Optimum Coke-free Space Volume in Blast Furnace Hearth by Wall Shear Stress Analysis





Conservation equations of mass and momentum are solved numerically in an actual plant size hearth to determine the wall shear stress at various operating conditions. The effect of different coke-bed shape and position was studied on the wall shear stress of the hearth. It was found that there exists an optimum coke-free space volume for all kinds of coke-bed shapes with respect to shear stresses on the sidewall as well as on the hearth bottom. It was found that conical coke-bed with a sitting position could induce more wall shear stress on the side wall if the coke-free space volume was limited to about 48 m<sup>3</sup> and if the free space increased beyond 48 m<sup>3</sup> then the spherical coke-bed in a floating condition induced maximum stress on the wall where as all other coke-bed shapes studied were benign to the stress on the wall. Conical coke-bed shape is more vulnerable, in terms of producing more stress on the hearth bottom than any other shapes.


  • ISIJ international  

    ISIJ international 46(10), 1396-1402, 2006-10-15 

    The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan

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