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    Graphene-FET-based gas sensor properties depending on substrate surface conditions

    Nakamura Masatoshi , Kanai Yasushi , Ohno Yasuhide , Maehashi Kenzo , Inoue Koichi , Matsumoto Kazuhiko

    … Graphene FETs on SiO<inf>2</inf>treated with three types of treatment, namely, H<inf>2</inf>annealing, Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>coating, and CF<inf>4</inf>reactive ion etching (CF<inf>4</inf>-RIE), were prepared. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(6S1), 06FF11, 2015-05-26


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    Normally-off AlGaN/GaN high-electron-mobility transistor using digital etching technique

    Yamanaka Ryota , Kanazawa Toru , Yagyu Eiji , Miyamoto Yasuyuki

    … A normally-off AlGaN/GaN high-electron-mobility transistor (HEMT) with a recessed-gate structure fabricated by novel digital etching is reported. … Digital etching consists of multiple cycles of oxidation and wet etching of the oxide, and has the merits of easy control of the recess depth and reduction of surface damage in comparison with conventional dry etching. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(6S1), 06FG04, 2015-04-23


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    InGaAs ridge-waveguide distributed Bragg reflector laser with first-order grating fabricated by nanoimprint lithography

    Uemukai Masahiro , Terai Shohei , Suhara Toshiaki

    … The grating pattern was imprinted on a nanoimprint layer and then transferred into an InGaAs quantum well waveguide by reactive ion etching. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(5), 058002, 2015-04-23


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    Fabrication of L-shaped Fe

    Gushi Toshiki , Ito Keita , Honda Syuta , Yasutomi Yoko , Toko Kaoru , Oosato Hirotaka , Sugimoto Yoshimasa , Asakawa Kiyoshi , Ota Norio , Suemasu Takashi

    … We grow a 15-nm-thick ferromagnetic Fe<inf>4</inf>N epitaxial film on a SrTiO<inf>3</inf>(001) substrate by molecular beam epitaxy, and process it into approximately 0.5-µm-wide and 24-µm-long L-shaped ferromagnetic narrow wires by electron-beam lithography and Cl<inf>2</inf>reactive ion etching. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(2), 028003, 2015-01-22


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    Micro-Assembly of Electrostatically driven Scanning Force Microscopy Probe using Clip Mechanism

    Kawai Yusuke , Kotani Kyosuke , Shao Chuan-Yu , Ono Takahito

    … Microsprings formed by deep reactive-ion etching are used for the clip micromechanism. …

    The Journal of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan 135(3), 98-102, 2015


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    Thermal reactive ion etching for etching through titanium wafer  [in Japanese]

    山田 周史 , 南 佑人 , 寒川 雅之 [他]

    「センサ・マイクロマシンと応用システム」シンポジウム論文集 電気学会センサ・マイクロマシン部門 [編] 31, 1-4, 2014-10-20

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    Effect of masking material to surface roughness at reactive ion etching process of sapphire substrate  [in Japanese]

    鈴木 順也 , 岩見 健太郎 , 梅田 倫弘

    「センサ・マイクロマシンと応用システム」シンポジウム論文集 電気学会センサ・マイクロマシン部門 [編] 31, 1-4, 2014-10-20

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    Fabrication of Teflon Microfluidic Device Using PDMS Stencil Mask  [in Japanese]

    島田 光基 , 鍋澤 浩文 , 人母 岳 [他]

    「センサ・マイクロマシンと応用システム」シンポジウム論文集 電気学会センサ・マイクロマシン部門 [編] 31, 1-5, 2014-10-20

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    Etching characteristics and mechanisms of Mo thin films in Cl

    Lim Nomin , Efremov Alexander , Yeom Geun , Choi Bok-Gil , Kwon Kwang-Ho

    … The etching characteristics and mechanism of Mo thin films in Cl<inf>2</inf>/Ar and CF<inf>4</inf>/Ar inductively coupled plasmas under the same operating conditions (pressure, 6 mTorr; … For both gas mixtures, an increase in the Ar fraction or gas pressure at a fixed gas mixing ratio was found to cause a non-monotonic change in the Mo etching rates. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 53(11), 116201, 2014-10-02


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    Process-induced damage and its recovery for a CoFeB–MgO magnetic tunnel junction with perpendicular magnetic easy axis

    Kinoshita Keizo , Honjo Hiroaki , Fukami Shunsuke , Sato Hideo , Mizunuma Kotaro , Tokutome Keiichi , Murahata Michio , Ikeda Shoji , Miura Sadahiko , Kasai Naoki , Ohno Hideo

    … We investigate the effect of process-induced damage (PID) caused by reactive ion etching using methanol (Me–OH) gas on the magnetic properties of the CoFeB free layer in a magnetic tunnel junction with a perpendicular easy axis (p-MTJ), and on the tunnel magnetoresistance (TMR) ratio of CoFeB–MgO p-MTJs. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 53(10), 103001, 2014-09-04


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    High-voltage GaN-on-Si hetero-junction FETs with reduced leakage and current collapse effects using SiN

