cryo-SEM can visualize the water distribution in the vicinity of the MPL at high resolution without the ice melting. … It was shown that no liquid water accumulates inside the MPL in operation at 35 degrees C, while the pores of the MPL are filled with liquid water under very low cell temperature operation, at 5 degrees C. …

    Electrochemistry Communications 41, 72-75, 2014-04

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    Gangrene of the Penis Due to Strangulation by a Rubber Band : A Case Report  [in Japanese]

    佐々木 雄太郎 , 小田 眞平 , 藤方 史朗 , 谷本 修二 , 菅 政治

    … After five days, he was taken to our hospital in an ambulance for high temperature and general malaise. … After the operation, he completely recovered. …

    泌尿器科紀要 = Acta urologica Japonica 60(3), 155-157, 2014-03


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    AlN/AlGaN HEMTs on AlN substrate for stable high-temperature operation

    Yafune N. , Hashimoto S. , Akita K. , Yamamoto Y. , Tokuda H. , Kuzuhara M.

    … We demonstrate an AlN/AlGaN high-electron-mobility transistor (HEMT) fabricated on a free-standing AlN substrate. … Negligible drain current degradation was observed at temperatures from 300 to 573 K, emonstrating that our AlN/AlGaN approach on an AlN substrate is promising for stable high-temperature operation. …

    Electronics Letters 50, 211-212, 2014-01-30


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    Continuous Temperature Measurement of Liquid Iron and Slag Tapped from a Blast Furnace

    SUGIURA Masato , OTANI Yohei , NAKASHIMA Masato , OMOTO Nobuhisa

    Temperature measurements of liquid pig iron coming out of a blast furnace are essential for estimating the thermal condition in the hearth. … The temperature is generally monitored by a disposable thermocouple on a runner. … This paper proposes radiometric temperature measurement that targets an iron-slag-mixed stream in front of a taphole. … Liquid iron and slag are spatially separated on a thermal image obtained by a CCD camera with a high-speed electronic shutter. …

    SICE Journal of Control, Measurement, and System Integration 7(3), 147-151, 2014

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    A High Output Resistance 1.2-V VDD Current Mirror with Deep Submicron Vertical MOSFETs

    TANOI Satoru , ENDOH Tetsuo

    … The keys are new bias circuits to reduce both the minimum VDD for the operation and the sensitivity of the output current on VDD. … In the simulation with 90nm φ vertical MOSFET approximate models, our circuit shows about 4MΩ output resistance at 1.2-V VDD with the small temperature dependence, which is about six times as large as that with planar MOSFETs. …

    IEICE Transactions on Electronics E97.C(5), 423-430, 2014

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    Comparison of Nanoparticle Exposures Between Fumed and Sol-gel Nano-silica Manufacturing Facilities

    OH Sewan , KIM Boowook , KIM Hyunwook

    … Due to the high-temperature formation process, the particles exhibited a sintering coagulation. … In the SS packing process that includes a manual jet mill operation, the GM NC was calculated to be 72,000 particles/cm3 with an assumption of 1,000,000 particles/cm3 when the upper limit is exceeded (5% of total measure). …

    Industrial Health 52(3), 190-198, 2014

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    Prediction of Next Day Solar Power Generation by Gray Theory and Neural Networks  [in Japanese]

    Yamada Fujihiro , Wazawa Yoshihiko , Kobayashi Kazuhiro , Miwa Yasushi , Kinno Tomoki , Yukita Kazuto , Goto Yasuyuki , Ichiyanagi Katsuhiro

    … However, despite the high expectations for renewable power generation technologies, it remains difficult to obtain stable power from such distributed sources, primarily because they depend on weather conditions and other variable factors. … In order to apply to the supply and demand stable operation, we report a case of developing a method for predicting solar power generation using the gray theory and a neural network. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Power and Energy 134(6), 494-500, 2014

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    Influence of Operation Parameters on Dome Temperature of COREX Melter Gasifier

