OpenDX を用いた衛星データ表示システムの作成  [in Japanese] Image processing system of satellite data with OpenDX  [in Japanese]

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Visualization plays an important role in the utility of satellite remote sensing. This work describes a procedure how to make an image processing system for satellite data using the visualized soft wear (named OpenDX). It is shown that our processing system is independent on the data format and the operating system (OS) of the computing. The visualized 3-D maps for vegetation and/or land coverage obtained from ADEOS/ POLDER & GLI and Terra & Aqua/ MODIS data look promising for environmental monitoring.


  • Transactions of Visualization Society of Japan  

    Transactions of Visualization Society of Japan 26(2), 63-64, 2006-09-15 

    The Visualization Society of Japan

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