Electrochemical Measurement of Critical Supersaturation in Fe-O__--M__- (M=Al, Si, and Zr)and Fe-O__--Al__--M__-(M=C, Mn, Cr, Si, and Ti)Melts by Solid Electrolyte Galvanic Cell




    • LI Guangqiang
    • Institute for Advanced Materials Processing, Tohoku University
    • SUITO Hideaki
    • Institute for Advanced Materials Processing, Tohoku University


The supersaturation ratio with respect to alumina precipitation, <i>S</i><sub>Al<sub>2</sub></sub><sub>O<sub>3</sub></sub><sup>o</sup>(=(<i>a</i><sub><u>Al</u></sub><sup>2</sup>·<i>a</i><sub><u>O</u></sub><sup>3</sup>)<sub>ss</sub>/(<i>a</i><sub><u>Al</u></sub><sup>2</sup>·<i>a</i><sub><u>O</u></sub><sup>3</sup>)<sub>eq</sub>), in Fe-<u>O</u>-0.008∼0.090 mass%<u>Al</u> melt was electrochemically measured at 1873 K in an Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub> crucible by blowing CO<sub>2</sub> gas or adding an Fe-2 mass%Al alloy intermittently, using plug-type ZrO<sub>2</sub>-9 mol%MgO and tube-type mullite probes. The <i>S</i><sub>ZrO<sub>2</sub></sub><sup>o</sup>(=(<i>a</i><sub><u>Zr</u></sub>·<i>a</i><sub><u>O</u></sub><sup>2</sup>)<sub>ss</sub>/(<i>a</i><sub><u>Zr</u></sub>·<i>a</i><sub><u>O</u></sub><sup>2</sup>)<sub>eq</sub>) value in Fe-<u>O</u>-0.04 mass%<u>Zr</u> melt was also measured at 1873 K in a ZrO<sub>2</sub>-11 mol%CaO crucible by adding an Fe-4 mass%Zr alloy. As a result, the critical values for log <i>S</i><sub>Al<sub>2</sub></sub><sub>O<sub>3</sub></sub><sup>o</sup> and log <i>S</i><sub>ZrO<sub>2</sub></sub><sup>o</sup> were 3.5 and 1.3, respectively. No supersaturation for the precipitation of SiO<sub>2</sub> was observed. The presence of solute element M (M=C, Mn, Cr, Si, and Ti) in an Fe-<u>O</u>-0.148∼0.158 mass%<u>Al</u> melt was found to significantly influence the supersaturation phenomenon.


  • ISIJ international  

    ISIJ international 37(8), 762-769, 1997-08-15 

    The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan

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