Recrystallization-induced Precipitation Interaction in a Medium Carbon Vanadium Microalloyed Steel




    • QUISPE A.
    • Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Metalurgicas(CENIM-CSIC)
    • MEDINA S. F.
    • Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Metalurgicas(CENIM-CSIC)
    • VALLES P.
    • Instituto Nacional de Tecnica Aeroespacial(INTA)


Using torsion tests, a study has been made of Recrystallization-Precipitation (R-P) interaction in a vanadium microalloyed steel for two strains (0.20 and 0.35). When strain induced precipitation starts, the recrystallized fraction deviates from Avrami's equation, giving rise to the formation of a plateau on the curves which represent the recrystallized fraction against time. This makes it possible to know the moment at which precipitation starts (<i>P</i><sub>s</sub>) and the moment at which it finishes (<i>P</i><sub>f</sub>). After the end of precipitation, recrystallization continues to progress in accordance with Avrami's law. Recrystallization-Precipitation-Time-Temperature (RPTT) diagrams have been drawn, superposing on them the lines corresponding to different recrystallized fractions. This makes it possible to represent in graph form the Recrystallization-Precipitation interaction and the determination of the static recrystallization critical temperature (SRCT). It is demonstrated that during the interval of time in which precipitation occurs (<i>P</i><sub>f</sub> - <i>P</i><sub>s</sub>), recrystallization does not advance. The work which has been carried out establishes new aspects in the phenomenon of R-P interaction.


  • ISIJ international  

    ISIJ international 37(8), 785-788, 1997-08-15 

    The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan

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