Transformation Behavior and Damping Capacity in Fe-17%Mn-X%C-Y%Ti Alloy

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Effect of carbon and Ti on γ↔ε martensitic transformation behavior and damping capacity is investigated in an Fe-17Mn alloy. The suppressive force of carbon against γ↔ε transformation increase linearly with an increase in its content, lowering <i>Ms</i> temperature and volume fraction of ε martensite. Carbon deteriorates damping capacity by reducing the area of γ/ε boundaries and mobility of the boundaries contributing to anelastic deformation. The reduction in the mobility of the boundaries is accelerated when carbon-containing alloy is aged at higher temperatures than room temperature. The effect of Ti on damping capacity is found to be beneficial in carbon-containing alloy, which is attributed to the depletion of carbon solute due to the formation of TiC.


  • Transactions of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan  

    Transactions of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan 37(5), 519-522, 1997-05-15 

    The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan

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