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  • Regional Assessment of Recharge Elevation of Tap Water Sources Using the Isoscape Approach

    Yamanaka Tsutomu , Yamada Yuki

    … The importance of mountains as "natural water towers" has been quantified by comparing water budgets in upstream (mountain) and downstream (lowland) areas, but their importance for tap water supplies has not been assessed. … Here, we propose an isoscape approach to estimate the mean recharge elevation of tap water sources (rivers, reservoirs, springs, and wells) and apply it to a region in central Japan as a case study. …

    Mountain research and development 37(2), 198-205, 2017-05

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  • 北上川水系中津川におけるサケ(Oncorhynchus keta)の遡上と産卵環境の評価

    渡辺 敞嗣 , 辻 盛生 , 鈴木 正貴 , 樋川 満

    総合政策 = Journal of policy studies 18(2), 77-87, 2017-03


  • Climatological Relationship between Warm Season Atmospheric Rivers and Heavy Rainfall over East Asia

    KAMAE Youichi , MEI Wei , XIE Shang-Ping

    …  Eddy transport of atmospheric water vapor from the tropics is important for rainfall and related natural disasters in the middle latitudes. … Despite their low occurrence, ARs account for 14–44% of total rainfall and 20–90% of extreme heavy-rainfall events during spring, summer and autumn seasons. …

    気象集誌. 第2輯, 2017


  • エンパワメント科学:だれもが主人公 新しい共生のかたち

    安梅 勅江

    <p>【要旨】エンパワメント(湧活)とは、人びとに夢や希望を与え、勇気づけ、人が本来持っているすばらしい、生きる力を湧き出させることである。</p><p> 人は誰もが、すばらしい力を持って生まれてくる。そして生涯、すばらしい力を発揮し続けることができる。そのすばらしい力を引きだすことがエンパワメント、ちょうど清水が泉からこんこんと湧き出るように、一人ひとりに潜ん …

    認知神経科学 19(1), 1-6, 2017

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  • 空圧式除振装置における空気ばねの除振動作時の温度変動抑制

    片山 勇太朗 , 涌井 伸二

    … Therefore, the voice coil motors which are large heating element are cooled down by water. … On the other hand, it is reported that the pipe connecting to an air spring has condensation in semiconductor industries. … Moreover, the temperature changes of air spring affect to precision pressure and position control. … For the above reason, the heat radiation from the air spring affects the semiconductor manufacturing probably. …

    日本機械学会論文集, 2017


  • Experimental Research on the Indoor Environment Performance of Complex Natural Insulation Material: Carbonized Rice Hull and Rice Hull

    Ahn Eunseop , Yeom Dongwoo , Lee Kyu-In

    … The application of complex insulation material is also effective in controlling indoor humidity in winter and spring, and a humidity control plan that follows either a moisture-proof plan or ventilation is required to control humidity in summer and autumn. … Therefore, a moisture prevention plan using water-proof and moisture-proof materials and a ventilation plan need to be considered in advance. …

    Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering 16(1), 239-246, 2017


  • 温泉保養地と女性 : モーパッサン『モントリオル』

    大橋 絵理

    … However Christiane feels the sense of unity with the land where the natural hot water springs, in other words, the new resort place, which was traditionally used as a vineyard. … Mont-Oriol describes the change from the farmland which had continued until the 18th century into the space of a modern concept, hot spring resort, andthe beginning of the new world created by the people of all classes who are involved in this place. …

    長崎大学言語教育研究センター論集 = Journal of Center for Language Studies, Nagasaki University (4), 127-137, 2016-03


  • 相模湾に生息するニシキウズガイ科腹足類ダンベイキサゴの殻に記録される酸素同位体比プロファイルからみた殻成長

    中山 健太朗 , 近藤 康生 , 佐藤 武宏

    <p>本研究では佐藤・他(2009)が1999年11月25日に採集し,成長分析をおこなった相模湾産の2標本について,酸素同位体比分析の手法を用いて,ダンベイキサゴの殻成長を推定した。酸素同位体比分析を行った結果,両個体は類似した酸素同位体比プロファイルの変動パタンを記録しており,δ<sup>18</sup>Oの変動は3回の極小値と3回の極大値を含む,全体として緩 …

    Venus (Journal of the Malacological Society of Japan) 74(3-4), 71-78, 2016


  • Determination of Iodide, Iodate and Total Iodine in Natural Water Samples by HPLC with Amperometric and Spectrophotometric Detection, and Off-line UV Irradiation

    TAKEDA Akira , TSUKADA Hirofumi , TAKAKU Yuichi , SATTA Naoya , BABA Mitsuhisa , SHIBATA Toshihiro , HASEGAWA Hidenao , UNNO Yusuke , HISAMATSU Shun'ichi

    … We developed a rapid, simple method for the iodine speciation analysis of water and applied it to natural water samples. … concentrations in 20-μL water samples within 10 min. Total I concentrations in water samples were determined after the decomposition of organics by off-line UV irradiation for 30 min, followed by reduction to I<sup>−</sup>. …

    Analytical Sciences 32(8), 839-845, 2016


  • 普天間飛行場基地跡地計画における緑地計画に関する提案型研究

    栄野川 優也 , 小野 尋子

    … In the plan, some points, especially preservation policy of green, under ground water, and historical heritage in the base were reached consensus among parties. … Despite some preservation policy of green and underground water, it has been missing throughout the water balance model study of this area. …

