Chromosomes and Karyotype the Indian Pangolin, Manis crassicaudata Gray (Pholidota-Mammalia)

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The chromosomes and the karyotype of a female pangolin, <I>Manis crassicaudata</I> collected from Mysore (south Inida) have been described. The karyotype consists of a diploid number of 36 chromosomes. All the autosomes are biarmed except one small and telocentric pair with 7 pairs of large to small metacentric, 6 pairs of submetacentric and 3 pairs of large subtelocentric chromosomes. The X chromosome is a medium sized submetacentric. This study has shown that the pangolins of Varanasi (north India) and Bellary (south India) belong to <I>M. crassicaudata</I> and not <I>M pentadactyla</I> and thus widened the horizon for further karyological studies of pangolins.



    CYTOLOGIA 65(4), 379-382, 2000-12-25 

    Japan Mendel Society, International Society of Cytology

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