Numerical Simulation of Interface Shape around an Insoluble Particle for Fe-C Alloys Using a Phase-field Model




    • LEE Jae Sang
    • Department of Metallurgy, School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo
    • SUZUKI Toshio
    • Department of Metallurgy, School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo
    • KIM Seong Gyoon
    • RASOM and Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Kunsan National University
    • KIM Won Tae
    • RASOM and Department of Physics, Chongju University


The first trial for numerical simulations of solid/liquid interface shape change around an insoluble particle for Fe-C alloys has been carried out. Real-time interface shape evolution during unidirectional solidification has been calculated using the phase-field model with parameters determined by thin interface limit condition. The interface becomes concave near the particle because of solute enrichment in the liquid between interface and a particle. Liquid trench ahead of the particle and thin liquid film along its surface remain until the late stage of solidification. The results are qualitatively in good agreement with the reported experimental observations. The effects of interface velocity and initial carbon content on the interface shape are also examined. Using the obtained interface shapes, the forces to the particle are estimated and the particle engulfment behavior by interface is discussed.


  • ISIJ international  

    ISIJ international 39(2), 149-153, 1999-02-15 

    The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan

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