Experimental Study on Temperature Coefficient of Reactivity in Light-Water-Moderated and Heavy-Water-Reflected Cylindrical Core Loaded with Highly-Enriched-Uranium or Medium-Enriched-Uranium Fuel

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By using the Kyoto University Critical Assembly (KUCA), a series of critical experiments was performed to measure the temperature coefficient of reactivity in a light-water-moderated and heavy-water-reflected cylindrical core loaded with highly-enriched-uranium (HEU) or medium-enriched-uranium (MEU) fuel. The measurement was performed for the approximately 20 to 70°C range to examine the effects of the size of light-water region in a heterogeneous multi-region type core, the reduced <SUP>235</SUP>U enrichment, and the existence of boron burnable poison (BP) on this quantity by using six types of core configurations. In all the six types of cores, there were large light-water regions at the center of core and between the outer fuel region and the heavy-water reflector region, and it was found that these light-water regions caused a remarkably positive effect on the temperature coefficient of reactivity. In the present study, the temperature coefficients of the MEU core and the core without BP were more positive than those of the HEU core and the core with BP, respectively. The size of light-water region had a larger effect on the temperature coefficient rather than the reduced <SUP>235</SUP>U enrichment and the existence of BP. The negative temperature coefficient would be realized by reducing the thickness of light-water layer existed in the core.


  • Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology  

    Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology 32(11), 1081-1089, 1995-11-25 

    Atomic Energy Society of Japan

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