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  • Hitchhiking Robots: A Collaborative Approach for Efficient Multi-Robot Navigation in Indoor Environments

    Ravankar Abhijeet , Ravankar Ankit A. , Kobayashi Yukinori , Emaru Takanori

    … Our method allows the hitchhiker robot to skip redundant computations in navigation like path planning, localization, obstacle avoidance, and map update by completely relying on the driver robot. … The driver robot, in the proposed system performs all the heavy computations in navigation and updates the hitchhiker about the current localized positions and new obstacle positions in the map. …

    Sensors 17(8), 1878, 2017-08

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  • Symbiotic Navigation in Multi-Robot Systems with Remote Obstacle Knowledge Sharing

    Ravankar Abhijeet , Ravankar Ankit A. , Kobayashi Yukinori , Emaru Takanori

    … Large scale operational areas often require multiple service robots for coverage and task parallelism. … In such scenarios, each robot keeps its individual map of the environment and serves specific areas of the map at different times. …

    Sensors 17(7), 1581, 2017-07

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  • 地図課題対話における共有信念更新のメカニズム

    川端 良子 , 松香 敏彦 , 土屋 俊

    認知科学 24(2), 153-168, 2017-06

  • A resilient, non-neuronal source of the spatiotemporal lag structure detected by bold signal-based blood flow tracking

    Aso Toshihiko , Jiang Guanhua , Urayama Shin Ichi , Fukuyama Hidenao

    … The lag map's intersession test-retest reproducibility and image contrast were both diminished by removal of either the neuronal or the non-neuronal (e.g., cardiac, respiratory) components by independent component analysis-based denoising, suggesting that the neurovascular coupling also comprises a part of the BOLD lag structure. …

    Frontiers in Neuroscience 11, 2017-05-11

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  • 地学基礎「地球の形と大きさ」における学びを深める単元構成

    杉田 泰一

    … Thus, learners were given a performance task where they had to calculate the earth size from a map, and then consider the configuration of the earth. … In addition, at the final stage of the units, learners performed a self-evaluation of how they conducted their performance task. …

    中等教育研究紀要 (63), 53-60, 2017-03-31

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  • 自己組織化写像を用いたSub-baggingによる欠損値データの推定

    齊藤 史哲

    … <p>Missing value estimation is an important task in data mining and analysis of data containing missing values. …

    電気学会論文誌. C 137(8), 1102-1110, 2017


  • Autonomic Diffusive Load Balancing on Many-Core Architecture Using Simulated Annealing

    SONG Hyunjik , CHOI Kiyoung

    … The modified scheme is also capable of managing a situation of non-uniform granularity of task loading, which the existing ones cannot. … In addition, the suggested scheme is extended to be able to handle dependencies existing in task graphs where tasks have communications between each other. … As experiments, we tried various existing schemes as well as the proposed one to map synthetic applications and real world applications on a many-core architecture with 21 cores and 4 memory tiles. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E100.A(8), 1640-1649, 2017


  • 防災に関わる沖積低地の地形分類の問題点と課題

    海津 正倫

    平野の微地形分類は自然災害の被災状況の予測や対策に有効であるが,一方で,各地において自然災害は未だ繰り返して発生しており,住民が自分たちの生活の場の場所的特性や脆弱性を把握する上で地形分類図を有効活用することが望まれる.このような点から,本報告では一般社会に向けての地形分類図について問題点と課題を考える.  従来,地形分類図の作成にあたっては主として空中写真の実体視による判読が行われてきたが,地 …

    日本地理学会発表要旨集 2017s(0), 100140, 2017


  • Human Wearable Attribute Recognition Using Probability-Map-Based Decomposition of Thermal Infrared Images

    KRESNARAMAN Brahmastro , KAWANISHI Yasutomo , DEGUCHI Daisuke , TAKAHASHI Tomokazu , MEKADA Yoshito , IDE Ichiro , MURASE Hiroshi

    … Usually these attributes are relatively small in size when compared with the human body, on top of a large intra-class variation of the human body itself, therefore recognizing them is not an easy task. … The knowledge is referred to as the Probability Map, incorporated as a weight in the decomposition by RPCA. … Using the Probability Map, we achieve an attribute-wise decomposition. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E100.A(3), 854-864, 2017

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  • A Spectrum-Based Saliency Detection Algorithm for Millimeter-Wave InSAR Imaging with Sparse Sensing

    ZHANG Yilong , LI Yuehua , SAFAVI-NAEINI Safieddin

    … <p>Object detection in millimeter-wave Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radiometer (InSAR) imaging is always a crucial task. … Directly using the interferometric value and sparse information of scenes in the basis of the Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) domain adopted by InSAR imaging procedure, the proposed algorithm isolates the support of saliency region and then inversely transforms it back to calculate the saliency map. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E100.D(2), 388-391, 2017


  • Sensor Fusion and Registration of Lidar and Stereo Camera without Calibration Objects

    JOHN Vijay , LONG Qian , XU Yuquan , LIU Zheng , MITA Seiichi

    … <p>Environment perception is an important task for intelligent vehicles applications. … The registered LIDAR range image functions as the disparity map for the stereo disparity estimation and results in an effective sensor fusion mechanism. … We also demonstrate that integrating the LIDAR range image within the stereo's disparity estimation results in an improved disparity map with significant reduction in the computational complexity.</p> …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E100.A(2), 499-509, 2017