    日本建築学会計画系論文集 81(729), 2453-2461, 2016


  • フェムト秒X線レーザーを用いて決定した光化学系II複合体の無損傷構造

    菅 倫寛 , 秋田 総理 , 沈 建仁 , 山本 雅貴 , 吾郷 日出夫

    … The initial reaction of photosynthesis takes place in photosystem II(PSII), a 700 kDa membrane protein complex that catalyzes water-splitting reaction through an S-state cycle of the oxygen evolving complex(OEC). …

    日本結晶学会誌 58(3), 126-132, 2016


  • Determination of Iron Ion in the Water of a Natural Hot Spring Using Microfluidic Paper-based Analytical Devices

    OGAWA Kazuma , KANETA Takashi

    … Microfluidic paper-based analytical devices (μPADs) were used to detect the iron ion content in the water of a natural hot spring in order to assess the applicability of this process to the environmental analysis of natural water. … in a sample of water from a natural hot spring. …

    Analytical Sciences 32(1), 31-34, 2016


  • SACRA-a method for the estimation of global high-resolution crop calendars from a satellite-sensed NDVI

    Kotsuki S. , Tanaka K.

    … To date, many studies have performed numerical estimations of biomass production and agricultural water demand to understand the present and future supply-demand relationship. … therefore, SACRA considers current effects of human decisions and natural disasters. … The comparison of the CC also demonstrates that identification of wheat type (sowing in spring or fall) is a major source of error in global CC estimations. …

    Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 19(11), 4441-4461, 2015-11-05

    機関リポジトリ DOI

  • S0830102 空冷フィンを用いた排湯利用熱電発電システムの検討

    天野 慎也 , 舩谷 俊平 , 武田 哲明

    … Thermoelectric power generation system using the thermoelectric conversion device can convert the thermal energy between the hot spring and waste water to electric power. … However, the cold water is sometimes not provided around the hot spring. … In this study, we adopted the natural air cooling as a cooling method which does not require the cooling water. …

    年次大会 : Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2015, "S0830102-1"-"S0830102-4", 2015-09-13

  • G0600602 ナノサスペンション型潜熱蓄熱材の相変化特性

    森田 慎一 , 平田 光樹 , 早水 庸隆 , 山田 貴延 , 堀部 明彦 , 春木 直人

    … The target heat storage zone of this study is 50-100℃ as for using of hot spring heat or factory exhaust heat. … Tetracosane in the nanosuspension is dispersed by about 200 nanometers of average particle diameter in continuous water phase. …

    年次大会 : Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2015, "G0600602-1"-"G0600602-5", 2015-09-13

  • Swallowing Sound Waveform and Its Clinical Significance : Evaluation Using Ultrasonography

    HONDA Tsuyoshi , BABA Takuro , FUJIMOTO Keiko , NAGAO Kan , TAKAHASHI Akira , ICHIKAWA Tetsuo

    … The aim of this study was to analyze the waveform of swallowing sound and clarify the sound production process using recordings of swallowing sounds and ultrasound images (USI), performed simultaneously.Materials and Methods: Commercial natural spring water and natural carbonated water were used in experiments 1 and 2, respectively. …

    Journal of oral health and biosciences 28(1), 21-27, 2015-06

    機関リポジトリ 医中誌Web

  • 水素化温泉水と温泉水に対する皮膚の官能評価

    栗田 繕彰 , KURITA Yoshiaki

    Natural hot spring waters spouting from wellheads are essentially reductive in terms of oxidation-reduction potential (ORP); … Therefore, it has been proposed that habitual bathing in fresh reductive hot spring water can suppress skin oxidation and contribute to prevent the aging process thereupon. …

    法政大学大学院紀要 理工学・工学研究科編, 2015-03-24


  • 光反応による水素化硫黄泉の提案

    梅田 一輝 , UMEDA Kazuki

    … So far, hydrogen makes effectively the reductive bathwater and the elasticity of the human skin can be improved through habitual bathing in water hydrogenated was revealed. … As a result, producing of hydrogen was confirmed by irradiating with UV light (250 nm) to artificial sulfur spring water including each sulfur components. …

    法政大学大学院紀要 理工学・工学研究科編 56, 2015-03-24


  • 沖永良部島の小学校における湧水地を活用したESD実践

    萩原 豪 , 元木 理寿

    … "Okinoerabu Island is one of the raised coral islands and it has been historically difficult for residents to get water resources for their daily lives. … There used to be more than 130 springs using for residential lives but nowadays here are only a few records of natural springs in Okinoerabu Island and the residents might forget their history and live culture with the springs. …

    鹿児島大学稲盛アカデミー研究紀要 (5), 171-180, 2015-03


  • Responses of bed load yields from a forested headwater catchment in the eastern Tanzawa Mountains, Japan

    Hiraoka Marino , Gomi Takashi , Oda Tomoki , Egusa Tomohiro , Uchiyama Yoshimi

    … Bed load yields in summer–autumn were 5.7-fold those during winter–spring. …

    Hydrological Research Letters 9(3), 41-46, 2015