Comparative Study on Bromide and Iodide Ion-Isotopic Exchange Reactions Using Strongly Basic Anion Exchange Resin Duolite A-113

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Kinetics of ion-isotopic exchange reaction was studied using industrial grade ion exchange resin Duolite A-113. The radioactive isotopes <SUP>131</SUP>I and <SUP>82</SUP>Br were used to trace the ion-isotopic exchange reaction. The experiments were performed in the temperature range of 26.0°C to 43.0°C and the concentration of external ionic solution varying from 0.005 M to 0.100 M. For bromide ion-isotopic exchange reaction, the calculated values of specific reaction rate, initial rate of bromide ion exchange, and amount of bromide ions exchanged were obtained higher than that for iodide ion-isotopic exchange reaction under identical experimental conditions. The observed variation in the results for two ion-isotopic exchange reactions was due to the difference in the ionic size of bromide and iodide ions.


  • Journal of Nuclear and Radiochemical Sciences  

    Journal of Nuclear and Radiochemical Sciences 7(2), 29-32, 2006-12-01 

    The Japan Society of Nuclear and Radiochemical Sciences

References:  35

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