Blaschko 線に沿った線状汗孔角化症の1例  [in Japanese] Linear Porokeratosis along the Lines of Blaschko  [in Japanese]

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24歳,女性。10歳頃より左下腿内側にそう痒を伴う褐色斑が出現し徐々に拡大。左大腿,下腹部から胸部,背部,左上肢にかけて左半身のみに線状に広範な分布を示した。病理組織学的に表皮内にcornoid lamella,その直下の顆粒層の消失,表皮細胞の空胞化,基底細胞の配列の乱れを認め,臨床像と併せ線状汗孔角化症と診断した。皮疹は上胸部,腹部や腰背部で上に凸のアーチ型を示し,Blaschko線に沿って配列するのが特徴であった。

We herein report a case of linear porokeratosis in a 24-year-old female. Small annular lesions appeared on her left lower extremity at the age of 10 years, together with central areas of atrophy and brownish discoloration of the lesions. These eruptions slowly extended in a linear fashion to the abdomen, back, thorax and left upper extremity. Histological examination revealed vacuolation of epidermal cells, loss of granular layer and disordered cornification column (cornoid lamella). Based on these findings, a diagnosis of linear porokeratosis was made. The distribution of these eruptions followed the lines of Blaschko.


  • The Nishinihon Jourrnal of Dermatology  

    The Nishinihon Jourrnal of Dermatology 64(2), 167-169, 2002-04-01 

    Western Division of Japanese Dermatological Association

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