LiNO_3 Addition to Prevent Hydrogen Gas Generation from Cement-Solidified Aluminum Wastes

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LiNO<SUB>3</SUB> addition to the cement solidified miscellaneous wastes has been proposed for preventing hydrogen ges generation caused by the corrosion of aluminum materials contained in the wastes. To determine an additive among alkaline metal ions, galvanic current was measured in 0.1M alkaline metal hydroxide solution between aluminum and platinum electrodes.The volume of hydrogen gas generated from an aluminum specimen was measured in a KOH solution with LiNO<SUB>3</SUB>, LiCl, LiBr, Li<SUB>2</SUB>CO<SUB>3</SUB> or Li<SUB>2</SUB>SO<SUB>4</SUB> to decide the best additive. Applicability of the chosen additive to cement was confirmed by hydrogen gas generation measurement from an aluminum specimen in cement paste. The prevention mechanism was analyzed by X-ray diffraction, SEM and SIMS.<BR>The current measured in LiOH solution decreased with time, then reached 0μA/mm<SUP>2</SUP>, while the current was detected in other alkaline metal hydroxide solutions. The least volume of hydrogen gas generation was measured in a KOH solution with LiNO<SUB>3</SUB>. The volume of generated hydrogen gas in cement paste with LiNO<SUB>3</SUB> was less than 10% of that without LiNO<SUB>3</SUB>. The results of analyses showed that an insoluble film of LiH(AlO<SUB>2</SUB>)<SUB>2</SUB>5H<SUB>2</SUB>O was formed on the aluminum surface.These results suggested that LiNO<SUB>3</SUB> addition to cement is effective to prevent hydrogn gas generation by formation of the insoluble film on aluminum.


  • Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology  

    Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology 32(9), 912-920, 1995-09-25 

    Atomic Energy Society of Japan

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