WHOによる歯原性腫瘍の新たな組織分類とそれに関連する上皮性嚢胞について  [in Japanese] Revised histopathological classification of odontogenic tumors by WHO and its allied epithelial cysts  [in Japanese]

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    • 武田 泰典 TAKEDA Yasunori
    • 岩手医科大学歯学部口腔病理学講座 Department of Oral Pathology, School of Dentistry, Iwate Medical University
    • 高田 隆 TAKATA Takashi
    • 広島大学大学院医歯薬総合研究科先進医療開発科学講座口腔顎顔面病理病態学分野 Department of Oral Maxillofacial Pathobiology, Graduate School of Biomedical Science, Hiroshima University


Revised histcpathologicacll assificatioofn o dontcgenic tumors by World Health Organization (WHO) has been published in 2005 by Internaticna Aig ency fcr Research on Cancer (IARC).In this classificaticmno, st malignant tumors are generallyc onsidered the counterpartso fbenign odontogenic tumors. Odontogenic carcinomas are classifieidn tom etastasizing (malignant) ameloblastoma, ameloblasticc arcincmas, p rimary intraosseous squamcus cellc arcinomas (sclidt ype, d erived frcm keratocystico dcntogenic tumor and derived frcm odcntogenic cysts), c learc ello dontogenic carcinoma and ghost cello dcntogenic carcinoma. Odontogenic sarcomas are ameloblasticf ibrcsarccma and amelcblasticf ibrc-odcntcsarccma B.e nign tumcrs are classifieidn tcf ollcwingf our categories; 1) odontogenic epithelium with mature, fibrous strcma without odcntogenic ectcmesenchyme, 2) odontogenic epithelium with odontogenic ectomesenchyme with or without hard tissue formation, 3) mesenchyme and/or odcntogenicectomesenchyme with or without odcntcgenic epithelium, and 4) bone-related lesions. Category 1 is composed of various types of ameloblastoma, squamous odontogenic tumor, calcifyingepitheliaold ontogenic tumor, adenomatoid odontogenic tumor, and keratocystico dontogenic tumor named odontcgenick etarccysti n previcus classificatiCcan.t egcry 2 consistso f ameloblasticf ibroma, a melcblasticf ibrcdentinoma, ameloblasticf ibro-odontoma, o dontomas, odontoameloblastoma, calcifyingc ystico dcntogenic tumor and dentinogenicg hcst cellt umcr.Both calcifyincgy stico dontogenic tumor and dentinogenicg host cellt umor were previcuslyn amed calcifyinogd cntcgenic cyst.O dcntogenic fibrcma, odcntcgenic myxcma and cementoblastcma are classifieidn to category 3. Category 4 is composed of ossifyingf ibroma, f ibrousd ysplasia, o sseous dysplasia, centralg iantc elll esicn, c herubism, aneurismal bone cysta ndsimple bone cyst.<BR>Although odontogenic epitheliacly stsi s not included in the revised WHO's histologicacll assificatioofn o dontogenic tumors, terminologicaplr oblems of a few cystsc lassifieidn 1992 are describedi n the present paper.


  • Journal of Oral Surgery Society of Japan  

    Journal of Oral Surgery Society of Japan 52(2), 54-61, 2006-02-20 

    Japanese Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

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