In-furnace Conditions as Prerequisites for Proper Use and Design of Mud to Control Blast Furnace Taphole Length




    • FUKUTAKE Tsuyoshi
    • Kawasaki Refractories Co., Ltd., Technical Service Center, Kawasaki Steel Techno-Research Corporation
    • YAMAUCHI Yutaka
    • Kawasaki Refractories Co., Ltd., Ironmaking Division, Mizushima Works, Kawasaki Steel Corporation
    • MATSUMOTO Toshiyuki
    • Kawasaki Refractories Co., Ltd., Ironmaking Division, Chiba Works, Kawasaki Steel Corporation


Increase in taphole length can be achieved if the taphole mud as injected stay at around the in-furnace taphole opening and sinters there. This can only be possible if the coke column and the mud mass make a good contact at the in-furnace taphole opening.<br> Theoretical calculation of the penetration depth of the coke column into the hearth showed that the degree of contact of the coke column with the mud mass may change in normal operation of blast furnace. <br> The degree of the contact can be controlled by controlling the raceway depth of tuyeres above the taphole concerned.


  • ISIJ international  

    ISIJ international 38(2), 116-125, 1998-02-15 

    The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan

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