Hingganite-(Ce) and hingganite-(Y) from Tahara, Hirukawa-mura, Gifu Prefecture, Japan : The description on a new mineral species of the Ce-analogue of hingganite-(Y) with a refinement of the crystal structure of hingganite-(Y)

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Hingganite-(Ce), Ce<sub>2</sub>[]Be<sub>2</sub>Si<sub>2</sub>O<sub>8</sub>(OH)<sub>2</sub> or CeBeSiO<sub>4</sub>(OH), occurs in a pegmatite at Hirukawa-mura, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. It is pale tan in color, vitreous and transparent, with a white streak. The Mohs hardness is 5-6, and the calculated density is 4.28 g/cm<sup>3</sup>. An electron microprobe analysis gave the empirical formula (Ce<sub>0.82</sub>La<sub>0.32</sub>Nd<sub>0.13</sub>Pr<sub>0.06</sub>Y<sub>0.03</sub>Sm<sub>0.01</sub> Gd<sub>0.002</sub>Dy<sub>0.001</sub>Ca<sub>0.60</sub>)Σ<sub>1.97</sub>Fe<sub>0.24</sub>Be<sub>2.02</sub>Si<sub>2.02</sub>O<sub>8.20</sub>(OH)<sub>1.52</sub>. The lattice parameters were determined by the Rietveld method coupled with the imaging plate Gandolfi XRD data: SG = <i>P</i>2<sub>1</sub>/<i>a</i>, <i>a</i> = 9.8973(11), <i>b</i> = 7.6282(8), <i>c</i> = 4.7505(6) Å, β</i> = 90.416(8)°, <i>V</i> = 358.64(7) Å<sup>3</sup>, and <i>Z</i> = 2 for Ce<sub>2</sub>[]Be<sub>2</sub>Si<sub>2</sub>O<sub>8</sub>(OH)<sub>2</sub>. The three strongest lines in the powder XRD pattern [<i>d</i>(Å), <i>I</i>/<i>I</i><sub>0</sub>, <i>hkl</i>] are (3.14, 86, 211 and 211), (2.85, 100, 121 and 121) and (2.56, 46, 311, 221 and 311). Hingganite-(Ce) is a new member of the gadolinite-datolite group of minerals. It is the Ce-analogue of hingganite-(Y), and ideally, is the Fe-free analogue of gadolinite-(Ce). A single crystal of hingganite-(Y) from the same locality showed a chemical composition of (Y<sub>1.21</sub>Ca<sub>0.28</sub>Nd<sub>0.06</sub>Gd<sub>0.06</sub>Dy<sub>0.06</sub>Yb<sub>0.05</sub>Er<sub>0.04</sub>Ce<sub>0.04</sub>Sm<sub>0.03</sub>Ho<sub>0.03</sub>Lu<sub>0.02</sub>Pr<sub>0.01</sub>Tm<sub>0.01</sub>Tb<sub>0.01</sub>La<sub>0.01</sub>)Σ<sub>1.92</sub>Fe<sub>0.23</sub>Be<sub>2.07</sub>Si<sub>2.07</sub>O<sub>8.19</sub>(OH)<sub>1.55</sub>. A negative anomaly was observed for Ho in the lanthanide distribution pattern of hingganite-(Y). A single crystal structure refinement of hingganite-(Y) converged to <i>R</i> = 0.0329 with the lattice parameters of: <i>a</i> = 9.8830(16), <i>b</i> = 7.6091(9), <i>c</i> = 4.7423(9) Å, β = 90.342(14)°, and <i>V</i> = 356.62(10) Å<sup>3</sup>.


  • Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences  

    Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 102(1), 1-7, 2007-02-01 

    Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences

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