Effect of Aluminum and Oxygen Content on Diffusivity of Aluminum in Molten Iron

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The diffusivity of aluminum in molten iron has been obtained with the capillary reservoir method. It is given as<br><br><i>D</i> (m<sup>2</sup>/s)=(1.00±0.11)×10<sup>-6</sup> exp(-81500/<i>RT</i> )   1823 to 1923 K<br><br>at lower oxygen content than 0.025 mass% and lower aluminum content than 1.4 mass%. If the oxygen content is higher, the diffusivity decreases apparently with the oxygen content. The effect of oxygen on aluminum diffusion is well interpreted by the counter current diffusion model. The effect of aluminum content is well expressed by the Darken's equation. <br><br><i>D</i> =(<i>N</i><sub>Al</sub><i>D</i><SUB>Fe</SUB><SUP>S</SUP>+<i>N</i><sub>Fe</sub><i>D</i><SUB>Al</SUB><SUP>S</SUP>)(1+<SUB><I>d</I> ln<I>N</I><SUB>Al</SUB></SUB><SUP><I>d</I> ln<I>γ</I><SUB>Al</SUB></SUP>)<br><br>The self diffusivities of Fe and Al in the equation are obtained, respectively as<br><br><i>D</i><SUB>Fe</SUB><SUP>S</SUP>(m<sup>2</sup>/s)=9.48×10<sup>-4</sup> exp(-145000/<i>RT</i> )<br><i>D</i><SUB>Al</SUB><SUP>S</SUP>(m<sup>2</sup>/s)=1.54×10<sup>-6</sup> exp(-96000/<i>RT</i> )


  • Transactions of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan  

    Transactions of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan 37(5), 425-431, 1997-05-15 

    The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan

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