A linear programming method for computerized optimization in stereotactic treatment planning

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Computerized optimization in stereotactic treatment planning using a linear programming method is presented. A three-dimensional model of dose distribution is built first, and then the required irradiation is decided inversely. In conventional interactive trial and error methods, the treatment parameters are chosen by the operator's experience and improved successively. Compared with such time-consuming methods, the present method is desirable not only for its timesaving capability but also for its capability to obtain a mathematically optimal solution for a treatment plan. Moreover, by employing a linear programming algorithm, no empirical parameters are needed. The validity of the present methodology is demonstrated using Monte Carlo simulation.


  • Japanese Journal of Medical Physics (Igakubutsuri)  

    Japanese Journal of Medical Physics (Igakubutsuri) 19(2), 99-107, 1999-06-30 

    Japan Society of Medical Physics

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