Identification of Pyrolysis Reaction Model of Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)

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    • KIM Seungdo
    • Department of Environmental Sciences and Biotechnology, Hallym University
    • KAVITHA D.
    • Department of Environmental Sciences and Biotechnology, Hallym University


This paper described how to estimate the Arrhenius parameters as well as the pyrolysis reaction model of LLDPE from isothermal kinetic data. We used a custom-made thermobalance that is capable of monitoring a weight decrease with time under pure static condition and performed six isothermal kinetic experiments at 713, 718, 723, 728, 733, and 738 K that were chosen within a temperature range (710–740 K) where main decompositions were observed from non-isothermal kinetic results. Comparing experimental reduced-time-plots (RTPs) with theoretical ones, the pyrolysis reaction model of LLDPE is accounted for by "Avrami–Erofeev" model in the investigated temperature region, allowing its functional form to be 2(1 − α)[−ln(1 − α)]<SUP>1/2</SUP>. It is, hence, expected that the reaction order model adopted by the previous studies without verification is inappropriate to represent the pyrolysis reaction model of LLDPE. Bubble nucleation may be a major pyrolysis reaction mechanism of LLDPE. As heat is applied, the LLDPE is melted. Volatiles may be accumulated inside the melt until reaching a critical concentration where bubble nucleation sets forth. The rates of heat, mass, or momentum transfer in the LLDPE melt and its physico-chemical properties (especially viscosity) play an important role in characterizing the thermal decomposition kinetics of LLDPE.


  • Chemistry Letters  

    Chemistry Letters 35(4), 446-447, 2006-04-05 

    The Chemical Society of Japan

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