cDNA Cloning and mRNA Expression of Androgen Receptor in Male Japanese Quail : Coturnix coturnix japonica

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The biological activities of androgen are largely mediated via androgen receptor (AR). Although a partial sequence AR cDNA was revealed in canaries and zebra finch, AR cDNA has not been cloned in quail and chickens. To understand the physiological function of androgen and to apply it for other purposes, AR cDNA is necessary. Hence, this study was aimed to isolate the cDNA of AR and to reveal changes in mRNA expression using RT-PCR analysis in male reproductive organs of quail under different day-lengths and castration treatment. We found that a partial length of quail AR cDNA contains a 1385bp sequence encoding 343 amino acid residues and had high homology to other vertebrates. Quail were raised under continuous light regimen from 4 to 6 weeks old (6LL) and they were divided into 3 groups under the following conditions up to 9 weeks old : (1) continuous light regimen group (24h light ; 9LL), (2) short days regimen group (8h light and 16h darkness ; 9SD) and (3) castration group in which testis were surgically removed at 6 weeks old and raised under continuous light regimen (9CAS). Although weekly changes in the cloacal gland protrusion area showed significantly progressive increase at 7-9 weeks old in 9LL group and a progressive decrease in 9SD group, there were no changes in AR mRNA levels in the gland. In contrast, in 9CAS group, although the cloacal gland protrusion area decreased after castration treatment, AR mRNA levels increased in the gland. On the other hand, AR mRNA levels in epididymis and vas deferens increased in 9LL group, but there were no differences in 9SD and 9CAS groups from 6LL. The testicular AR mRNA levels did not change after long or short days treatment. These results indicate there is tissue-specific regulation in AR mRNA expression in quail.


  • The Journal of Poultry Science  

    The Journal of Poultry Science 43(2), 173-179, 2006-04-25 

    Japan Poultry Science Association

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