    Sun Jing , Wu Shengli , Kou Mingyin , Shen Wei , Du Kaiping

    … Statistical analysis and theoretical calculation have been carried out to study the parameters affecting dome temperature of COREX melter gasifier by using actual plant data. … The relationship between parameters and dome temperature has been realized qualitatively and quantitatively. … It is found that the dome temperature is influenced significantly by metallization, fuel rate, coal rate, coke rate, and oxygen volume. …

    ISIJ International 54(1), 43-48, 2014

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    Practical Application of +/-250kV DC-XLPE Cable for Hokkaido-Honshu HVDC Link  [in Japanese]

    Watanabe Chizuo , Itou Yasuo , Sasaki Hidetaka , Murata Yoshinao , Suizu Makoto , Sakamaki Masatoshi , Watanabe Masaru , Katakai Shoshi

    … The test temperature was set at 90°C. … After the installation of the DC extruded cable system, a DC high voltage test at 362.5kV (=1.45PU) for 15 minutes was successfully completed in accordance with CIGRE TB 219. … This DC extruded cable system was put into operation in December 2012 as the world's highest voltage extruded DC cable in service and the world's first DC extruded cable for a LCC system including polarity reversal operation. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Power and Energy 134(1), 64-75, 2014

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    High-peak-power terahertz-wave generation and sensitive detection using nonlinear optical wavelength-conversion  [in Japanese]

    南出 泰亜

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 113(357), 63-68, 2013-12-16

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    Reactivity insertion transient analysis for KUR low-enriched uranium silicide fuel core

    Shen Xiuzhong , Nakajima Ken , Unesaki Hironobu , Mishima Kaichiro

    … The purpose of this study is to realize the full core conversion from the use of High Enriched Uranium (HEU) fuels to the use of Low Enriched Uranium (LEU) fuels in Kyoto University Research Reactor (KUR). … Although the EUREKA-2/RR code is a proven and trusted code, its validity was further confirmed by the comparison with the predictions from another two thermal hydraulic codes, COOLOD-N2 and THYDE-W at steady state operation. …

    Annals of Nuclear Energy 62, 195-207, 2013-12

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    Highly-Efficient Technologies for A-USC Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plants(<Special Articles>RGB Joint Symposium-Recycle, Gasification and Biomass: Present Status of Technology for Using Wastes, Biomass and Coal, etc.)  [in Japanese]

    SAITO Eiji

    … The efficiency of the coal-fired thermal power rises by operation at the high pressure and temperature. … It succeeds in the development because new high strength ferrite steel was put to practical use in the boiler and the turbine. …

    Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy 92(11), 1095-1100, 2013-11-20

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    Actual-Size Model Experiment for Optimal Air Conditioning System at Data Centers : Comparison of Airflow Distribution Between Different Airflow Designs  [in Japanese]

    TSUCHIYA Takashi , SUWA Yoshihide , OOKA Ryozo

    近年のインターネットやICT機器の普及にともない、データセンターの需要が増加している。情報を処理するサーバ機器の安定的な運用には、高効率かつロバストな空調システムが必要不可欠であり、空調気流方式の改善は有効な手段と考えられる。既往の研究の多くは、温度分布についての考察から気流方式を議論しているが、室内の温度分布を決定付ける最も大きな要因に空調気流性状がある。そこで本研究では、実大模型を用いて、床吹 …

    空気調和・衛生工学会論文集 (200), 19-26, 2013-11-05

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    Hydrogen trapping in 3He-irradiated Fe

    Takagi Ikuji , Matsuoka Kotaro , Tanaka Toshiyuki , Akiyoshi Masafumi , Sasaki Takayuki

    … The annihilation temperature, the trapping energy, and the equilibrium constant suggest that the trap is a dislocation loop introduced by the irradiation. … It is deduced that the tritium inventory in the Fe components of a reactor should be drastically increased by neutron irradiation due to the formation of traps, but may be significantly reduced by high temperature operation of the components. …

