Web 環境を用いた学習成果自己点検システムの開発と運用  [in Japanese] Development and Employment of Self-Check System of Study Results using Web Systems  [in Japanese]

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The recent evaluation of education has emphasized what students have learned rather than what they have studied. Moreover, the students should have the environment where they can continuously grasp what they have mastered. In our college, we have developed the system using our intramural Web environment in order for students to grasp how far they have completed the educational objectives of our college. The students can input scores and learning results handed by teachers to the self-check system and can carry out self-evaluation based on it. The result-input and self-evaluation may be useful for the future learning. Our system also serves as an important tool for student guidance, because the system includes the mechanism in which the teachers can grasp learning situation of each student. We, so far without any malfunction, have operated the system smoothly since 2003. In addition, from the questionnaire investigation and the number accessed, we could find the students in the advanced engineering course have been using the system regularly, and that the second grade students have been using it to confirm if they have satisfied the qualification for completing the course. From their frequent use of the system, we could judge this system to be an important tool for the support of the students. In the future we would try to improve the system.


  • Journal of Jsee  

    Journal of Jsee 54(2), 127-132, 2006-03-20 

    Japanese Society for Engineering Education

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