Weaving Machinery and Its Related Technologies

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Published research work concerning weaving machinery and its related technologies in the period between 1990 and 2005 are surveyed in this review. Air-jet looms have been introduced to a lot of weaving mills widely and rapidly in spite of their uncertainness of weft running. Thus researchers concerned with weaving machines have paid a great interest in air-jet weft insertion technology. Developments of measuring devices, photographic technology, control devices, and personal computers brought active research work in the fields of the air jet weft insertion: especially spreads of personal computers have facilitated to solve almost all types of equations of motion. In consequence, numerical simulations for weaving machines have been easily performed including weft insertion, warp tension, mechanism design for loom and so on.


  • Journal of Textile Engineering  

    Journal of Textile Engineering 53(2), 43-52, 2007-05-15 

    日本繊維機械学会 = Textile Machinery Society of Japan

References:  84

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