  • トラブル解決の談話構造と解決策提案のための相互作用

    鹿嶋 恵 , カシマ メグミ , Kashima Megumi

    … In this paper, we examine the discourse structures of problem solving and the interactional processes in the data of "direction-giving", which are collected by conducting a task-oriented experiment. … These subjects are required to resolve the problem that is set as a trap in the map (which forms the material for the experiment) using discourse. …

    熊本大学社会文化研究 (15), 153-181, 2017


  • On a bio-inspired hybrid pheromone signalling for efficient map exploration of multiple mobile service robots

    Ravankar Abhijeet , Ravankar Ankit A. , Kobayashi Yukinori , Emaru Takanori

    … This paper presents a novel bio-inspired hybrid communication framework that incorporates the repelling behaviour of anti-aphrodisiac pheromones and attractive behaviour of pheromones for efficient map exploration of multiple mobile service robots. … The proposed communication framework presents a scheme for robots to efficiently serve large areas of map, while cooperating with each other through proper pheromone deposition. …

    Artificial life and robotics 21(2), 221-231, 2016-06

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  • エラストマーゲルを用いた筋電義手のための装飾手袋の開発

    矢吹 佳子 , 棚橋 一将 , 星川 英 , 中村 達弘 , 姜 銀来 , 加藤 龍 , 横井 浩史

    <p>本論文は,義手利用者の希望を叶える装飾手袋の開発を目指し,リアルな外観と電動ハンドのスムーズな動作を実現する装飾手袋の設計と製造方法について取り扱う.主要な設計要件を,外観,把持性能,耐久性,質感,柔軟性の5種類に分類し,おのおのは,形状·皺·指紋·爪·色など,人の手指の身体的特徴を模倣する外観を有すること,把持性能については把持対象物への馴染みを実現する厚みを有すること,そして …

    日本義肢装具学会誌 32(3), 177-185, 2016

    J-STAGE 医中誌Web

  • 自己組織化マップによる漫然運転状態の解析

    熊坂 暁歩 , 三宅 哲夫 , 章 忠 , 秋月 拓磨


    自動制御連合講演会講演論文集 59(0), 575-578, 2016


  • MFCA の継続的導入とマネジメントツールとしての展開可能性

    関 利恵子 , 安城 泰雄

     本稿では,株式会社駒ヶ根電化におけるMFCA 社内研修会でのヒアリング調査及びMFCA 成果発表会での報告をもとにMFCA の継続的導入の要因とMFCA をマネジメントツールとして展開する可能性について検討した。本稿の考察から,MFCA の継続的導入要因としては,MFCA の有用性をトップが認識していた点,従業員が一般的な活動としてMFCA を実施する素地ができていた点などが示された。また,MF …

    メルコ管理会計研究 8(2), 35-47, 2016


  • 大気汚染シーンの色修正

    小寺 宏曄

    PM2.5による中国の大気汚染が深刻化している.汚染画像から霞や霧の影響を除く画像修復技術は, NASAのリモートセンシングの長年の懸案であった.最近では大気拡散モデルが汚染画像修復の主流となっている.中でも,単一画像から大気層の影響を除く手法として,HeらのDark Channel Prior (最暗チャネル優先) 法は実用的に最も注目される.この不良設定問題を解く鍵は空間的に滑らかなシーン透過 …

    日本色彩学会誌 40(2), 49-59, 2016


  • BLM-Rank: A Bayesian Linear Method for Learning to Rank and Its GPU Implementation

    GUO Huifeng , CHU Dianhui , YE Yunming , LI Xutao , FAN Xixian

    … Ranking as an important task in information systems has many applications, such as document/webpage retrieval, collaborative filtering and advertising. … Experimental results on LETOR have demonstrated that the proposed BLM-Rank method outperforms the state-of-the-art methods, including RankSVM-Struct, RankBoost, AdaRank-NDCG, AdaRank-MAP and ListNet. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E99.D(4), 896-905, 2016


  • タスクモデルを用いたヒューマノイドロボットの遠隔操作システムの開発

    小川 雅也 , 本田 克弥 , 佐藤 啓宏 , 工藤 俊亮 , 大石 岳史 , 池内 克史

    近年,災害時に人間に代わって作業するロボットシステムの研究が広く行われている.特にヒューマノイドロボットは人間用の機器を扱うことができるため,緊急時に即時対応できるという点で期待も大きい.このヒューマノイドロボットを直感的に操作する方法として,人間の動作をカメラなどによって観測し,ロボットに適用して操作する方法がある.しかし人間とロボットの間には構造の違いがあり,さらに動作遅れやネットワーク遅延な …

    生産研究 68(2), 107-113, 2016


  • Real time earthquake hazard map of liquefaction in Korea

    Choi Jae-Soon , Baek Woo-Hyun , Kwon Oh-Gyu

    … The purpose of this study was to create a real-time liquefaction hazard map at national level by taking into consideration the differences between the site acceleration and intensity scale distribution depending on the occurrence site when an earthquake would take place. … The first was to create a liquefaction hazard map for each site acceleration for an earthquake based on the evaluation method of macro-liquefaction for each site acceleration. …

    Japanese Geotechnical Society Special Publication 2(20), 761-766, 2016