WEDMにおける経験蓄積形エキスパートシステムの研究 -システムの基本構成と実験的検証-  [in Japanese] A Study on Heuristic Knowledge Recording Expert System for WEDM -Investigation of System Configuration and Experimental Inspection  [in Japanese]

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In this paper, the authors propose a new configuration of an expert system for WEDM which realizes the heuristic knowledge recording by the machine itself. This system consists of the following 3 functions: (1) self-search of suitable setting of multi-parameters in machining, (2) fuzzy control for avoiding the unstable machining states and (3) database for recording and self-organizing the heuristic knowledge. According to the desirable performance of the machine directed by human operator such as "faster cutting speed", the system progresses searching the most suitable setting of machining parameters. When the machining status falls into unstable during the search operation, fuzzy controller works to recover the machining stability. Reached values of the machining parameters obtained through the search operation are recorded and organized by the database. Fundamental experiments on searching the fastest cutting conditions were carried out to confirm the ability of the proposed system. As a result, the following conclusions were obtained. (1) Self-seach of the suitable values of the machining parameters to achieve the fastest cutting speed was carried out successfully. (2) The stability of the machining could be recovered quickly by the fuzzy controller during the search operation. (3) By organizing the reached values of the machining parameters obtained by the search operations, values of machining parameters close to the suitable ones could by estimated at the beginning of the search operation.


  • Journal of the Japan Society of Electrical Machining Engineers  

    Journal of the Japan Society of Electrical Machining Engineers 29(61), 1-10, 1995-07-30 

    Japan Society of Electrical Machining Engineers

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