    Moon Sung-Woon , Lee Jongsub , Seo Deokwon , Jung Sungdal , Choi Hong , Shim Heejae , Yim Jeong , Twynam John , Roh Sungwon

    … In the modified MOS-HFETs process, the surface passivation layer of SiN<inf>x</inf>is deposited by LPCVD after the mesa isolation step, while the gate is deposited and self-aligned in the trench etched in LPCVD-SiN<inf>x</inf>layer using inductively coupled plasma reactive ion etching (ICP-RIE). …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 53(8S3), 08NH02, 2014-07-14


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    Characteristics of reactive ion etching lag in HBr/O

    Park Wanjae , Lee WooHyun , Kim Wan-Soo , Kim Hyuk , Whang Ki-Woong

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 53(3), 036502, 2014-02-03


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    Optically pumped lasing action in hexagonal GaN microdisk array fabricated via top-down process  [in Japanese]

    Suzuki Sho , Kouno Tetsuya , Yamano Koji , Kishino Katsumi , Hara Kazuhiko

    電子線描画と反応性イオンエッチングにより、GaN薄膜を微細加工することで、一辺1.5μm、高さ900nm程度の六角形状GaNマイクロディスクを、三角格子状に周期7.5μmで配列したマイクロディスクアレイを作製した。波長337.1nm、パルス幅900ps、周波数10Hzの光励起下で、このマイクロディスクアレイから波長370nm程度でのレーザー発振を得た。光共振器機構としては、各マイクロディスクでウィ …

    IEICE technical report. Electronic information displays 113(408), 29-31, 2014-01-17

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    Preliminary experiment of supersonic micro-channel gas flow visualization by using Interferometer

    TAKAHASHI Yuya , OKAJIMA Junnosuke , IGA Yuka , KOMIYA Atsuki , MARUYAMA Shigenao

    … The Deep Reactive-Ion-Etching (Deep-RIE) method was used for fabricating of the channel. …

    JFST 9(5), JFST0069-JFST0069, 2014


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    Carbon Nanowall Field Effect Transistors Using a Self-Aligned Growth Process

    Kawahara Toshio , Yamaguchi Satarou , Ohno Yasuhide , Maehashi Kenzo , Matsumoto Kazuhiko , Okamoto Kazumasa , Utsunomiya Risa , Matsuba Teruaki

    … We have grown CNW channels on several line and space patterns fabricated by electron beam lithography and reactive ion etching. …

    e-J. Surf. Sci. Nanotech. 12(0), 225-229, 2014


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    Micromachining of Titanium using a Desktop DRIE  [in Japanese]

    Yamada Shuji , Hitobo Takeshi , Sohgawa Masayuki , Abe Takashi

    … We found out high speed exhaust characteristic is indispensable in the etching of titanium, and the etching rate more than 0.2 µm/min (a maximum rate is 0.4 µm/min) was provided in a small amount of etching gas (SF6). …

    The Journal of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan 134(4), 96-99, 2014


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    Fabrication of Narrow-gapped Dual Si AFM Tips by Mechanically Polishing-back for Selective Trench Sidewalls Protection

    Kawashima Kenta , Makino Eiji , Mineta Takashi

    … A tetrahedral dual tip consisting of an inclined crystalline Si (111) plane and two dry-etched vertical planes was fabricated using deep reactive ion etching (D-RIE) to form a (110)-oriented narrow trench, thermal oxidation and additively refilling the trench with resin to protect the sidewalls, mechanically polishing-back the top resin and SiO2 layers to expose the Si (100) surface, and anisotropically etching the crystalline Si to form the (111) plane. …

    The Journal of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan 134(4), 74-78, 2014


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    Design and Verification of Quartz Resonators with Quasi-convex Structure

    Oigawa Hiroshi , Hayama Keisuke , Ji Jing , Ikezawa Satoshi , Ueda Toshitsugu

    … Then, prototypes of the quasi-convex resonators fabricated by deep reactive-ion etching and micro electro-mechanical systems fabrication technology are presented. …

    The Journal of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan 134(3), 47-51, 2014


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    Simultaneous Measurement of Bend Direction and Degree of Curvature using Micromachined Grating Fibers

    Kumazaki Hironori , Hiramatsu Munehiro , Oguri Hisakazu , Inaba Seiki , Hane Kazuhiro

    … The sensor has a serial arrangement of two fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) with two different reflection center wavelengths and similar asymmetrical cross sections with different etching faces on an independent single-mode fiber. … These cross sections were fabricated by anisotropic reactive ion etching (RIE) using CF4 plasma. …

    The Journal of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan 134(3), 41-46, 2014


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    A Long Bar Type Silicon Resonator with a High Quality Factor

    Toan Nguyen Van , Toda Masaya , Kawai Yusuke , Ono Takahito

    … The structure of the silicon resonator is defined by deep reactive ion etching of the top Si layer of a silicon on insulator wafer, and then the patterned top Si layer is transferred onto a low temperature co-fired ceramic substrate. …

    The Journal of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan 134(2), 26-31, 2014