Monitoring of Reactive Metal's Diffusion and Reaction at Ag-Cu-Ti/ZrO_2 Brazed Interface

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Under the aim to monitor the segregation and the reaction of reactive metal at the brazing interface with ceramics in situ, the electrochemical method was tried to detect the formation of the reaction layers between reactive metal in brazing filler metal and oxygen in ceramics.<BR>The transition of monitoring voltage <I>Vm</I>(<I>t</I>) was composed of two stages. It was suggested that the formation of the first stage was attributed to the segregation of reactive metal to stabilized zirconia, and that the formation of the second stage was attributed to the formation of reaction layers between reactive metal and oxygen of ceramics.<BR>The reaction between the segregation layer and oxygen of ceramics depended on the potential and the frequency of power supplier. Titanium oxide layers with various proportion of titanium to oxygen from 1:1-x, 1:1, 1+y:2 to 1:2 were detected by SEM/EDX analysis.



    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 37(5), 1103-1108, 1996-05 

    The Japan Institute of Metals

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