JIS A 1455を用いたタイルカーペットの帯電性能の検討  [in Japanese] Evaluation of Electrification Performance of Tile-Carpets Using JIS A 1455  [in Japanese]

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    • 平井 郁子 HIRAI Ikuko
    • 大妻女子大学短期大学部家政科 Domestic Science Department, Junior College Division, Otsuma Women's University
    • 横山 裕 YOKOYAMA Yutaka
    • Department of Architecture and Building Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology


The following are the results of an examination of the anti-static effects of the various combinations of tile-carpets and free-access floors, taking the influence of relative humidity into consideration, using JIS A 1455: Anti-static effect of floor coverings and installed floors - Methods of measurement and evaluation.<br>(1) Relative humidity affects electrification performance, which declines when using free-access floors with the electrostatic tester approved by the Architectural floor special performance society.<br>(2) The electrification performance of a floor declines when using free-access floors with the electrification between panels and bases between panels and bases eliminated beforehand, even if the same tile-carpets are used. As far as the measurement results at present are concerned, no difference occurs in electrification performance depending on the materials of free-access floors.<br>(3) Some carpets show different evaluations, when measured by the electrostatic tester of the Architectural floor special performance society, even where there is no difference in the evaluations of electrification using the Strolling method. When using the strolling method, some floor coverings which apparently have lower anti-static quality show lower static electrification performance than those which are vested with anti-static quality.<br>(4) Carpets which are more receptive to static electricity due to their lower surface and volume resistances tend to have higher electrification performance.


  • Journal of Textile Engineering  

    Journal of Textile Engineering 52(5), 197-203, 2006-11-15 

    The Textile Machinery Society of Japan

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