    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 314, 117-121, 2013-11

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    Performance characteristics and internal phenomena of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell with porous flow field

    Tabe Yutaka , Nasu Takuya , Morioka Satoshi , Chikahisa Takemi

    … It is shown that stable operation is maintained under conditions at high current density and low stoichiometric ratios of the cathode air, but that operation with low relative humidity gases is difficult in the porous type cell. …

    Journal Of Power Sources 238, 21-28, 2013-09-15

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    A study about designing of the SiC power converter for high temperature operation  [in Japanese]

    Sato Shinji , Tanisawa Hidekazu , Murakami Yoshinori , Hiyama Kohei , Anzai Takeshi , Takahashi Hiroki

    Proceedings of the Society Conference of IEICE 2013_通信(2), 200, 2013-09-03

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    High-Temperature Characteristics in Recessed-Gate AlGaN/GaN Enhancement-Mode Heterostructure Field Effect Transistors with Enhanced-Barrier Structures

    Maeda Narihiko , Hiroki Masanobu , Sasaki Satoshi , Harada Yuichi

    … Recessed-gate AlGaN/GaN enhancement-mode (E-mode) heterostructure field-effect transistors (HFETs) with enhanced-barrier structures were fabricated, and their high-temperature characteristics were examined. …

    Jpn J Appl Phys 52(8), 08JN18-08JN18-4, 2013-08-25

    The Japan Society of Applied Physics

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    Highly Transparent Conducting Polymer Top Contacts for Future III--Nitride Based Single Photon Emitters

    Riess Sally , Mikulics Martin , Winden Andreas , Adam Roman , Marso Michel , Grützmacher Detlev , Hardtdegen Hilde

    … In this paper we report on a simple conductive polymer based contacting technology for III--nitride based nanostructures with respect to the electrical operation within the telecommunication wavelength range. … Singularly addressable InN/GaN pyramidal nanostructures were selectively grown by metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy (MOVPE) and subsequently integrated into a high-frequency device layout for future ultrafast electro-optical operation. …

    Jpn J Appl Phys 52(8), 08JH10-08JH10-4, 2013-08-25

    The Japan Society of Applied Physics

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    High speed operation at 50 Gb/s with 1.3-μm InGaAlAs-based DML  [in Japanese]

    KOBAYASHI Wataru , FUJISAWA Takeshi , ITO Toshio , YAMANAKA Takayuki , TADOKORO Takashi , SANJOH Hiroaki

    Beyond 100GbEthernetの光源への適用を目的として、1.3um波長の直接変調レーザ(DML)の50Gb/s動作の検討を行った。DMLの高速動作を実現するために、素子寄生容量の削減、ダンピングファクタの低減、緩和振動周波数(fr)増大の検討を行った。特にfrの増大のために、短共振器化とそれに伴う素子の自己発熱の影響について調べた。frの増大と自己発熱の抑制を同時に実現できる共振器長を …

    IEICE technical report. Reliability 113(186), 117-122, 2013-08-22

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    Full C-band and Uncooled Operation of an InP Mach-Zehnder Modulator Monolithically Integrated with SOA for 10.7Gbps-80km Transmission  [in Japanese]

    SASADA Noriko , NAKANISHI Akira , SAKUMA Yasushi , WASHINO Ryu , OKAMOTO Kaoru , NAOE Kazuhiko , ARIMOTO Hideo , TANAKA Shigehisa

    InP半導体を用いたマッハツェンダー(MZ)型変調器のロスを補償するために、半導体増幅器(SOA)を集積したInP系MZ変調器を作製した。さらに、アンクールド動作実現のために、高温においても高利得が得られるSOA構造の設計、及びMZ変調器部のデチューニング量の最適化を行った。素子温度0〜85℃、波長1528〜1565nmの範囲で、10.7Gbps, 80km(1600ps/nm)ファイバー伝送評価 …

    IEICE technical report. Reliability 113(186), 113-116, 2013-08-22

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