Cytotaxonomic Studies on Chilean Galaxiid Fishies. The Karyotypes, C-bands, Ag-NORs and Hybrids of Brachygalazias gothei and B. bullocki (Osteichthyes: Galaxiidae)

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The cytogenetic analysis of <I>Brachygalaxias gothei</I>, <I>B. bullocki</I> and their hybrids showed differences in the number of biarmed and monoarmed chromosomes, as like as, in their c-banding patterns. The basic karyotype consists in 2n=40 with a FN=58 in <I>B. gothei</I>, and 66 in <I>B. bullocki</I>, and 2n= 38 + 1 and FN =51 in the hybrids. <I>B. bullocki</I> presents a larger quantity of constitutive hete-rochromatin than <I>B. gothei</I>, and present a polymorphism in the location of one pair of NOR. The taxonomic status of <I>B. gothei</I> is discussed in relation of chromosome results and the hybrid sterility.



    CYTOLOGIA 64(4), 379-385, 1999-12-25 

    Japan Mendel Society, International Society of Cytology

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