Ferroelastic Multidomains in LaNbO_4 Crystals

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LaNbO<SUB>4</SUB> crystals show three lineal structures associated with domain formation under high-resolution polarizing optical microscope. One has a width of the order of 10 microns and the others are in order of 1 micron wide. The former is a large scale multidomain structure formed by twinning deformation due to monoclinic spontaneous strains below phase transition temperature and the latters are a small scale multidomain structure comming from discommensuration due to incommensurate-commensurate phase transition. Spacings of these multidomain structures are discussed on basis of experimental results and theoretical consideration.



    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 37(4), 650-654, 1996-04 

    The Japan Institute of Metals

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