Influence of Antioxidant Components on Antioxidant Activity of Dehydrated Green Leafy Vegetables

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    • GUPTA Sheetal
    • Department of Studies in Food Science & Nutrition, University of Mysore
    • PRAKASH Jamuna
    • Department of Studies in Food Science & Nutrition, University of Mysore


The objective of the study was to analyze the influence of antioxidant components on antioxidant activity of dehydrated green leafy vegetables (GLV), namely, <I>Amaranthus sp.</I>, <I>Centella asiatica</I>, <I>Murraya koenigii</I> and <I>Trigonella feonum graecum</I>. The edible portion of the GLV was chemically treated, steam blanched, oven dried and analyzed for antioxidant components and antioxidant activity. Multiple regression analysis was done to test for the relationship between antioxidant activity and the antioxidant components. The ascorbic acid, total carotene, β-carotene and total polyphenol content (tannic acid equivalents) of the GLV ranged between 1.94 – 8.63, 12.13 – 29.8, 2.63 – 4.24 and 637.50 – 1170.83 mg/100g respectively. The total antioxidant activity was highest in <I>Trigonella feonum graecum</I> and the least in <I>Amaranthus sp</I>. The GLV exhibited varied levels of antioxidant activity as analyzed by 1,1-diphenyl-2-picryl hydrazyl (free radical scavenger), reducing power and ferrous ion chelating activity at different concentrations of the extract, which were significantly different. Multiple regression analysis showed that the relationship of (i) total antioxidant activity, (ii) free radical scavenging activity and (iii) reducing power, each with antioxidant components in dehydrated GLV, was statistically significant.


  • Food Science and Technology International, Tokyo  

    Food Science and Technology International, Tokyo 14(1), 104-109, 2008-01-01 

    Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology

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