Checkered Prophase I in Crown Daisy

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In addition to normal bivalency (15%), the PMCs of the four head types (white and yellow radiate and ligulate) of Chrysanthemum coronarium (crown daisy) exhibit bivalent interlocks (55%), translocation rings (15%) and telomere adhesions (9%). But only one of these three anomalies, never all the three, occur in the PMC of each head type. Despite these prophase I anomalies, the subsequent meiosis from metaphase I to its completion is normal in all the four head types; the gametic- and seed-fertility are high (95%). Why do these anomalies occur, why are these retained from generation to generation and how their interference in meiotic course is prevented remain cytogenetic puzzles.



    CYTOLOGIA 60(2), 195-203, 1995-06-25 

    Japan Mendel Society, International Society of Cytology

References:  35

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