A Nine-year Follow-up of a Porcelain Laminate Veneer Restoration Applied to an Adolescent with Traumatized Dentition : A Clinical Report

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    • TANOUE Naomi
    • Department of Aesthetic Dentistry, Nagasaki University Hospital of Medicine and Dentistry
    • ATSUTA Mitsuru
    • Division of Fixed Prosthodontics and Oral Rehabilitation, Nagasaki University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
    • MATSUMURA Hideo
    • Department of Fixed Prosthodontics, Nihon University School of Dentistry


<B>Patients:</B> A 9-year-old Japanese female patient with an unremarkable medical history was initially examined for the chief complaint of slight pain and discomfort in a traumatized maxillary central incisor. Four years after endodontic treatment, the patient complained of dark discoloration of the tooth. Among the treatments/restorations indicated, the patient and her parent consequently selected and approved of a porcelain laminate veneer restoration because of its advantage of minimal tooth reduction. The maxillary diastema was gradually closed after insertion of a porcelain laminate veneer, and 9 years of follow-up have revealed that the prosthodontic treatment successfully restored the tooth.<BR><B>Discussion:</B> Many methods have been introduced as aesthetic solutions to discoloration. Although the patient was satisfied with the prosthodontic approach from a functional as well as an aesthetic point of view, direct composite restorations might be an alternative for younger patients in mixed dentition.<BR><B>Conclusion:</B> The treatment in a growing individual should be carefully planned and performed, considering the development of permanent dentition.


  • Prosthodont Res. Pract.  

    Prosthodont Res. Pract. 6(1), 63-66, 2007-01-01 

    Japan Prosthodontic Society

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