Measurement of ^<26>Al in Terrestrial Silicate Rock, Revisited

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Cosmic-ray-induced <SUP>26</SUP>Al in terrestrial silicate rock was remeasured by accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) in order to confirm the value reported more than 30 years ago. The result of (5.2±1.0) ×10<SUP>6</SUP> <SUP>26</SUP>Al atoms/g SiO<SUB>2</SUB> for the surface rock sample was consistent with the previous result determined by a low background γ-γ coincidence spectrometry system within experimental uncertainties. The lower amount of <SUP>26</SUP>Al was found in the deeper part of the rock samples. From the result, the surface exposure age and the erosion rate at the sampling location were estimated to be 1.4×10<SUP>5</SUP> y and 3.7×10<SUP>-4</SUP> cm/y, respectively.


  • Journal of Nuclear and Radiochemical Sciences  

    Journal of Nuclear and Radiochemical Sciences 7(2), 33-35, 2006-12-01 

    The Japan Society of Nuclear and Radiochemical Sciences

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