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  • Fabrication and evaluation of dispersed-Ag nanoparticles-in-polyimide thin films

    Sonehara Makoto , Watanabe Yuki , Yamaguchi Sota , Kato Takanori , Yoshisaku Yasuaki , Sato Toshiro , Itoh Eiji

    … The TF-CMF consisted of multiple metal–insulator–metal (MIM) capacitors and inductors. … If the capacitance and distance between electrodes are the same, then the capacitor footprint may be halved. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 56(10S), 10PB05, 2017-09-15


  • Direct observation of layered-to-spinel phase transformation in Li2MnO3 and the spinel structure stabilised after the activation process

    Shimoda Keiji , Oishi Masatsugu , Matsunaga Toshiyuki , Murakami Miwa , Yamanaka Keisuke , Arai Hajime , Ukyo Yoshio , Uchimoto Yoshiharu , Ohta Toshiaki , Matsubara Eiichiro , Ogumi Zempachi

    … Here, we report the layered-to-spinel phase transformation in Li2MnO3 during the initial charging process to characterise its unique delithiation behaviour, which gives an insight into the relationship between the structure, superior capacities and degradation of LMR electrodes. … During the multiple cycles, the defect spinel structure is stabilised and becomes more oxygen-deficient with a lower Mn valency. …

    Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5(14), 6695-6707, 2017-05-02

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  • Predicting Changes in Cognitive Performance Using Heart Rate Variability

    TSUNODA Keisuke , CHIBA Akihiro , YOSHIDA Kazuhiro , WATANABE Tomoki , MIZUNO Osamu

    … Although a lot of studies have tried to estimate cognitive performance using multiple vital data or electroencephalogram data, these methods are invasive for users because they force users to attach a lot of sensor units or electrodes to their bodies. … To address this problem, we proposed a method to estimate cognitive performance using only HRV, which can be measured with as few as two electrodes. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E100.D(10), 2411-2419, 2017


  • スクリーン印刷による微細電極形成とペーストレオロジー特性

    坂井 徳幸 , 鳴海 敬倫 , 高橋 竜太郎 , 牛田 晃臣

    … Since the printing includes multiple processes those are generated almost simultaneously, it is necessary to investigate respective processes. …

    日本レオロジー学会誌 45(4), 167-173, 2017


  • 複数電極を有する吸引工具による油だまりの電解加工特性に関する研究

    高嶋 佑樹 , 夏 恒


    精密工学会学術講演会講演論文集 2017S(0), 685-686, 2017


  • 多点電極を用いた機能的電気刺激における目的手指姿勢を実現するための高速な刺激パターン探索

    岡野 大輔 , 桑原 昂士 , 杉 正夫 , 姜 銀来 , 東郷 俊太 , 横井 浩史

    筆者らは,脳卒中における手指麻痺患者を対象として,多点電極を用いた機能的電気刺激によるリハビリテーションシステムの開発を行っている.これまでに多点電極と双極性の刺激波形とを用いた刺激装置を開発し,手指姿勢を変化させうることを確認した.多点電極刺激装置は自由度が高く,可能な刺激パターンの数が極めて多いため,目的の姿勢を得るための刺激位置探索には高速化が必要である.そこで本研究では,同相な電極群の配置 …

    精密工学会学術講演会講演論文集 2017S(0), 221-222, 2017


  • Recent Advances in Research and Development of Microfluidic Organic Light-Emitting Devices

    Kasahara Takashi , Kuwae Hiroyuki , Kobayashi Naofumi , Nobori Atsuki , Oshima Juro , Shoji Shuichi , Mizuno Jun

    … In order to integrate multiple individual liquid OLEDs on one substrate, we have developed multi-color microfluidic OLEDs which have single-μm-thick microchannels sandwiched between two electrodes. …

    Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 30(4), 467-474, 2017


  • てんかん外科手術から得られる病態生理

    鎌田 恭輔 , 小川 博司 , 田村 有希恵 , 広島 覚 , 安栄 良悟

    <p> てんかん外科手術の治療方法はてんかん焦点切除が基本であるが, 脳梁離断などの病的ネットワーク離断, 皮質および海馬多切術, さらに迷走神経刺激法併用などがある. 焦点診断のためには高サンプリングと高密度脳波, MRI, 脳磁図, 核医学検査など多方面からの精査が行われている. 画像所見と電気生理学的な異常, てんかん症候が一致した時は一期的な海馬, 焦点切除を行うことができる. …

    脳神経外科ジャーナル 26(4), 250-262, 2017

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  • 移動電界を印加したカーボンナノチューブ/紫外線硬化性樹脂複合材の電気的特性とカーボンナノチューブの配列シミュレーション

    鈴木 寛

    … The suspension coated on a 18mm × 18mm size cover glass and the coated cover glass were put on the multiple-electrode which was constructed with 24 long and slender electrodes. … Rectangular and six-phase voltages were applied to the multiple-electrode. … The applied voltage in one electrode had the phase differences of ±60 degrees among the voltages applied to the both side electrodes. …

    材料 66(3), 232-237, 2017


  • Governing the Metal–Molecule Interface: Towards New Functionality in Single-Molecule Junctions

    Kiguchi Manabu , Fujii Shintaro

    … <p>Single-molecule junctions, in which a single molecule bridges a gap between metal electrodes, have attracted significant attention due to their potential applications in ultra-small electronic devices and their unique structure. … Secondly, we have developed new characterization techniques combined with a variety of spectroscopic methods to observe a single molecule confined between metal electrodes. …

    Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 90(1), 1-11, 2017


  • Combination of solid state NMR and DFT calculation to elucidate the state of sodium in hard carbon electrodes

    Morita Ryohei , Gotoh Kazuma , Fukunishi Mika , Kubota Kei , Komaba Shinichi , Nishimura Naoto , Yumura Takashi , Deguchi Kenzo , Ohki Shinobu , Shimizue Tadashi , Ishida Hiroyuki

    … We examined the state of sodium electrochemically inserted in HC prepared at 700–2000 °C using solid state Na magic angle spinning (MAS) NMR and multiple quantum (MQ) MAS NMR. …

    Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4(34), 13183-13193, 2016-07-25

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  • Information transfer using wearable thin electrotactile displays with microneedle electrodes

    Tezuka Mayuko , Kitamura Norihide , Miki Norihisa

    … In this study, we developed a sheet-type electrotactile display with microneedle electrodes. … Next, we attempted to use multiple displays and experimentally investigated the spatial resolution of the tactile sensation on the forearm. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 55(6S1), 06GP15, 2016-05-23


  • Spin injection into multilayer graphene from highly spin-polarized Co

    Yamaguchi Takehiro , Moriya Rai , Oki Soichiro , Yamada Shinya , Masubuchi Satoru , Hamaya Kohei , Machida Tomoki

    … This method enabled us to fabricate multiple single-crystal CFS electrodes in contact with MLG. …

    Appl. Phys. Express 9(6), 063006, 2016-05-13


  • Robust myoelectric signal detection based on stochastic resonance using multiple-surface-electrode array made of carbon nanotube composite paper

    Shirata Kento , Inden Yuki , Kasai Seiya , Oya Takahide , Hagiwara Yosuke , Kaeriyama Shunichi , Nakamura Hideyuki

    … We investigated the robust detection of surface electromyogram (EMG) signals based on the stochastic resonance (SR) phenomenon, in which the response to weak signals is optimized by adding noise, combined with multiple surface electrodes. … Flexible carbon nanotube composite paper (CNT-cp) was applied to the surface electrode, which showed good performance that is comparable to that of conventional Ag/AgCl electrodes. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 55(4S), 04EM07, 2016-03-17

    機関リポジトリ 応用物理学会

  • 2G17 部分的金属被覆DNAを用いたDNA分解酵素センサの開発

    村上 太理 , 氷室 貴大 , 櫻田 一歩 , 佐藤 しのぶ , 竹中 繁織 , 安田 隆

    … In this paper, multiple partially-metallized DNA nanowires were immobilized between two electrodes in a microchannel, and DNase detection was achieved by measuring the increase in impedance between the electrodes after DNA cleavage by DNase. …

    バイオエンジニアリング講演会講演論文集 2016(28), "2G17-1"-"2G17-3", 2016-01-09

  • 印刷で作る"然りげない"見守りのためのフィルム近接センサ -非接触センサによる人感・呼吸モニタリング-

    野村 健一 , 鍛冶 良作 , 牛島 洋史 , 岩田 史郎 , 大峠 忍 , 今若 直人 , 吉野 勝美 , 三井 亮介 , 佐藤 隼也 , 高橋 誠哉 , 中島 伸一郎

    … The sensor is a capacitance type, with two electrodes sandwiching the film. … Because this sensor is very thin and lightweight, it can be easily attached to multiple locations such as the back of a table, chair, or bed, without being found. …

    生体医工学 54Annual(28AM-Abstract), S257-S257, 2016


  • 髄鞘化に伴う神経系発達の評価に向けた培養後根神経節細胞の活動伝搬計測

    酒井 洸児 , 榛葉 健太 , 小谷 潔 , 神保 泰彦

    … Evoked responses recorded from multiple electrodes had a constant delay, suggesting that axonal conduction velocity could be evaluated. …

    生体医工学 54Annual(27PM-Abstract), S202-S202, 2016


  • 手首形状の電気機械計測に基づく指運動の推定

    川口 純輝 , 吉元 俊輔 , 黒田 嘉宏 , 大城 理

    … The proposed system detects electrically the changes of wrist shape related to the finger motion and estimates finger joint angles by using a multiple regression model. … The wristband device with multiple electrodes converts the finger motion to the changes of electrical contact resistance. … The parameters of multiple regression model are optimized by using the outputs form the system and a calibrated data glove. …

    生体医工学 54Annual(26PM-Abstract), S114-S114, 2016


  • 二次電池のための双方向酸化還元メディエータとしてのケギン型ポリオキソメタレート

    CHOI Wonsung , IM Dongmin , PARK Min Sik , RYU Young-Gyoon , HWANG Seung Sik , KIM Yong Su , KIM Hyunjin , DOO Seok-Gwang , CHANG Hyuk

    … Keggin-type polyoxometalates (POMs), which possess multiple redox centers, were investigated as bidirectional redox mediators in rechargeable batteries. … A series of POMs have been synthesized and employed in sulfur electrodes where neither the active material nor the discharge product were electrically conductive. …

    電気化学および工業物理化学 84(11), 882-886, 2016


  • 多電極サブマージアーク溶接のアーク挙動に及ぼす位相差の影響

    上月 渉平 , 石神 篤史 , 早川 直哉 , 大井 健次


    溶接学会全国大会講演概要 2016s(0), 80-81, 2016