Phase-Shift Algorithm for White-Light Interferometry Insensitive to Linear Errors in Phase Shift




    • ADACHI Masaaki
    • Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Kanazawa University


White-light interference has changes in fringe contrast. When phase-shift techniques are applied to white-light interference, the phase-shift algorithm which can extract the phase accurately under the contrast changes is required. There is often another requirement that the phase shift between frames should not be restricted to π/2. Computer simulations show that the well-known algorithms have non-negligible errors under both requirements. To find an algorithm which will satisfy the requirements, I extract individual terms (I j ∓ I k ) in an algorithmic equation by considering symmetry of light intensity against phase, where I j is light intensity just after the j-th phase shift. Using computer simulations, I search for appropriate coefficients by which the terms are multiplied in the equation, finally finding an algorithm which satisfies both the requirements with the phase shift used. © 2008 The Optical Society of Japan.


  • Optical review

    Optical review 15(3), 148-155, 2008-06-01

    Springer Verlag (Germany)

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