Evolutionary Karyotypic Variation in Bromus tomentellus Populations

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Six populations of <i>Bromus tomentellus</i> were selected based on their morphological characteristics to investigate their karyotypes. Preparations were made using fresh grown root tips. Saturated α-bromonaphtaline, glacial acetic acid and ethanol, 1 N HCl and hematoxiline were used for pre-treatment, fixative, hydrolyser and chromosome staining agent, respectively. Karyotypic data were recorded on well-prepared cells at metaphase stage containing a complete set of chromosomes. The studied populations differed in their ploidy levels and karyotypic characteristics. Several statistical parameters were estimated on the data to compare the karyotypes of the populations. UPGMA method of cluster analysis was performed to classify the populations based on their karyotypic characteristics. Finally, Pearson correlation coefficient was estimated for all paired combinations of the karyotypic characteristics to investigate their inter-relationships.<br>



    CYTOLOGIA 71(3), 297-301, 2006-09-25 

    Japan Mendel Society, International Society of Cytology

References:  9

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